Just to stop eating meat. An intolerant article

One and a half years I have struggled from the material as I could. But in the end, he got out of me non-stop, and you know, I believe that in this form it will reach the right eye. Because in the field of healthy eating is no topic more suffering than meat, and the refusal of his theme.

I could say that I hate the subject, she was tired from her deadly, provide a link to the study, lectures reputable scientists, examples of the vegan athletes, and even your own personal example. But I will not. Because the WHO did it for me.

October 26, 2015 The World Health Organization officially recognized the red meat and sausage products are carcinogenic. Despite disagreeing with the WHO (strange if they were not), in a world where people no longer trust the information from the outside than their own feelings, this event means very, very much.

If you're wondering why the WHO has adopted a revolutionary (but actually a natural and long-awaited) solution - Welcome to my Blog on the official website, where all the details written. In short, the WHO has recognized that it can not ignore the results of numerous studies about the dangers of meat and sausages. Now WHO's official position is.

Sausage, hot dogs, sausages, ham and Hammon cause cancer. Beef, veal, lamb and pork to cause cancer. And it does not even matter whether the beef was grazed in the village at your grandmother, surrounded by care and love, or was born and raised in a slaughterhouse - WHO put these products on a par with tobacco and plutonium

. Quote: the use of 50 grams. processed meat a day increases the risk of bowel cancer by 18%.

Of course, this does not mean that the world in one day stop eating meat. Since the official release of the WHO it took six months, and it is obvious that has not stopped. It would be foolish to expect: like all revolutionary ideas, the idea of ​​giving up meat takes time to germinate in the minds

. But the flywheel running. Now it's official. A new Vesma argument, and if you're a reasonable man, an adult and a little thinking (and I hope that the other is not), then you at least think hard.

Oh yes, this article is for those who have matured. If you still doubt that without meat you will be better, it makes sense to go to the penalty loop: WHO website, the works doctors Collin Campbell, Michael Greger and others. And ideally - Take nothing for granted, and to know this truth from experience: go literate detox and then keep track of their own feelings on the meat. I guarantee you an amazing chellendzh.

And then return to this article.

And now to business. How to give up meat?

There are two ways.

The first - to take and to stop eating meat. One day, irrevocably. So did I at the time, and the decision was one of those whom I am very proud of until now. And for that, I'm sure, still I tell myself repeatedly thank you in his declining years.

You know how I did it? The physical aversion to meat, compassion for animals, rejection of meat in the higher plane - all of it came later. And the first came to self-pity. I realized that I eat the meat of animals reared in inhumane conditions with the use of medications and antibiotics - it's like playing the lottery with cancer

. Just at that time, I came across a brochure entitled "Diet mercy. Buddhism and vegetarianism "- a thin little book with a very deep, transformative knowledge inside. For me, this knowledge, pierced right through me, was the point of no return. All. Necessary and sufficient. I gave up meat one day, and the next after that she took Buddhist refuge.

I still recommend this book to all beginners-vegetarians. Do not be confused by the name - religion (if it is possible to call Buddhism) there are very few, and not the essence of it. It is written in the book acts as a shock therapy. I could say that the book got to me casually if she believed in such accidents. She helped my parents to give up meat after 50 years (an act that requires courage and a great intention) and many others. It may well be that it will help you. Start with this book.

If you for some reason are not looking for easy ways and you:

difficulties with motivation (still no clear understanding of the harm of meat),

understanding is, but you have to look at others (which tells the husband? prepare yourself apart ?!),

nobody stops you become a vegetarian, but yourself (you do not really like to change something and you have difficulty with self-organization)

the second way is for you - the phasing out of meat

. I must say that from the point of view of the physiology of this process there is no reason. Unless you are a pregnant woman, which is not desirable any drastic changes in diet-you will not die and will not get sick, if you exclude the meat once and for all. So it's a barrel-organ primarily for your mind. Retrieved on personal experience and the experience of many people around me.

Is there life without meat?

What is in the mind does not allow you to take until the end of the idea that life is possible without meat? Your beliefs. Persuasion - is the internal installation of themselves and the world that is so ingrained in your subconscious mind, which turned into a program. Beliefs literally create your reality at the background level. It is they, these are often not conscious installations are at the helm of your life.

A simple example. She used to think that it is prone to be overweight. So she tells her mother as a child: "Do not lean on the cake, remember that you are inclined to be overweight!" As she tossed the proof of this fact as they mature life itself. And she grew in faith with a clear knowledge of what it is prone to be overweight.

And now I do not care whether the necessary prerequisites for this (genetics, food culture in the family, physical activity) - she becomes so actually. Because she is a great believer. It works program.

As long as we are small, our mind is like a sponge, absorbing all the information - especially about themselves and especially from their parents. This training is built. All we deeply accept on faith, compacted on the subconscious and begins to create our lives. Literally. And pull it out oh how difficult. Pull out, make out, and replaced by the right of opposites - even more difficult. But really.

There is no truth, as long as we do not believe in it. Until we give it life in our minds.

On any topic you can find information both for and against. Only we decide what to believe and how to run the program for execution. Therefore, if you are firmly convinced that there is no life without meat - most likely, and is there for you

. The good news is that beliefs can be changed. The bad - that for this you need all your intention and awareness. On the one hand, the more deeply seated belief, the longer it walks with you through life - the more difficult. On the other - the more you are around people who live on the opposite belief, and live happily - the easier it is. Catch Us?

If you are ready to go to work, we analyze the habit of eating meat on two levels -. The mental and physical

Mental level

1. Sit down and think about their relationship with the meat. Remember your childhood and all the significant events of life, in which the meat was present. BBQ, wedding, fun trip. Remember how mother forced you to eat meat as a child, as a respectful adults to this product. No wonder that you are accustomed to the fact that the meat - a part of your life. As well as the shape of your nose. Everything that we are very accustomed to cause withdrawal symptoms if you take it. This is normal.

When people want to change the shape of their nose, they go to a plastic surgeon and make surgery. They are ready for that week they will be like in a sling, and then the nose for some time will not look in the best way. But they know that the swelling will subside and eventually they will see in the mirror neat little nose - exactly dreamed of. This is the result for which they are willing to pay a temporary discomfort.

You can not get results without going through the process.

The same is with meat. Most attempts to give up meat breaking on to the temporary unavailability of discomfort. At the beginning of any change, we are not very good, and it seems like it will last forever. But this is just a trap of the mind. That is not true.

2. Be aware of and write down your beliefs about meat. Whether negative or positive. For example: "Meat is good for health" or "I can never give up the barbecue." Let there be a language without evaluation. For convenience, as these beliefs are destroying you, call them negative.

3. Then replace them to the opposite: "The meat is harmful to health", "I can easily walk past the kebab." Meet is your new beliefs about yourself, positive.

4. Hang the new beliefs in prominent places, put in a purse, repeat, like a mantra.

5. Surround yourself with people who live in accordance with your new positive beliefs. People who live for many years without meat and thrive. Communicate with them, learn from them, learn from the experience. It is important that these people should be happy and successful. You should see that your new beliefs - not just a fantasy of your mind. That there are people for whom it is - the norm, and not just the norm, but a blessing, a source of happiness, and perhaps success

. The key insight is that if it works for another - it can work for me

. 6. Be patient. Change beliefs - it is not fast. Water wears away the stone - it's just about belief. When you have accumulated enough evidence that life without meat - the good, the quantity turns into quality, and your subconscious mind will change a record. You will not notice this point. Just one day realize that do not take the meat as a food. As foam or nails. As if I was not hungry, and I would never have nails.

Physical layer

How to start a physical rejection of the meat? Ideal - to detox. It is necessary not only to relieve digestion, tired of heavy meals, but also to quickly feel all the pleasant sensations of the new diet.

After quality detox naturally pull you into a light and healthy food. An excellent option would be a home detox or more deep cleaning under the guidance of a specialist.

Go ahead. Everyone I was able to cause to be frank on the theme of love for meat, said roughly the same thing: that tied in the first place, to the taste of the meat, and secondly, to satiety, which gives this product. About favor of meat, we have spoken with WHO, so this time we drop.

What to do with taste? Many people can not imagine their life without the taste of meat. Meat - it's delicious. This is exactly the same craving for the taste and the same dependence on it, which gives chocolate, flour and sharp.

And it happens because the meat with flour and sharp. A hot dog with ketchup, for example. Still wondering why this dish so many fans?

Link to the bright taste of food - nothing more than a consequence of hyperstimulating receptors. The good news is that after 7-10 days on a simple and unsophisticated food receptors come back to normal, the fruit becomes sweet again, and baked in its own juice vegetables play all flavors. That is, the task - to hold a week. This is the worst case.

As for satiety, the meat is shared superiority with legumes, nuts and mushrooms. The most important thing - do not make a blunder in the preparation and combination

. Otherwise, any protein will lay down a heavy stone in your digestive tract.

Most full vegetarian dinner, which is not only useful, but also comfortable for healthy digestion: vegetable protein + a small portion of the slow carbohydrates obtained from whole foods + decent serving of fiber and enzymes in the form of fresh, non-starchy vegetables and greens

. The heavier protein, the easier should be carbohydrates. Yes, while we seem to be violating the rules of food combinations, but my experience has shown that a light vegetable protein + carbohydrates absorbed light without problems, especially in the presence of herbs and spices right.

varied diet The most common mistake made by novice vegetarians - a meager diet. Rejecting the meat, in the beginning it is difficult to imagine that other foods can give the same feeling of satiety. Arrange a Challenge - all week prepare different dinners on the list

. Examples of useful for the novice vegetarian dinners

Buckwheat with beans, garlic and spinach and a large portion of green salad
Risotto brown unpolished rice with wild mushrooms and a salad with beets and arugula (since good cheese today, you will not find, it is desirable to do without the cheese or use a certified vegan)
Carrot noodles with chickpeas, tomato and basil salad with zucchini on grill
Quinoa with couscous and roasted vegetables in the oven
Tofu with brown rice and vegetable salad in
Asian style Soup with broccoli and salad with quinoa, avocado and herbs
Spicy pumpkin soup with fennel and meatless gluten-free vegan pumpkin bread with hummus
Khichdi and a large green salad with spices
Cauliflower Risotto
Soup of mung and gave unleavened pita with greens, cucumber, tahini and spices
Soup of red lentils with lemon and herbs and
tabbouleh salad Baked chickpeas with spices and a warm salad of pumpkin, cranberries and couscous
Grilled vegetables and buckwheat noodles with dried tomatoes and chickpeas
Risotto of nettles, mushrooms and a large Greek salad with goat cheese
Baked Eggplant with quinoa, feta cheese and herbs
Walk to the market, try new products, buy spices and do not skimp on the fresh grass (because they are responsible for the aroma!). You will learn a lot about how tasty and interesting people live without meat. It is very likely that you will like it even.

In general, the meaning - not to find as many vegetarian recipes (although initially not do without it), but to really cook them. Catch the scheme and prepare healthy meals at home alone, all the time trying new things. Only practice can understand what products and how to combine with each other, and that all of this is suitable for you and enjoy.

I remember in the marathon, one of the participants complained about the fact that all the rules of food combinations to remember difficult. If you say so - it means you have not even tried. In practice, you need to remember only the beginning, when there is no internal understanding - why so, and then the cooking takes place intuitively. Once you begin to understand the body that favorite julienne (mushrooms, cheese and cream) - tasty, but too hard, but the mushrooms and soba, plus vegetable salad - just what you need. Still remembered by itself.

If you completely throw carnivore is not yet possible, exclude meat as follows:

Sausages, small sausages and all similar
Beef, veal and lamb

Chicken Rabbit
Leave the meat first in a day, as well as get used to dinner and dine with vegetable protein - go to twice a week. Then exclude meat completely.

Once again, during the transitional period it is very important to have on hand a variety of whole plant (perfect - organic) foods, spices and herbs in abundance

. On this I have everything. Again it turns out that without practice anywhere. Be friends! But also to do the same. Mindfulness and love.

Author: Valentina Gorbunova


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