The philosophy of money from the 19 richest people in the world

In the modern world, many billionaires, and there is nothing surprising, but exactly how they reached their financial perfection, is really fascinating. Not all of them are catchy lovers to spend, as we see them in Hollywood reports. In fact, many of them surround themselves with modest attributes of life. We have collected the best advice about money from the richest people in the world.

1. Michael Bloomberg, Personal capital: 34.3 billion

Realize what's good for you and follow this

Michael Bloomberg is well known as one of the most controversial mayors of new York and the owner of the main stake in Bloomberg L. P., global information of the company for financial market participants. One of those facts about which no one knows is that over the past 10 years, Michael only bought two pairs of shoes. This is two pair of black loafers that fits in perfectly with all the suits, in which billionaire feels most comfortable. He realized that for him well and invests the state that could be spent on unnecessary pair of shoes to do useful things.

2. Bill gates Personal capital: 79 billion


To make mistakes in Finance — a usual phenomenon in life. We all do this, with the difference that those who achieve financial success in life not only make mistakes but also learn from them. Bill gates is well known as one of the richest men in the world once said:

"It's good to enjoy your success, but more importantly to remember the mistakes."

3. Ingvar Kamprad , the Personal capital of 53 billion

Avoid unnecessary waste

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, believes that many expenses are absolutely useless, even if the money is wiring your pocket. Like many other super wealthy people, he chooses flying economy class instead of private jet. In his memoir, Kamprad wrote:

"We don't need flashy cars, inspiring titles, uniforms or other status symbols. At present we rely on our own strength and will."

4. Warren Buffett

Personal capital: 66.1 billion

Buy a home that meets your needs

Warren Buffett is a classic example of the Golden rule. He still lives in Omaha in Nebraska, in the house, which was bought in 1958 for 31,500 dollars. Despite the state in billions dollars in the account, Buffett sees no point in living in an incredible mansion. He feels happy in his modest home of 5 rooms, located in the heart of America.

5. Oprah Winfrey Personal Capital: 2.9 billion

Find your passion and follow it

This simple advice has played an important role in the life of Oprah. Now this Board has become an aphorism

"You become what you believe. Where are you right now in your life based on what you believed before."

Knowing what you do brings joy and then helps to achieve the best results.

6. Richard Branson Personal capital: 5.1 billion

Set goals and do everything to achieve them

British billioner and VirginGroup founder, Richard Branson started his way from the target list. The goal in this list were not even realistic, but he put them and do everything to achieve them. He knew that goal setting is the Foundation of success.

7. Carlos slim private equity: 78.5 billion

Put off his youth

Carlos slim, a Mexican businessman who was recognized as bill gates, the richest man in the world, shares the most important tips on financial success. Start saving money as early as possible! The sooner you start to save money and wisely manage it, the better it will be for you in the future, regardless of the position you take and you take.

8. John Codwell

Personal capital: 2.6 billion

Do not neglect public transport

Businessman from England has achieved its success in the mobile industry, but this does not mean that it is an expensive machine and flaunting its status. In fact, he loves to walk, ride his bike and uses public transport.

9. David Cheriton Personal capital: 1.7 billion

Learn to do things yourself

David Cheriton was one of the first investors in Google and enjoy the results of their investments in the $ 100,000 made in 1998. Nevertheless he rejects a hairdresser and cuts himself. Even such a seemingly small amount may be useful in other areas of life. Just think how much money you give to other people while the same things you can do yourself.

10. Mark Zuckerberg Personal capital: 30 billion

Be humble.

Even the founder of Facebook lives frugally in many aspects of life. One example is its auto, sedan Acura over 30, 000 dollars. He can afford any car, or even a whole ship, but instead he chooses a modest and practical car.

11. John Donald MacArthur Personal Capital: 3.7 billion

Make a budget and stick to it

MacArthur was the sole shareholder of Bankers Life and Casualty Company. Despite life in an era of Hollywood glitz and glamour, MacArthur refused to expensive purchases and lived very modestly. He never owned a luxury he didn't have press agents, and his annual budget was $25 000.

12. Rose Kennedy Financial condition at the time of death is unknown.

Be creative and look for alternatives in spending

Rose Kennedy is better known as the matriarch of the infamous family. But her tactic of saving money was just amazing. Especially when you consider the wealth accumulated by the family. Instead of buying packs of paper she preferred to wait until the end of the year and bought an old desktop calendars that have lost their relevance. As a rule, cost less than waste paper. This is a good example of saving even in trifles.

13. Thomas Boone Pickens

Personal Capital: 1 billion

Make a shopping list, and don't take more cash than you need

The oil tycoon and billionaire Pickens always practicing one sure way of saving money. He never wears in my wallet more money than he needs. He makes a shopping list before heading to the store. And buys only what is on this list. And the amount of money in his purse would not allow him to break this rule. You can't spend money you don't have, right?

14. Jim Walton Personal capital: 34.7 billion

You don't need all the newest and best

Jim Walton, the youngest son of WalMart founder Sam Walton, leads a modest life. So he was always taught by his father. Despite financial success, he still drives a pickup truck, which is more than 15 years. He understands what it takes to get from your vehicle, all without a trace. Not to travel on the most luxurious and expensive car that you can afford to buy.

15. Donald trump Personal Capital: 3.9 billion


Donald trump has earned his success with his hard work. Many losers think that trump just lucky in the world of Finance. But trump says that success comes after hard work.

"If your work brings you its fruits, then most likely people will say that you just lucky. Maybe it's because you are lucky enough to have the brains to work!"

16. Robert Quoc Personal Capital: 11.5 billion

Use every opportunity you have

Robert Kwok, the richest man in Malaysia, lives by the rules that he learned from his mother. Never be greedy, do not use other and always have high morals when it comes to attitudes to money. Robert says that in order to become successful in financial terms, you have to be brave and to always use all the opportunities that will come your way. Even when others doubt your abilities.

17. If Kashin Personal Capital: 31 billion

Live modestly

Lee is the richest man in Asia and one of the ten richest people in the world. Whether the Empire owns, which is represented in 52 countries with 270,000 employees. He believes that his tremendous success is simple and modest life. When you are just starting your journey, you need to train yourself to live modestly and do not boast of their condition.

18. Jack MA Personal Capital: 10 billion

The customer always comes first

Jack MA, founder of Alibaba Group, a billionaire, believes that customers should always be priority number one. They are followed by workers, and the last in the chain must be shareholders. MA believes that the person's attitude to how he lives his life is more important than his ability.

19. Howard Schultz Personal Capital: 2.2 billion

Understand that money isn't everything

Howard Schultz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Starbucks, said that human values far more important than its capital.

"I never wanted to be one of the billionaires list. I never identified himself by his means. I am always trying to define itself and its values". published


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