Feng Shui—dangerous objects in the house

Most often the things themselves are neither negative nor positive. But located in the wrong place can harm home welfare, family relations and health of family members.

Before to activate the space in the house, pay attention to every detail in the interior. Because any subject can bear both positive and negative energy. Experts of Feng Shui suggest the following:

1. Plants
The teachings of Feng Shui pays special attention to the plants in the house. It is important that the plants were healthy, with round leaves. Very adversely, when the plant leaves instead of thorns, or leaves absent. Or if you have plants that symbolize the stop of growth. For example, the bonsai.

2.Photos of loved ones or deceased relatives in any case should not hang in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in the dining room. In the bedroom you can put only photos in this living room. For this room, choose the most romantic and memorable picture of the couple together.

3. Broken things
If you are in the apartment has broken things or broken appliances, it is better to fix them. Adversely affect the life and non-working hours, and a blown bulb.

4. Cracked crockery
It is not necessary to leave the apartment, and especially to use cracked or glued the dishes. According to Feng Shui it is simply too dangerous and could bring misfortune down to serious diseases and accidents.

5. The mirror in the hallway

A mirror placed in the hallway opposite the entrance door, will scare away the luck, including financial, from all living in this house. 6. Antiques

Contrary to popular belief, the teachings of Feng Shui is not prohibited in the house to have an antique. But be careful when choosing Antiques. So you should not purchase a vintage bed or sofa, if it is not possible to professionally restore this thing.

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