Slowing the aging process — impact on point young Quan

Point young Quan is the first point of the kidney channel. It is on the Central line of the foot. If the foot from the toe to the heel is roughly divided into 3 cut point young Quan located on the border of the first and second segments.

Point Young Quan

Point Yun Quan is a point-well, here begins the movement of qi through the channel. When we say that we need to direct the energy and blood to the legs, we mean that the energy must come to the point young Quan in the center of the foot. This is called "making the blood and qi to return to the source".

What is the use? This helps to slow the aging process, that's the benefit.

The goal that we pursue, performing exercises "Golden rooster stands on one leg" and "crazy Walk" — to make blood and qi flow to the point young Quan. But sometimes, doing these exercises, we understand that the blood and qi cannot flow through the area stop. In this case, should be further examined point young Quan massage to activate them.

Better to push the point with the pads of your thumbs, push hard enough. If the points are painful, you should massage them every day. Stock up on patience. The strengthening of the kidneys need to deal with life. If the kidney enough energy, we're not going to be like that. But some, no matter how hard they pressed on the point, it's painless.

Only in the place of punching a hole remains. This is a classic indicator of kidney weakness, lack of energy in the body. If in this case to stimulate the point, young Quan, even if you push very much, it will only be a useless waste of forces. Better to start with the exercise "Walking on knees", "Golden rooster stands on one leg". Make the qi and blood rushing to feet. And after that to push the point young Quan.

It is very important to point young Quan was active. However, if the body has insufficient qi and blood, stimulate it not worth it.

Someone will say: When I'm massaging young Quan, is a fossa. But the point is very painful. Useful if I massaged?

Useful! If the point is painful, then it works, so the blood and qi come to this point. Need to massage it daily.

If within a month every day for three minutes to massage the point young Quan, you will notice that the skin on the feet become more elastic, the hole is not formed, no matter how much pressure. This means that qi entered in this field. In fact, if young Quan activated, so we pass the entire channel of the kidneys. This is a simple and effective way to strengthen the kidneys.

And the other person will say: I month of daily massaging points young Quan, but it was extremely painful, and left.

It says that the blood and qi stagnate in some other points of the channel of the kidneys, and stagnation rather serious. You need to push the channel of the kidney, to find tender points – places clips. You need to massage sore spots, to make the channel passable and free from congestion. Then again, massage the point young Quan – they will not be so painful.

You need to ensure that point, the young Chuan steel elastic and moderately sensitive to pressure. When you achieve this, you are going to feel that there are positive changes in General health and emotional state. This was the meaning of our effort is to guide qi and blood in the foot area, to return energy to the roots.

When you will feel positive changes in your condition, you gain a deep respect for the magic point young Quan will understand what an amazing thing the channels and points in our body. And it will be a stimulus to further work.

Influencing young Quan, you can get rid syndrome cold feet. If you are susceptible to cold, all the time cold, feet cold, with pressure on the point to young Quan remains a dent, it is useful to cauterize the point wormwood cigars. But this method is not suitable for people with hot structure.

In some people, feet are constantly hot, so people need to push, to massage the point young Quan. In their body excess Fire. The Fire to dissipate, and this requires Yin energy of the kidney. If energy in the kidneys are insufficient, the Fire is not dissipated, feet like burning.

Point young Quan — point pit channel. These points belong to the Wood element, that is associated with the liver. Water generates Wood, that is, from here we can draw upon resources to supply the liver.

Hot feet talking about the fact that the liver asks for help from the kidneys, needs the Yin energy of the kidneys (Water) to reduce Fire in the liver. In this case, you need to carefully massage the point young Quan. After a few days the feet will stop burning.

Point Yun Quan is a very powerful and effective point. But there are some limitations to encourage that you need to keep in mind. It needs to be stimulated under suitable conditions. Otherwise, you can get the opposite result. You need to understand the nature of points to work with. In different stages of the disease changes and action points.

Point Shu Fu

Point helps to stop hiccups. If the kidneys lack of energy, qi is not moving down, back to basics, and goes up, which causes hiccups. You need to force the qi to move down, the easiest way is to affect the point young Quan.

Point young Quan helps to stop cold vomiting. Some have no stomach for cold food, and starts vomiting. It is also one of the signs of kidney weakness.

The movement of energy in the kidney channel starts from the bottom up, from the feet, then climbs to the intestine and stomach and further up to a point Shu Fu at the collarbone.

Chinese medicine believes that the channel can treat the bodies near which it passes. If the channel is in the sternum, so it can treat them as tightness in the chest, and similar ailments.

Channel kidney

The channel is in the region of the bronchi, then acting on it, you can treat cough, shortness of breath, asthma. Forms the channel and the area of the gastrointestinal tract so it can heal ailments in this area.

Acting on point young Quan, you can get rid of the ringing and noise in ears. "Buds unfold in the ears", a deficiency of qi in the kidneys is manifested by ringing in the ears.

To fight hypertension Yun Chuan is also effective. In ancient times practiced this way: did a paste of medicinal herbs in vinegar, and applied the slurry to the point young Quan – it helped to keep the pressure in norm. In fact, it also contributed to the dissipation of excess Fire. The same effect from exercise Golden rooster stands on one leg, the operating principle is the same.

You can stimulate the point any way as you like. You can use some device – a massage wand or pencil. Importantly, the point was sensitive. If the point is not sensitive, only a dent is formed in place of the pressure should not be massage. First massage the other points of the channel on the legs, make the tide of qi and blood to the lower extremities.


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