Magic points: the Code of youth and beauty

Who of us, women, does not dream of eternal youth and beauty? We are ready to pay any money for the most expensive salon treatment – but would the result look fresher and younger, have a flourishing appearance. But who said that beauty and youth ALWAYS requires sacrifice (in this case time and money)?!

Massage Shia TSU (shiatsu, shiatsu) is a famous acupressure (translated as Shi - finger, ATSU – press "pressure fingers").

Its analogues are in Chinese (Zhen-finger), practice Korean (su-Jok), in the Indian Ayurveda (called marmaria (marma point). The main difference from the classic, you guessed it, – point impact on biologically active points of the body (tsubo), which gives a great result. Their on the human body there are about 700, each responsible for a specific organ, and the totality of such points is the "meridians" circulating life-giving energy Qi (believe Eastern healers).

Points are usually located between muscle bundles, tendons, joints, cavities of bones, in those places in the arteries where a pulse.

Face is eight meridians and they form a very dense power grid.

The meaning of the method is that, not moving and not stretching the skin, squeeze underneath it with a soft tissue to the bones. We crushed the nerve endings and improve the condition of muscles.

Working on the tsubo point, we give the muscles a certain load, leading them to tone – control and thus the formation of wrinkles: nasolabial, upper lip, around the eyes, forming the shape of the face, improving skin color. In addition,in the area of the face and head are the major channels responsible for the functioning of vital organs.

Why Shia-TSU?

Acupressure self-massage of the face improves circulation, smoothes wrinkles and prevents their formation, reduces swelling, and keeps the skin healthy and glowing, improves skin color and makes it more firm and elastic.

And all this in a natural way (including self-healing processes of the body), without any expenditure of time (max 15 min per day!) and Finance, provided it is REGULAR use for at least a month.

In addition, thanks to influence on biologically active points, Shia-TSU stimulates all organs and systems and has beneficial effects on the Central nervous system.

The effectiveness of time-tested! The results will be noticeable after 3-4 weeks!

So, let's find our fairy beauty point and get down to business.

How to find the points

A very important point, as it is the key to the effectiveness of the procedure. As a rule, points are placed in small cavities under the skin and when pressed a bit painful.

Keep in mind a few nuances:

  • Apply pressure on each point is only from 3-6 and 10 seconds.

  • While in touch should feel a mild pain or heat, but the painful and unpleasant feelings should not arise!

  • Pressure can be one (ukazatelem or more) or two or three fingers (index-middle-ring).

  • If the points are paired – they need to be massaged simultaneously by two hands.


  • It is advisable to do the procedure in the morning, after you have cleansed the face, and applied moisturizer on the skin: the effect will be stronger, plus you will feel a pleasant warmth and cheerfulness.

  • Can be applied to the skin instead of cream a little grape seed oil or wheat germ to enhance the effect.

  • After the procedure, it is desirable to make a nutrient-softening mask.

  • Keep in mind that acupressure is absolutely contraindicated in areas of damaged or inflamed skin!


Dots for eyes

Eyes – our most problematic thing to hide that area. Regularly acting on the following points, you will make the delicate skin of the eyelids is elastic, smooth, and his eyes were shiny, bright and attractive. Don't believe? Check it out!

  • The first important point – the "third eye" – is 1 cm up from the bridge of the nose (between the inner ends of the eyebrows). To put pressure on her to be strong enough. It is also massaged, when the nose bleeds, the flu, runny nose, headaches.

  • The following points relieve swelling and swelling, bring a sparkle to the eyes, relieve eye strain and improve vision – they are hollow on the inner corners of the eyes. If they are carefully massaged for 3 seconds in three together – you will feel their beneficial effect.

  • A very important point is in the middle of the eyebrow directly above the pupil (as it is in the hollow between the two bumps). It relieves tension from the eyes. The impact on it helps a lot if you during the day a lot of reading or work at the computer, and also with myopia.

  • From the "crow's feet" effectively helps the stimulation of points located at a distance of 1 cm from the outer corner of the eye to the temple

  • Another important point is midway under the cheekbones at mid-pupil

  • Very useful in the end to go with light pressure movements along the top and bottom edges of the eye orbits (especially pay attention to the point under the eye on one transverse finger below the lower edge of the orbit on the line of the pupil also helps with the dizziness).

Massage all the points you need about 10 seconds each, in three sets.

Dot on the lips

To have a charming smile and forget about nasolabial folds and wrinkles at the mouth, regular massage these points:

  • in the center under the lower lip. With its help, you can also remove the swelling of the face, toothache (lower jaw), applied the zone massage and paralysis of the facial nerve.

  • Against wrinkles around mouth: the tips of middle and index fingers gently massage the corners of your mouth for 30 seconds.

  • Three fingers (index, middle and ring) of both hands, placed in a row on above the upper lip, do 4-5 pushes. This exercise prevents the appearance of vertical wrinkles on the lip. By the way, the point under the nose – if it's intense massage – able "back to life" after fainting.


Points against wrinkles on a forehead

To avoid premature facial wrinkles on the forehead and smooth out the already acquired, it is enough not to scowl, to grimace, and to apply these exercises:

  • pushing middle and index fingers of both hands, smooth the forehead from the middle to the temples for 30 seconds.

  • The important point is on one transverse fingers above your eyebrows on the line of the pupil. Massaging it can help you with the dizziness, pain in frontal part of the head, night blindness and neuralgia troinicnogo nerve.

  • Point at the temple at the end of the eyebrows – her stimulation also reduces fatigue.

  • Point 3 cm up from the outer corner of the eye

  • Also helps simply massage the forehead from middle to the hairline.


The point of wrinkles on the neck

Neck immediately gives the woman's age, so she should pay special attention to the daily massaging specific points:

  • Point 2 cm below angle of the mandible (also helps with bronchitis, coughs, spasms of the glottis, laryngitis, glossitis).

  • The point between your collarbone (jugular notch).

  • Situated downstairs at the back in the hollow.

  • Neck massage: the back side of the left palm and massage (technique – stroking) right side of neck for 1 minute, then your right hand to the left side.


Tips and contraindications for Shia-TSU

And another useful point to maintain overall health:

  • In the center of the chin is "anti-stress" point. In an unexpected stressful situation and apply pressure with your thumb on this point.

  • For increase of immunity it is necessary to push periodically the area around the kneecaps.



We should abandon the facial massage:

  • if the violation of the integrity of the skin (dermatitis, allergies, acne, abscesses etc.);

  • if there is a viral diseases (e.g. herpes rash);

  • if dramatically reduced intracranial pressure;

  • if you have rosacea (dilated blood vessels);

  • with any acute conditions of the body as a whole;

  • if you are hypersensitive cosmetic massage. published


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