Why do I have to throw away the old?

1. There is a law of abundance - so it's new, you need to get rid of the old. Otherwise, the new universe (God, whatever you want) does not see the place where you are "sendĀ».

2. In China there is a saying, "The old will not go away, the new will not comeĀ».

3. Feng Shui old things (trash, garbage) does not flow freely life-giving energy of Qi, and therefore about any changes in your life or new things can be no question.

4. Another conclusion: when we put the old thing, or squirting perfume, which for a long time is not used, or hear music from the past - we just return to the past. This elementary NLP - all this so-called "anchor" emotional. With old things (perfume, clothing, and even all of them) are associated some memories and they are automatically played back in contact with the anchor. But the fact is that there are not only emotions - to us appear old thoughts, but this is very dangerous, because the thought, as we know, life is formed. So we form the life of the old thoughts and not get what we want.

5. Holding the old things with thoughts "What if there will be money to buy new, and I never again this will not happen?", We resonate with the mentality of the poor and the poor get. If we throw out unnecessary things calm thoughts "Buy another or the universe will give me better 'we resonate with the mentality of the rich and obtain wealth.


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