How to stay young: 5 Difficult steps

Show me a woman who is not concerned with the question: how to keep youth?

Recently was in training and asked me how old I am. My answer to them was genuinely surprised because they thought I was less than 39 years.

Yes, I consciously watch yourself, your body, your mental state, and I even have a step by step plan. And I want to share it with you! The steps are simple, but to apply them in the system difficult and, above all, you need to tune, not only to find new wrinkles.

Very often Mature women say "I feel 18 or 20"... But it's not about the youth, rather it is about psychological immaturity, because it is important not only to feel younger but also to look the part.

And if 35 can not afford much and it does not lose its appeal after 40 it just will not work.

40 years is a milestone, when it should get ready for another wave. Old age is not to discourage, but to slow run time on your face (as well as in body and soul) just need. And then the aging won't cause so much fear and tension, and you will be able to stay beautiful, slim, flexible and sexy for years to come.


So, how to keep youth? What you need to do to look young and attractive as long as possible?


My five easy-difficult steps.


Step # 1. The desire to live, to enjoy, to desire. Your goal is not to look for wrinkles and to make yourself happy every day!

Just as you watch out for physical hygiene, you should pay attention to and mental. Any negative emotions affect our cells is not the best way and accelerate the aging process.

And here the main thing — not to abandon negative emotions, and figure out what causes them, what events or your own misconceptions.

How often do you say the words: "do not want", "I'm tired", "can't". After all, this is a very powerful signals to the body to start aging and fading.

And imagine the opposite: "I'm not tired", "I have so much I want", "I am filled, I want to live."

Our body stays young and healthy for as long as we do not say to yourself: enough is enough, I'm tired.

The desire to live is the best "Botox" for your body.

Fall in love with life! Smile to new day, his companion, brew yourself a delicious sea buckthorn tea and enjoy.

Step # 2. Restful sleep, and the absence of heavy loads

If a woman is not getting enough sleep, it affects the face, and the most treacherous way: puffiness, dark rings under the eyes, bruising and wrinkles.

I remember myself when I had long work in the office, late to bed and early to rise. I was 32 and in the morning on the way to work in the Elevator I was horrified looking at myself in the mirror: a sickly complexion, bags under the eyes, tired and unhappy...

Even if you begin to take care of the wrinkles, but will not fully relax, load them to excessive liability, in any case it will manifest in your opinion — it will be heavy, heavy, it will not ease, and hence the allusion to the youth.

Lack of sleep, heavy loads is the worst enemy of beauty and freshness, especially after 35. Face and neck are starting to get old by leaps and bounds. So try to sleep well, and most importantly, deal with stress and excessive responsibility.


Step # 3. Sexual relations

There is such statistics that 70% of women over 40 did not have sexual relations with men! When you hear the saying about men "gray in his beard, but a lusty" — it is also about statistics.

So we need the youth to value their sexuality, to develop it, to cherish.

A woman without sex very easily "babitsa", because without sex there is no real relationship between a man and a woman. So, a woman can be anyone: mother, friend, employee, aunt, but not loved and cherished.

Good sex helps to relax, increases your confidence as a woman, you feel welcome, and so young. For women, it is imperative to know she's attractive to men, and that he wants her.

And of course, harmonious sexual relationship, start the work of hormones responsible for the youth and the aging process slows down.

Loving and intimate relationship with a man is a true elixir of youth.

But in the case of female sexuality in the beginning you need to establish your relationship with a man, to choose him, to respect, only then can the contact.

Step # 4. The flexibility of the body

There is a saying: "You're as young as your spine is flexible". Really, you are only as young as the flexibility of your body.

If you can't bend over and you find it hard, for example, to wash floors without a MOP, what kind of youth can be said?

If you do not do any exercises, after 35 years of muscles and ligaments lose their elasticity, the joints become stiff, the woman becomes less mobile and, therefore, bulky and heavy.

Therefore it is very important to do with his flexibility, you can use any of exercises: yoga, stretching, stretching, etc.

Such exercises not only increase muscle elasticity and joint flexibility, but improve circulation, relieve tension in the nervous system. As they say, the muscles tense, the brain relax.

Every time my mood improves after exercise. I have about a year to two times a week doing stretching (stretching), and I have the results, and now I will say that they feel lightweight, mobile, easy for me to bend down, unable even to bend down and put your palm completely on the floor with straight knees. And my dream came true — I got the splits! Of course it makes me happy, energizes and enhances my self-esteem, because sitting on the twine, it is difficult to think about retirement.

I want to draw your attention that the results start to come only after six months to a year of meaningful activities.


Step # 5 to Proper nutrition and drinking regime


For 33 years I never weighed because it was not necessary, weight was stable. Now, as soon as I start eating "bad" foods, they are immediately reflected on my weight.

Extra pounds add unnecessary age. From improper nutrition begins to suffer, the bowels, the body is not cleared on time and as a result, suffers salakavala.

And most importantly, when we are not in shape, it causes us irritation and even apathy. Don't want to socialize, go out, I want to hide in a corner and see nobody.

Eating right after age 35 is a necessary condition for the preservation of youth and beauty.

I have deduced the formula:80 20:

  • 80% of diet consists of healthy foods: vegetables, grains, legumes, fatty fish, seafood, and light proteins, vegetable oils, cheese and dried fruit;
  • 20 % is sweets and high calorie fatty foods.

And of course the drinking regime.

Slender body is able to rejuvenate and beautify any woman. And most importantly, to please my mistress every day.

Being on a proper diet, you can pamper yourself. I want to share with you my find. Opening last month — is Urbach.


It's such a pasty mixture of flax seeds or sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or any nuts. No sugar, no salt Urbach does not contain. This is purely nut weight.

I tried orbec white sesame, and cashews. It tastes better than any sweets, especially if you love nuts. For a long time this pleasure is not received, a real delicacy.

You can eat simply with a spoon and can be added to vegetable salads, pre-stirred a spoonful or two of vegetable oil, you can add in cereal and spread on toast. Breakfast is very tasty. Be sure to try!


Also interesting: Urbach — the new superfood

Fight for youth: are You afraid of old age?


In my youth I internally agreed with the fact that aging is inevitable, and decided that I'm not desperate to be young, and most importantly, I'm not going to count the wrinkles on my face, and I will do other things that will help me to preserve youth and attractiveness.

I hope these simple tips will help you, and will be for you a convenient and effective system that will not only help to preserve the beauty, but also to be happy! published


Author: Tatiana Dzuceva


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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