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In ancient China, the choice of locations for the construction of the house was given great importance. It was believed that the location of the house has a big impact on the health and longevity of its residents, on the welfare of the family, on the how well the sum of their career and life.

Before you begin construction, invited expert in geomancy, he helped to choose the right place. Good place was called "a storehouse of good feng shui (wind and water)».

The core of feng shui - the knowledge of the correct selection and arrangement of all that is living environment. This includes the geographic location of the house, consider how the topographic conditions in which it is located, will be suitable both for peace and for the physical health of its inhabitants, as well as a number of common characteristics: the use and transformation of the surrounding natural environment, building orientation to the cardinal, its height, size information, which is the entrance, how to bring the road, how to organize water supply and sanitation.

In fact, Feng Shui includes geology, meteorology, hydrology, architecture, psychology and environmental protection. It is believed that Feng Shui has a significant impact on human health.

For example, the direction of the Earth's magnetic flow, groundwater flow, the flow of the rivers, the wind somehow affect people. If the environment is unfavorable and the location of the house is unsuccessful, then over time may appear unpleasant consequences such irresponsible choice. This is consistent with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine on the human adaptation to the surrounding environment.

According to this theory, man and nature are closely related, a person is not something separate and independent from nature and the environment and the movement of celestial bodies affect his health. There have been cases of mishandling of the Feng Shui, when all sorts of witches and charmers tried to make of it something mystical, transforming science into superstition. And on this we leave this topic.

Ancient Chinese doctors have developed a scientific theory, "The doctrine of medicine for the environment." They noted: "Food, drink and habitats are sources of disease" - clearly indicating that not enough elaborately constructed house could be an important factor in causing the disease, that both the structure itself and its arrangement should be done wisely and is suitable for a normal healthy life. What are the conditions for it? This can be expressed in a few paragraphs below.

1) Quiet and beautiful surroundings.

Houses should be to build on the high, dry, clean and in a sanitary acceptable locations that provide their inhabitants a healthy and long life. If you put a house in a raw, dirty and muddy valley, residents will get sick all year round, and their lives may be short-lived. Given these circumstances, in ancient times, people attached great importance to the choice of the location of the house and its surrounding landscape. Habitat, selected doctors of antiquity, has always been quiet and beautiful. For example, Sun Simiao, the famous physician time of the Tang Dynasty, who lived one hundred and one year, built his house on a picturesque hill with a beautiful pond, planted trees and flowers and spent years of his life.

2) well-built house.

That he was fit for a long and healthy life, you need to build it properly. Sun Simiao said: "The walls must be sound and in one piece, with no cracks through which air can penetrate." Chen Zhi said: "You should always monitor the cleanliness of the bedroom and clean it with taste. In summer, it must be opened, and in the winter - is firmly closed. Bed to sleep should not be high and wide. The mattress should be smooth, flat and soft enough. On three sides is better to put screens that protect against the cold wind. " Make sure that the room was warm in winter and cool in summer, there is no place for wind and dampness.

In ancient China, people have been very choosy when it came to the orientation of the house to the cardinal, the bed position, the lights in the bedroom, the height of the house, how and where to open the window. For example, the treatise "Tian Yin Zi on how to be healthy," says: "What should be a good place to live? It is not wonderful and a large mansion with exquisite finish.

The house needs to be converted to the south, and the head of the bed for sleep - to the east. It is necessary to strike a balance between yin and yang, harmoniously combine illumination and shading. If the house is too high, there will be a surplus of light and yang. If too low, the surplus will be dark and yin. When too much light is harmful to hun (Spirit yang), and when a lot of darkness, harmed by (the spirit of Yin). The man hun - is yang, and on - yin. If suffering and hun arise disease. In my house there are curtains on the window and a screen wall. When too bright, I omit the curtains and dims the lights in the house. When it's too dark, I raise the curtains and let in more light. Try to keep the soul was always fresh, and before his eyes - beautifully. When the mind and look perfect, the body did not happen. »

In addition, in ancient China, people paid much attention to the layout of the house. Often, the house was built in the courtyard of a certain shape, which allowed residents to enjoy the outdoors sun, flowers, trees, and other manifestations of nature.

3) Clean and hygienic place to live. Cleanliness in the house reduces the risk of disease and improve well-being of its inhabitants. The following are some of the standard settings for the premises.


The optimum room temperature is considered to be 16-24 ° C, in summer it can be somewhat higher:. 21-32 ° C


High humidity in the room should be around 50-60%, while the winter is not lower than 35%, and in summer - not higher 70%

. Airing.

The room should be sufficient air circulation. It is necessary to keep the window ajar as one, and on the other side of the room, to provide free access to fresh air, but it does not prevent the strong wind. So, what you need to navigate, it is a well-ventilated room, but traditional Chinese medicine is of the opinion that "the wind is one of the main causes of all diseases».


The lack of light in the room can cause it are depression, loneliness and weakness, lead to fatigue. If the light is too bright, the irritability, and dizziness may occur even in people. When the light in the measure, people retain vitality and complaisance. The room must be transparent windows to provide access to natural light. The walls and ceiling paint is better in soft colors like light yellow, light blue, light orange, light apple-green or other bright but tasteful colors, taking into account the preferences of those who will be in this room.
< br> Peace.

The silence in the house healthy. Noise not only cuts the ear and prevents sleep, but can also cause disturbances in the internal organs. Therefore, it is important that the room was protected from noise, quiet and comfortable. If the house is located near a factory or a busy street, the windows should be kept closed in order to protect residents from noise, well, if there are thick curtains or other means of sound dampening.


The furniture in the bedroom should be as simple and practical. The room must be maintained cleanliness, order and neatness. It is always important to have "his corner", where you can do household chores.

Well hang on the wall of one or more paintings, calligraphy or landscape. On the table or bookshelf can be placed crafts or handmade miniature bonsay.Vsё it will help create a comfortable atmosphere.


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