The theory of natural phenomena - the relationship and the entity

Science has not fully explored natural phenomenon, natural phenomena are not only beyond civilization, but every year worldwide causing tremendous financial losses and terrible suffering and misery. Research into the action of natural phenomena, their forecasting and prevention today one of the main problems of the ecology and natural history. Perhaps the paradox is that in the 21st century researchers of the industry are unable to fully understand many natural phenomena: the General circulation of the atmosphere and waters in the oceans, the planet's rotation, earthquakes, magnetic storms, volcanoes, tornadoes, and other natural phenomena.

Space exploration, Geophysics, astronomy, comparative planetology gave our scientists a lot of useful facts and data about climate, weather, and Geophysics of our planet.

In the end, old assumptions and hypotheses about natural phenomena, namely the explanation of the change of seasons, the rotation of the planets and most other assumptions are obsolete and, therefore, there was a lot of accumulated factors that are not included in the previous understanding of the surroundings. Especially because today, deep connection of natural phenomena is not clear (there are a lot of facts not included in previous opinions).

Of course, that there is no unified theory, so scientists researching our planet, it is difficult to find a common language to understand each other. So experts there is no complete explanation of the reasons for the formation of weather and climate on our planet. But information about the planet Earth that has accrued a huge number of people need a long time to analyze and organize.

To associate natural phenomena and to explain this principle in respect of "Earth-Sun" came from our compatriot, the great scientist A. L. Chizhevsky In his article has clearly defined the relationship of epidemics, revolutions, and changes in human health from the Sun's activity. But that is the problem and the luster failed to disclose to the end, he only opened a few patterns.

Kopylov I. P. have conducted fundamental experiments that reveal from different angles the relationship of the planet Earth with the Sun. To find the root cause of natural phenomena on the planet over many accumulated facts requires a person who can hear the language of nature. Need a new point of view on natural phenomena as links in a chain that stretches to the Sun. First you need to understand the principle of the entire Solar system of which our planet is.

After the systematization of different factors in chemistry at the time of the great scientist Mendeleev was open Periodic system of elements.

To combine existing knowledge, accumulated over the years into one system, you need to create a Unified theory of natural phenomena of our planet.

The sun is responsible for all natural phenomena occurring on Earth. It sets in motion is not one of our planet, and all the solar system. Below published those relationships which were formulated by Kopylov I. P., with respect to all the most important phenomena inherent to the Unified Theory of Natural phenomena.

Many Sciences have a different perspective on these phenomena, they appear in separate sections of physics, but we must consider that the nature of one and all phenomena on Earth are interrelated.

This diversity of Sciences and theories about the Earth suggests that all scientists and naturalists find it difficult to understand each other and converge in a single solution. It is this fragmentation, lack of information about the planet and the absence of a taxonomy does not allow meteorologists to calculate weather conditions for a longer period, and climatologists predict climate changes, and, of course, seismologists and volcanologists to identify earthquakes and volcanoes, that would greatly help humanity.

The main discovery in the field of science is proof that the earth is the natural electric machine

It has long been known that the Earth has a magnetic field and an electric field between the electric currents exist in all other spheres of life, and the greatest amount of this energy the planet receives from solar winds.

Kopylov I. P. proved that these processes are interconnected. Our planet is a special Converter of solar energy Electromechanical type. The earth and the Sun are associated magnetic fields and electric fields, creating a single electromagnetic system in nature.

About the connection of natural phenomena on planet Earth

This discovery was for the author the key to understanding the truth of Nature of planet Earth and finding the root causes of natural phenomena: its relationships and hierarchies.

Planet Earth – electric machine

This is a fundamental discovery and its consequences given the opportunity to create a Unified Theory of Natural phenomena.

The author deals with the discovery of this theory for more than 20 years. Over the years we accumulated a lot of interesting information about these studies.

The findings, which were taken in a Unified Theory of natural Phenomena of our planet, were the following facts:

Earth – electric machine, a unipolar and a natural axial rotation, and the rotor serves as its orbital motion around the Sun.

From the Sun the Earth receives natural electricity. The energy of the Sun reaching to the Earth, "injected" and "digested" in different ways and spheres. Pumped heat, electromagnetic energy, solar plasma, radiant energy – the natural energy of the Sun. Solar wind or plasma captured by the magnetic traps of geomagnetosphere of the planet, and then served in the ionosphere and other regions.

The sun and the Earth form a single magnetic system. The Earth's geomagnetic field and the magnetic field of the Earth is firmly bonded to the magnetic field lines with magnetic field lines and the Sun. The planet itself revolves around its axis like a polar electrical machines in a stationary geomagnetic field, it rotates as a rotor of another unipolar machines around the Sun. The Sun acts as the stator.

Land transformerait solar wind into the natural electricity which is collected in natural capacitors. The main reason for the existence of electricity, the planet and the presence of spherical planetary electric field is a constant work of minicogeneration that are about the planet and sort a flow of different charges of the solar plasma in the geomagnetic field, creating electric spherical capacitors near the planet. In this space continuously running several magnetogasdynamic electric generators with a large capacity, which exceeds several times the capacity of all power plants worldwide. This magnetogasdynamic Hall effect creates a pole of the radiation of the ionosphere and the planet, and is also responsible for the presence of the electric field of our planet and the restoration of the natural magnetism and electricity, but also natural phenomena of the planet.

Different types of solar energy coming into interplanetary space and onto the planet's surface, are responsible for natural phenomena on Earth.

This electric energy is supplied to the internal layers of the earth from the radiation belts and ionosphere of the planet of the electromagnetic and electrodynamic methods.

General circulation of water in the oceans, and the atmosphere of the planet is the result of natural multi-rotor electric machine.

The change of seasons is due to change of functions natural electricity and Geomagnetism of the Earth in the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

Natural cold machine of the Earth depends on the geomagnetic field of the planet Earth, the cold centers are located at the geomagnetic poles.

The geomagnetic field in space, is motionless relative to the magnetic field of the Sun. For this reason the zone of the cold are inside the circles, which are created by magnetic poles on the surface, moving relative to the planetary surface, under axial rotation.

Inasmuch as the magnetic poles away from the geographic poles, the cold area of the Earth expands. But as the tension of geomagnetic field of the planet Earth becomes smaller, the average temperature on the surface of our planet increases.

The primary cause of current Global warming on Earth is reducing the level of magnetic field intensity. At the same time with a constant decrease of this index, which decreased two times in 400 years, the climate of our planet continues to warm up. This powerful inversion of the geomagnetic field and is a key cause of warming the Earth's climate, rather than environmental and manmade causes, as well as the greenhouse effect, as it is considered today. The impact of all these factors is very small on our planet.

Speed inversion of the magnetic field of planet Earth is growing. The speed of movement of the magnetic poles of the planet in 40 years increased four times.

Of the Apocalypse, which according to existing assumptions can be a flood or an increase in natural disasters on the planet, not to avoid, if not stop the inversion of the geomagnetic field. Inversion of the Sun gives rise to the inversion of Earth's magnetic field.

If the magnetic pole reaches the plane of the equator, the geomagnetic field and the atmosphere will disappear. The earth will stop spinning for a while, and then reconstructed on the rotation in the opposite direction.

Natural phenomena appear because of excess solar energy, which captures the magnetic field of Earth during the maximum of solar activity. The excess of electric and electromagnetic energy coming into the magnetosphere and ionosphere from the Sun, and in the future takes place in the inner layers, according to the law of chain reaction causing spontaneous natural phenomena, ranging from geomagnetic storms.

Main method of reducing the frequency and power of natural phenomena consists in balancing the energy of the magnetosphere and ionosphere of the planet during the time of maximum solar activity. This can be done by using equipment of excess energy and its transformation by different methods and applying it to useful purposes for mankind.



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