What does it mean items on Feng Shui

Trehlapy toad with a coin in the mouth.
A symbol of luck and abundance of money.
Toad wealth better siting at the door entrance to the dwelling so,
if she jumps into the house.
You can also put on a toad in every room in the southeast quadrant, thus activating the zone of wealth.
It is believed that toads are afraid of heights, so it is not recommended to put them on a high shelf.
The Chinese are very fond of this talisman and use it extensively.

Statuette of a horse is considered a classic mascot for the zone of Fame and career. Especially good horse, directed upwards.
In the South, a horse figurine will intensify glory, representing endurance, swiftness, good reputation, and is also a symbol of undying optimism.
The horse brings with it the winds of change and favorable changes in life.

Phoenix in China is considered a magical animals, patron of all winged creatures. Phoenix has such a powerful energy that can rise from the fire and ashes and rise above the most appalling circumstances. Figurine phoenix very efficiently activates the energy of prosperity, fame and success. It is recommended to put a figure on the South.

Bowl wealth
traditionally considered a feng shui symbol of prosperity and greatness. It is recommended to put on the South-East to strengthen their material wealth and increasing revenue. Box in the form of gold bullion is recommended to fill the ornaments of precious metals or stones.
In Feng Shui Wealth Bowl is the most effective way of attracting material prosperity.
However, the presence of this symbolism is very easy to notice and other nationalities: remember palaces of the Maharajas, where the mandatory presence of vases to the edge of the crowded fruit is the first sign that the well-being and success is the constant companions of this place.
And, for example, the Russian monastery Zhdanov guests are always greeted with a basket full of various treats and sweets and treats over is always a sign that there is joy in the family, wealth and love.

In China, it is believed that the elephant attracts good luck. Statuette elephant is recommended to put on the windowsill, then it will attract good luck into the house from the street through the window. Good character is the one elephant's trunk is raised up.


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