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Cough, Peter began opening speech, he first came to the meeting of anonymous puppets of society and terribly worried. "Good afternoon, my name is Peter and I'm a puppet." "Hello, Peter!" He replied harmonious chorus. "All my life I have suffered and I can not do anything about it. During the day I have to play stupid plays, and at night I locked in tight, dark box. Children, these fiends, call me Petrushka and throw me in the gum, and sometimes even shoot brackets. Puppeteer treats me as his property, does with me whatever he wants. Imagine ", with these words, Peter felt a lump in my throat," the villain, pathetic drunk it, he left me unattended, and a huge hairy monster grabbed me with their teeth "(sobs choked, hindered say)" I, I, was a miracle alive, the left arm is still bent badly. " To confirm his words taut thread, left hand raised, but stopped halfway. "You see," Peter said through her sobs. Sympathetic sighs were his answer. "This bastard sewed me that would earn his vodka. In his thick head did not even come to that, appeared, I will suffer. Playing in his mediocre performances, I have to constantly beat the other dolls, and then, lying in close trunk tormented guilt for their actions. How could I blame him, his creator. " Small strings coming from the fingers, began to move, and Peter made a fist. I cried for a long time, I believed that he loves me, I need it not only to make money. I blamed myself, that was born, that's so helpless and aggressive. I waited for him to hug me, lay in his bosom, and together we will go for a walk on the green meadows, singing and enjoying the warmth of the sun. I have never seen the sun! The day gives way to night, but he never bore me into the sunlight! Only burning, acrid stench of light bulbs and an old screen, and that's all that I know in my life. " In response to his words sounded indignant roar. But I will avenge him, I have heard that there is a fire, and he lives in matches, I'll find him and released, I sacrifice myself, but gonna burn this theater! That old bastard thinks I do not understand it, but I hear all his conversations, so I have learned and about the sun and about the fire. Sometimes, after drinking, he forgot to put me in a box, and I heard the TV, so I learned about freedom, about their rights and many other things. I realized that I live, that I hurt and scared that it is unjust to me! " The thread that leads to the top of the head, flashed a light bulb, and from the open eye puppets gushed two streams.
"What a stupid script," thought Ivan, trying with one hand to pull the string and the second turn on the tape recorder on which sound has been recorded, representing an indignant murmur of voices "our literary manager does not catch mice, where he dug this moronic play? And technically difficult, it is necessary to speak for a doll, moving it and even the hum of voices to represent. I pay too little, and even fined, that the doll broke. Well, I drank with a friend, who does not happen, and forget that parsley on the steps and grabbed his ball and squeezed a little, everyone - it is a business. I brought it to Mitrofanych it all and fix it, okay not all, the left hand is now does not work. I say, let the new offer, but I - "for your account" -, yeah how, and this will come down. The owner of a bastard, does not appreciate me, I would have gone, but who nowadays need puppeteers. to Burn it all! " At these words, a thin ray of sun broke through the dust and touched his hand, and as if in obedience to the orders of hushed, fingers clenched into a fist. Thoughts flowed sluggishly and bleak. "I'm getting old, that's left arm began to go bad, and all this vodka, zashib drunk, fired me, and where I go, no home, so all my life in the trailer and spent. It will end the play, get drunk, and in a box. " In the heart stabbed, self-pity and injustice of life, the eyes rolled tears. Small spider reached out and touched the silver flagellum red sweaty bald head of Ivan, and whether from this touch, and maybe the insult to life, cried Ivan.
Angel-lower driver, the seventh discharge Sefar could not comfortably accommodate its five-dimensional body in a narrow cell of the fourth dimension. What people see as wings, sore, particularly his exasperate left wing. The luminous sphere, which replaced the angels head and heart, dark clouds drifted not pious thoughts. "How much do I still mess around with this drunkard Ivan? I have ridden a hundred lifetimes to this freak, and who slipped me a substandard soul "? Even thought the angel was afraid to mention the Creator, Lucifer's fate, dumped in hell for willful behavior has become all angels good lesson. From powerlessness to change their destiny, to the radiant, oval eyes rolled tears. "I am a miserable puppet in the hands of the one who had not even seen"! In the area of ​​the angelic body zabushevala storm, the original love of the Creator faced resentment and spawned purplish red clouds of hatred glowing strings that go into the sixth dimension, we began to play with all the colors of the rainbow and pulling the six long, graceful rays replacing the angels fingers, made them shrink into a fist. This movement pulled the strings in the soul of Ivan, and the firm resolve at all costs get out of this seedy theater seized all his thoughts. Above the screen, Peter suddenly grabbed a box of matches and struck a phosphoric head against the floor set fire to himself. After 15 minutes, the theater burned.

The evil puppeteer laughed,
Bill in my eyes limelight,
What a low cunning,
Responding to requests - no

. I shouted to him through slёzy-
"What made me»?
And curses and threats,
Sent to the sleepy hall.

On my lips print,
He says he is behind the screen.
Shouted their curses,
We go out on the bow.


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