Availability in terms of the problem of modern society and the IT-industry

Lately I have more and more confronted with the phenomenon of the point of view on these or other events, things, processes, even in ways brewing tea.

Overall, total propaganda anything, the media and the modern social order relationship implies the appearance point of view, every person on every situation in the world around him. Anyone with the ability to analyze information coming to him somehow develops own attitude to what he comes up with the help of the Internet, TV, talking with friends.

Develop your point of view - this is a normal process of organizing the information falls under which costs each of us in the digital age.

And now I will explain why the view is not something that is not needed, but in the conventional form of harmful and negative impact on labor efficiency, relationships, people management and personal development over time in general, and why in its place must come the horizon.

The information flow, information analysis and the influence of authority h4>
 Here's what we offer as the Wikipedia definition of "point of view»: Viewpoint (Eng. Point of view, POV) - position in life, with which the subject evaluates ongoing events around him. The term originated from the "point of view" - places where the observer and that affects the apparent prospect of them. I>

Modern individual exists within their defined information flow. Newsline social networks, RSS, twitter, Habr - all forms of human outlook on reading it with new information. Depending on the intensity and aggressiveness of the received information, as well as on a number of personal characteristics of the person begins to narrow its horizons to the viewpoint. Yes, it is narrow. It may seem that the development of a clear relationship and views on certain issues allows you to organize your position in life about what is happening around. This process gives confidence and gives our hero, the modern man, calm and understanding of reality. The problem is that do not have sufficient communication skills and flexibility of social thinking man often not able to review their, read "life position." This paradox is strengthening the influence of authoritative sources, sayings successful people, as well as the popular self-development literature today, as well as prof. publications, for example, the selection and management of staff. Thus we obtain the classical situation where the person constantly receives information from the outside and logically seeks to streamline its forming his personal point of view and through this process of "laying on the shelves" seen \ heard \ read. Fuel to the fire inability to critical revision of the "recycled" and "assimilated" information pour the following factors:

Public opinion Personal preferences The empirical evidence (if any) Separate recognized authority < br />  The human brain - a very lazy thing and its main goal - to reduce calorie consumption, ie as little as possible to work \ think. Reduced brain activity is achieved through the "automation" of typical situations and reduce the work involved in the resources of the human brain, ie, transition from conscious to reflex, unconscious. I think this principle works with the perception of information to the fullest.

Thus, once a person ceases to consciously think about the information, just mindlessly pouring it into your brain, it takes the unconscious, which also forms the basis of our view of the previously mentioned factors, as well as several other.

Everyone knows the situation when someone finds the best car BMW, and it is not a stupid one, like the ancient Vikings, and a huge, bearded, begins to cheep like a girl with a brand new Volvo or Nissan. This is the typical point of view of the victim.

The point of view in the IT or why many people can not tolerate programmers h4>
 Each of us is not just once or twice faced with a situation where people complained that they say, de, with techies (programmers, engineers, system. Admins etc) it is impossible to communicate. Many members of our brother believe that mere mortals are too dumb to understand their problem in the knowledge gap, but the reason is slightly different.

The vast majority of technical specialists have their own, and worked out a clear point of view on most issues, including those not related to work. B>

It is for this reason that even in the domestic terms of communication with us, at times, becomes an outsider just unbearable. Sufficiently large role in this was played by the very formation of the person and the resulting formation of fundamental knowledge in the technical disciplines, which often do not tolerate the subjunctive mood. Avoiding general-academic things, centuries expanding horizons of man, and I'm talking about the humanities, philosophy, history, controversy etc, in the direction of his hobbies and future profession, has led to a failure to take a more flexible variety of information on the same subject. We have lost the ability to recognize the variability and the possible existence of several "truth" and "truths", leaving himself alone, in our opinion, loyal, dry tossed us a definite answer life tasks.

Man is not born with the ability to think critically, analyze and evaluate information, responding flexibly to the surrounding processes. This ability - a feature of thinking and perception, which is trained on the similarity of the muscle. I'm not saying that people should completely abandon the formation of personal opinion, but the ability of enterprises and the large number of allowable variation, the faithful "truths" in the same situation is vital in terms of contemporary realities and devices society.

In fact, the vast majority of workers in IT-sphere are those currently under local tyrants acceptance and understanding than his own opinion. B>

An ordinary person who does not have such a "hard" life positions, as well as in the collision of diametrically opposed points of view of two or groups of individuals there is a reaction of denial opinions opponent and banal "hate". One of the most striking examples - the adherents of different political systems, liberal capitalists and (authoritarian) socialists. When such "collisions" constructivism in communication ends and begins the dirt as it is.

That's why every day we can see on the Internet such as hollivary "Are PHP-programmers, developers», «Win VS Linux» and others. And there is not even the essence of human nature, and in their commitment thereof standpoint, is his final and only truth.

The problem of "point of view" in the h4>
 Each of us is faced with a man who believes that his knowledge and methods of work at times better than that of his colleagues. This approach and the inability to withdraw from their point of view leads to the following problems:

Conflicts with colleagues Conflicts with management Invalid completed assignments Delays
 List can be very long and I'm not talking about people who do not listen to anyone and do things their own way, I'm rather talking about people who can not forgo their opinion in order to achieve greater efficiency, just because they think differently
All described and unmentioned, but it is clear to us the situation grow from just one: the inability to reconsider their views on the basis of the obtained information at the moment. In turn, this rigidity originates from the inability to communicate with people.

In recent years it has become possible to consider himself a recluse, if not, then certainly introvert
What is communion as such? Communication - is primarily the ability to listen to the interlocutor to the end. Yes. The first best communicates whoever patient and listens to the end of another. But just as important, and how we respond to others in the course of communication. Art of the controversy and debate - one of the oldest and probably the most respected among my human skills as such. Art conduct reasoned, balanced and relaxed conversation without reference to the main arms of each of us - the empirical experience and own point of view, defending his opinion - that is the key to successful interaction with other people.
And whether it's a conversation in the kitchen, or a fierce battle in the comments never forget that we are not in a bazaar. One of the most important components of the full communion with the other person is to understand what he is saying, analysis heard \ read and reply on the basis of what was said by another person in the first place.
Unfortunately, at the moment, everywhere there are conversations with the deaf-blind; each yoke their not taking into account what has been said the source, arguing his own position very own point of view and experiences.

Avoid such situations people can not accept, and have several points of view on the same subject at the same time, which is the outlook the topic under discussion.

What you will expand its point of view to the horizon in the work? H4>
If you are an ordinary person \ ordinary employee: i>

The political flexibility in the relationship Ability to easily recognize the errors The ability to avoid conflicts when needed Effective and arguments in support of its position < / Understand the essence of things happening around more clearly If you are a manager: i>

The ability to look at the situation through the eyes of a slave \ big boss To be more convincing to his subordinates, even the most recalcitrant The ability to convince the leaders of his rank \ rank higher in the correctness of your judgments and opinions less blood Make more objective decisions, because you will be able to look at the situation through the eyes of several people at different angles to resolve conflict situations with greater efficiency
 Generally, enumerate the positive side of outlook can be very, very long time. But the most important thing is that the outlook reduces the chance of mistakes due to the fact that some things were left for you "behind the scenes" and you do not give them the values ​​\ not anticipate this development. It may seem that the literature of intelligent smart people can help you. However, it is not. Any prof. psychological and philosophical literature to impose their point of view and until you learn to "crush" their consciousness for a few "I" in order to keep a "one" different "point of view", it will take you only harmful and cause incredible hodgepodge of theses and judgments in your head with the presence of the dominant elements. To start, just learn to listen to others and think that they may be right, in part or in full, even if their words contradict your judgment 100%. Only then will you learn to listen
And most importantly, to meet the other person with outlook, rather than a point of view, you get an incredible pleasure of communicating with him. Do you consider yourself a person having outlook, rather than a point of view?
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