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Immortal breathing stops...

Ordinary people go, not focusing on what they are doing. Their thoughts are somewhere far beyond the body, so the consciousness, spirit and energy are in dispute.

An ancient Taoist proverb says: "Take after eating a hundred steps and you will live to be a hundred years old."
The ancient Chinese compared the legs of a man with tree roots.
And like a healthy tree needs a healthy and strong root system, and legs, giving support to our body, must be stable and strong. Taoist Han Suico said: "the feet breathe constantly and continuously, gently drifting". In this case, "breath" involves the energy exchange between the body and the earth.
"Wisdom enters through the feet", - claimed the ancient Taoists, which meant an even deeper meaning — to follow the path of Dao.

If you want to always be healthy, full of energy, vitality, slow the aging process and extend your life, you should learn to accumulate in your body sufficient amounts of the vital energy and continually supporting its harmonious circulation. To control the movement of vital energy, you must learn to breathe through Yun-Chuan ("spurting spring"), a "gate" through which the vital energy of the body can be replenished and adjusted by energy intake of the Earth.

The Chinese often say that the Europeans jump on the go. It shows their concentration only on the mind and lack of attunement with the environment and nature from which our body derives energy continuously to maintain their livelihood.

Incorrect gait is formed by years of poorly-chosen shoes, the lack of ability just to walk barefoot on the ground, sand, grass and pebbles, a sedentary lifestyle — we all spend a lot of time sitting in the workplace, at the computer, driving, watching TV.

As a result of "beating spring" energy is converted into "spring", and then completely blocked, leading to disease of the pelvic organs, kidneys, spine, varicose veins, fatigue, depression and many other troubles. What should I do? — You will ask. To access point Yung-Chuan, to restore the normal flow and the flow of energy in the legs and body.

Since ancient times it is believed that if 100 just to push that point before sleep, we can achieve longevity.

Point UTD-Quan — young — "seething, breaking out"; "the Quan" — "source, spring", located in the recess in the middle of the sole, is a point-source channel of the kidney, where as if from a spring "breaks out" of channel Qi of the foot Shao Yin kidney channel. If you draw the toes on the foot, a recess is formed between the large and small hillocks of the foot – it is the point of Yun-Quan

Another name: Di-Chun

Localization: in the middle of the sole, between II and III metatarsal bones, in a depression formed in the preload of the fingers feet, 1/3 the distance from the base of the II — III fingers until the rear edge of the heel, at 2/5 of the distance from tip of second finger to the rear edge of the heel.

Indications: according to the Canon of the Ling Shu as the indications for the use of the dots :

  • The critical state.
  • Point-sources are often used in emergency care: coma, shock, loss of consciousness, carbon monoxide poisoning, sunstroke, convulsions, apoplexy, epilepsy.
  • The feeling of hunger with no appetite or with weak appetite
  • Shortness of breath, cough with expectoration of blood
  • The violation of harmony between the heart and the kidneys: anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, drowsiness, depression
  • Diseases of the throat: loss of voice, pain and swelling of the mucous membrane of the throat, feeling of lump in throat, dry throat, dry mouth and tongue, epistaxis
  • Jaundice, dark complexion, diarrhea, dark yellow urine, urinary incontinence, urinary retention, frequent urination, gonorrhea, diabetes
  • Pain in the spine, aching in the loins and knees, weakness and sensory disorders in the lower extremities, convulsions, fever and pain in the sole of the foot
  • Headache, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, palpitations, blurred vision, memory loss, hearing loss
  • Wet dreams in men, impotence, sex dreams in women, infertility
  • Madness, dementia, hysteria, irrational anger
  • Other diseases: pain in parietal region, pain in the bones, colds with high and prolonged fever, convulsions in children.
Obviously, the area in which helps the effects on the point Yung-Chuan, is enormous. You can find techniques specifically for your problem. But a simple massage of these points can significantly improve your condition.

The ancient Chinese said that for diseases in the upper parts of the body, it is recommended to use dots in the lower parts of the body. Yun-Chuan, located on the foot is the lowest point, so the influence on this point is reached the therapeutic effect in diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs.



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