4 magic points to relieve back pain

In this article, we will discuss acupressure for the relief of pain. Acupressure acupuncture point, which we consider, in fact, has a wonderful effect, and relieve more effective than known drugs.

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This is damage of liver and kidneys as when taking painkillers. In addition, all medications only relieve symptoms, but do not eliminate the causes of pain.

Acupressure restores the movement of qi energy and blood, removes blocks, opens the access of these substances to the muscles than it relieves their spasserovannye. Eighty eight million ninety six thousand five hundred ninety


So, next we consider the point, massaging quickly to eliminate pain, to restore blood flow and circulation of vital energy, as well as to provide therapeutic effects.

Massage the point Cheng-fu.

Dot Cheng-fu refers to the Urinary bladder channel.

Point is symmetric and is centered lower gluteal folds.

The figure shows how to find her.

Massage effect at this point relieves pain in the lumbosacral, in other words, in the lumbar region and the coccyx, sciatica and lumbago, neuralgia of the sciatic nerve.

How to do massage?

Massage is done by pressure on the point with your thumb (although I prefer specifically these points to massage the index finger).

Then in a circular motion as should mash the trigger.

Influence you have to get to the point, which is located on the side where the severe pain.

In addition to the massage point Cheng-fu influences finger along the line that connects this point with a dot of Yin-Meng (this is the next point in the massage).

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Massage the point Yin Meng.

Point of Yin-Meng has another name "the gate Yin" and also refers to the Meridian of the bladder.

It is symmetrically on the back of the thigh, below the point Cheng-fu 4 CUN.

Mussirovanie point Yin Meng eliminates lower back pain and back significantly relieves and gives a curative effect in neuralgia of the sciatic nerve.

Press the point left and right at the same time two thumbs for 1-2 minutes, periodically intensifying or weakening pressure.

Additionally, press on the area along the line that goes from point Cheng-fu ctacke Wei-Jun .

Massage points Wei-Jun.

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Point Wei-Zhong also belongs to the bladder Meridian. It is located symmetrically on the rear surface of the legs below the knee.

Massage this point can recover from acute and chronic lower back pain has a therapeutic effect in neuralgia of the sciatic nerve and helps to relieve pain in the knee joints.

For 1-2 minutes and apply pressure to both points on the left and on the right.

Point Wei-Chung is a unique point.

If it is regularly affect, stimulates lymph circulation.

And poor lymph drainage is often the cause of the pain is due to the fact that it is not excreted by lymph, inflammation develops.

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Massage the point Shen-Shu.

Point Shen-Shu also refers to the Meridian of the bladder.

It is located symmetrically at the back, on a line passing between the second and third lumbar vertebrae.

Just this line to determine projected onto the belly button to the back.

The massage points are Shen Shu in the lower back can cope with back pain and lower back pain, lumbago, sciatica, relieve spasms of the spine and back muscles.

Massage to perform better in the sitting position.

In this case, he is with his fists. The back sides of fists massage the point Shen-Shu for 1 minute in a clockwise direction, then the same time against it.

Then preheat your palms together and place the warm palms on either side of the waist, to the recesses.

Do 3-5 full respiratory motion, transferring energy, and strongly RUB your palms back downwards to the coccyx.

Repeat this movement thirty-six times.

You can directly impact the point Shen-Shu , massaging them with your thumbs applying light pressure.


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Important note!

Be careful when you perform presses, spins, grinding.

Better to start with small efforts, gradually increasing the force.

End massage dramatically reduce the impact force gradually.

Never do massages in tumors, in injuries and mechanical damage, in the case of doubt in diagnosis.

Remember that back pain can be caused by diseases of internal organs. Then You need to consult a doctor.published 


Author: Galina Apolonskaya


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