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A third of his life man holds in his sleep. Only during sleep the human body produces special hormones that stimulate cell renewal, tone muscles and strengthen bones. Psychiatrists consider sleep to be a critical factor in mental equilibrium, relax the brain from the tension of consciousness.


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Good and sufficient sleep of a person depends on many factors, comfortable bed, proper mattress, pillow, light a warm blanket. It seems everything is provided, and the sleep is not.

Some of the recommendations of Feng Shui for the bedroom can help to solve the problem of sleep, rest, sexual life and health of a person, because Feng Shui is the art and science of creating harmonious human life.

In the bedroom Feng Shui bed place is set so that the approach to it was free on both sides. Lighting is possible from each side table lamps and additionally ceiling. Color scheme for decoration of the bedroom is chosen individually by each person, but usually in a gentle, calm tones, without aggressive animal prints.

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Of particular importance to Feng Shui is not in any part of the house is the bedroom, because in any room can make your micro-cosmos, micro-Feng Shui. According to the compass directions from the center of the bedroom to determine the directions of North, South, West and East to activate the family area — East or Centre — health, or u-Z — love and marriage.

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In the bedroom there is no need to activate all of the directions so as not to cause severe energy flow of Qi, it is enough not to clutter up the aisles, loose corners, clear and slightly if you are not allergic, flavored with lavender, rose, mint.

Feng Shui bedroom allows you to use the interior of the flowers on the windowsill or cut small bunches of fresh number. Generally in the bedroom, all items must be paired, even if a man is alone, because no one knows when fate will knock on the bedroom door.

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In the bedroom you can hang paintings of ducks-Mandarin ducks, a symbol of loyalty and devotion to Feng Shui, peonies or poppies, couples and flowering landscapes. The wind chimes can be hung in the window or above the door, two glass, porcelain or ceramic tubes with hearts.

Mirrors in the bedroom on Feng-Shui is strictly prohibited, they accumulate human energy during sleep, causing nervousness and poor sleep. In extreme cases, the mirror can be put to bed and sleep man it's not reflected.

Another rule of Feng Shui, Wake up need to immediately look at something beautiful, a piece of furniture in the bedroom or on the sky box for a successful day and a positive mood after sleep. Start the day with gratitude to the Universe and wishes to all (the world) good morning and the energy of Feng Shui will enhance and give opportunities.





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