How to prolong youth and aging - a personal choice!

Not only lived a year, but the emotional trauma can affect the way we look. This inner pain and suffering experienced by us may wear out much more than direct the course of time.

Time does not stop. It is inevitable for. Here, science, medicine and the best wrinkle cream are still powerless. But aging comes to us calm and serene as the evening sun before sunset which warms and caresses us, and we do not even notice.

Sooner or later there comes a time when our face and body in a certain way are changing, but ... Anyhow, aging? Are you one of those who think that old age comes to us with another wrinkles around the eyes?

Let's think about this question together, we believe that aging is for you - it's more than just those years

. Aging - is always more than just a period of time

You probably noticed that there are people who are 40 years of age have the mentality of 80-year-old. As a rule, those who are in the life of lack of enthusiasm, which have ceased to set any targets, etc. But the consequences of such a lifestyle?

Conversely, there are people who already blew 70 or even 80 candles on his birthday cake on the birthday, but still so young in the shower, that continue to make happy all the others, exuding light and sincere joy.
< br> These are people who have not been able to take away the desire and the desire to live for a time.

The lived, the need to make decent. But this does not mean that you should give up the fight against unwanted wrinkles, sagging skin or overweight, which appears due to hormonal changes in the body.

On the contrary, the time should lead us every day to maintain their health, take care of your diet and your physical shape, because the only way to achieve good health.

And of course, do not need too much to resist the advancing maturity. She still comes gradually, but come. The main goal should be just a good sense of self, and your satisfaction is the state (both physical and emotional), with what we have achieved and what we see reflected in the mirror.

The passage of time is inevitable, but aging - personal choice

! Aging - individual choice of each

Probably, if we say that aging - this is a personal choice of each of us, it does not convince you. This phrase will remind you of self-hypnosis or life-affirming quotations, which we see at the wall in the social networks, or something like that.

But on the other hand, you probably will not argue that every day happen to us certain things that may "hasten our age" and we wear out prematurely. And here it is not only about the negative effects of the ill-fated free radicals, malnutrition or excess fat. There is something more than all this.

Our emotions! Disappointment also have their "fingerprints": long waiting times make us lose hope, failures hurt us, harsh words hurt to the core, and Skopje dissatisfaction with himself and his life fills us with negative

. And such an emotional impact and inner feelings can not but affect the "outside", everything is always "pops up" and will be reflected on our face, in our eyes.

What we want to say? With the aging process - it is not only we lived a year. These factors affect our appearance and attitude much stronger. Hence there are "extinct opinion" back pain and heartache that we are aging, even if we do not recognize.

But there is a solution. We invite you to meet with several useful practices capable poomoch prevent such premature aging.

Always to prioritize

Of course, we all have a lot of responsibilities. Work, children, or grandchildren, the household chores. And it is clear that they are always there and will be very important in our lives. But does this mean that you should forget about their own needs and to put on a cross?

Remember that your identity is important, no less, and if you will be bad, and people close to you, you will not be able to give joy and the best part of himself. It's your personal space.

Find what makes you happy, that allows you to relax and truly enjoy life.

Yet it is important to remember the following: you are concerned for others and care about them, and this is very important, but also important is the fact that they care about you, you deserve it

. Never too late to seek the desired

Who says that your train has left? Believe me, a person who adheres to this view, a very poor knowledge of life, and even less what is called dreams, illusions and, in fact, happiness.

Never too late to pursue their dreams, even if it will be the most challenging projects. Anyone who does not fight for the aspirations of his heart has not even started to live in the present.

Never too late to love again and fall in love, to grow and develop a personal sense, to start something new, to smile and to give pleasure. All of this should always be part of you.

The passage of time is inevitable, but aging - personal choice

! As long as you keep the enthusiasm and believe in yourself and your strength, you will be able to prolong their youth and "infect" others with joy and happiness, people close to you. Over time, we will not be able to cope, but aging ... Let the others grow old because you are going to enjoy a long life, while remaining young at heart!


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