As life changes when you stop to wait

In his article "How to let miracles in life, or life without expectations," the author of training courses on finding himself Yevgeny Medvedev talks about how important it is to free your mind from the eternal expectations and where it can lead.

- I stopped for something to wait and wait ... and at that moment my heart was suddenly so easy-easy, though I began to live up to that, I was thinking more about how to live, and then picked up and started. I no longer expect anything from myself ... I used to be expected, that is about - and will open all my potential, and I'm so-and-so, I will write a hundred articles, and best - 10 books, will create something cool, and the like
I stopped to wait on my own results. I no longer expect anything from others - that suddenly appreciate me, do something that will be with me kind and responsible ... I ceased to expect from a partner - he suddenly begins to understand me and do as I want ...
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I no longer wait for the money, I took the amount that I have. I no longer expect from life and to demand that it gave me something ... - I sat in feeling unjustly deprived - they say, I do so many things, and some do nothing at all, and these results gets
Once I stopped to wait for tomorrow suddenly all become great and no problems. My naive child would like aspect of calm and serenity. While the adult aspect is not realized that peace and tranquility within, not in the absence of external affairs or issues that must be solved.

In general, I stopped to wait for something ... I felt no matter what happens. Previously, I was important that there was only good, blissful, all that just has to be good. While sitting in the fear that suddenly something happens, what can not do it ... I let go of the expectations about the future, saying to himself: "What will be - will be. All came together for me well. »

No, I have some plans that I want to implement, but it turned out that my plans and what I think about them - rather ridiculous compared to what I have prepared for the possibility of life
Expectations stop energy on one thing, the maximum number of options. As a rule, on the fact that already prostroen in mind. Without giving energy to move, giving life to bring all the best for you ... and this is the best, as a rule, what did not expect.

I was in constant expectation and, therefore, in his mind was already built a chain of how things should be - and the mind is working hard to follow this chain, and God forbid something to miss

. The question "how" constantly scrolled through my head: "How, and how? How? How? »

And most interesting is that the answer was not - most of the responses I received, when not thinking "how." After all, I wanted to know ahead of time how it will happen, but it does not happen.

Earlier, before to do something, I had to go through the process of training, and it long and painful, and sometimes it is so delayed that action has not had forces. So it shall be verified that wanted nothing to do after.

This is similar to how hard to prepare for the exam, so hard, that when it comes to the time of the exam, it is not power, and you are not able to show the best of what is capable. Tired of this complex is an excellent pupil, I was allowed to take place within the revolution:

How to happen will happen ... My God, how easy was at the time - it was still "like" what's the difference ... I relaxed: all will be as it will ...

Since then, my life began to happen miracles:

I began to hear themselves better, to me, the idea began to come. I started to listen to them and understand that I can implement them without even knowing yet how to do it. But I went and implemented in the process were the ways and means.

I started to do a lot more, because before I was getting ready to take action and "merged" to the action. I was surprised that started to turn out a lot better than when I was preparing and reconciling.

I started to ask for what you need at the right time, and to give up, that we should not, without waiting for that other people will understand or will not understand.

Events literally fell into my life, and I did not even have time - so much to do, and with a minimum of effort all the turns and elusive. Besides, I'm beginning to shape itself has some important points, and not just react to what "happens" to me.

And how many interesting acquaintances there. I am surprised that meet people in the streets, in supermarkets, in elevators - wherever possible - and do not torment the questions "how can I learn?" And "where to do it?»

. And how many times I found myself at the right time and right place. Events began to line up in the chain, and it led me to what I needed at that moment.

My average check at the supermarket decreased in 2 times before I managed to buy so many things, and I did not have enough, now I manage to buy quality products at the normal price.

Many began to itself come into my life. Even that did not work before, whatever the intentions, wishes I have expressed. I did not understand what life gives me now, and lamented the fact that she does not give me anything, what it is, so-and-so, does not care about me and gives me nothing. I just did not notice and did not see her gifts while staying in expectations and are constantly trying to find the answer in my mind the question "how?».

Also interesting: first, as it will live. Then as you want

You know the feeling, "NOT THAT»?

Everything was simple: lack of control and the need to know how it all happens - let go of all expectations, because it happens to the best way for me. I began to feel the flow of life, its fluidity and variability, and to respond to what life offers in the present moment.


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