Kitchen Feng Shui

According to the science of Feng Shui all that you prepared, is able to absorb your thoughts, feelings and moods, so as to convey your emotions to those people who will taste your food. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to the kitchen with a heavy heart, or bash rim about the bowl, in the hearts of whipping the eggs, and introducing this whole omelette on someone's defeated head. If your family fed with your anger, that scandalous evening in the family can not be avoided.

You can't control your emotions constantly, and want to eat everything and always? Let's try to make a few minor changes in this, unfortunately or fortunately, the main women's room. So to speak, refresh the surrounding landscape Feng Shui. They say it helps to tune the hostess to the desired wave, so your dishes always came out not just delicious, but really delicious. Believe it or not, but worth a try. The result may amaze you inexpressibly.

So let's start with the most complex, and in our model homes, it is simply impossible – the location of food.

If you're just going to build a house, it will help you to correctly position the kitchen to reduce the number of quarrels and misunderstandings in the house. Oddly enough, the kitchen should be only in disadvantaged areas (Chapter house). The fact of the lesion, always present in the kitchen that could burn down the entire unfavorable energy. But if the kitchen to put in the areas of wealth, health, success, sector, love or personal development, it will burn all the positive energy entering in the house through these zones. And in this case the head of your family, and you together in waiting for him, accordingly, the deterioration of the financial well-being, illness, loss of love, and personal "undeveloped"

Where should be the kitchen?Ideal for the kitchen area is the Five spirits. For those who don't know what area the 5 spirits, I explain that this is the sector of alarms and failures. Put a kitchen in sector five spirits of your Chapter, and your house will be to avoid failure, anxiety and strife. After all, their approach to home expected the fire.

You can also arrange kitchen in sector Six murders. Koshmanenko nazvanitse, but the essence of this zone, though scary, but not so. It is the place through which the house are 6 problem, to lean heavily on you at the same time that your life became very hard.

And yet, you can put a kitchen in sector losses. Behind this seemingly simple name hides a tremendous hardship and loss. This sector is the most unfavorable for the head of the house. Burn all the loss in your house in the hearth of the kitchen.

How to determine all these zones for the head of the family? For this we need to find the GUA number!Fold the last two digits of year of birth to get the Prime numbers. (For example, 1979=7+9=16=1+6=7). Attention! Be careful, if his birthday in January! Because Feng Shui works according to the lunar calendar and the year according to Feng Shui starts on the lunar calendar, not according to our standard. So find lunar calendar year of birth of your loved one and check when was the lunar new year!

If the lunar new year was January 15, the birthday of the beloved January 14, you should calculate the GUA number for the previous year ( in our case, 1978=7+8=15=1+5=6).
Further, from the number 10 (if he was born after the year 2000, out of nine) subtract the number of years a loved one, and you will get GUA number. So in our example, the GUA number = 10-7=3

And GUA number, find out the adverse areas of your head. Here they are:For the number of GUA 1: Five spirits – North-East, Six murders – North-West, Loss – South-West.
2, zone Five spirits in the Southeast, Six murders – in the South, and area loss in the North.
3 sectors located as follows: Five spirits in the Northwest, Six killings in the North-East, Losing in the West.
For the number of Gua zone 4 Five spirits in the South-West, Six murders in the West and Losses in the North-East.
For 5 (five), and eight of these areas are located respectively on the North, East and South-East.
But if the number of your favorite 6 – feel free to put the kitchen on the East, North or South.
When receiving 7 – think about how to move the kitchen to the South, Southeast, or East.
Well, for nine (9) unfavorable zones are the areas West, southwest and Northwest respectively.

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