How to strengthen the channel of the kidneys for 5 minutes a day

The kidney channel is a critical channel for human. Why? After all channels are important and necessary. But the channel of the kidneys special. From the tone depends on the state of other channels and active longevity of the person. And today's article is about how with just 5 minutes a day performing simple practices, you can improve the condition of the kidneys.

Acting on the Meridian of the kidneys can very quickly bring the body from a state of "barely drag" to "whoa, and I want to fly". Why is this so?


Chinese medicine believes that kidney inherent "original qi"- that is the life energy that has been handed down from past generations. And this energy feeds the whole body. Someone got a lot from birth, and someone is not very...

But there is good news in our organisms hidden reserves, special “magic buttons” you can run, you only need to know the secrets of their inclusion. Most people simply do not know or use it.

But first let us examine what is the responsibility of the kidney and how you can determine if you have them.

In accordance with the canons of Chinese medicine, the kidneys are responsible :

  • for reproductive function,

  • for excretory function (urine and feces),

  • for storage of seed

  • for growth and development,

  • for the retention of qi energy in the organs

  • for sexual energy

  • for water in the body.

That weakens kidneys?

According to the theory of Wu-Hsing, the emotion of the kidneys is fear. Therefore, the emotions of anxiety and fear weaken the kidneys. The body of the meridians, or energy body, is essentially a bridge between the physical body and the body of thoughts and emotions.

Acting on the kidney channel, it is possible to affect the subtle body and get rid of fears and anxieties.

This is the answer to many times repeating questions from my subscribers "how to get rid of fear." That's one of the last letters from Valentina: "Hello, please tell me if I can get rid of the fear of Contracting serious diseases with the help of your methods? If I can get rid of ecophobia?". Here is an example of one technique for removing fear. I hope, Valentine, You will take advantage of the tips from this article and will not be afraid.

But the first thing to do is to take responsibility for their health themselves and not pass it on to doctors and on tablets.

And I repeat: the constant fears is a sign of a weakened kidney.

What other symptoms suggest that you need to pay attention to the kidneys?

This nagging lower back pain, ringing, tinnitus, decline of hearing (Wu-Hsing ears is the opening of the channel of the kidney), hair loss, loosening of teeth, poor sleep, frequent bone fractures. This is not an exhaustive list, we need to evaluate all the symptoms in the complex.

But not getting rid of worries and fears, you will not get healthy kidneys.

So finally we move on to the recommendations

How to strengthen the channel of the kidneys for 5 minutes a day

You may have seen this simple exercise in qigong.

It is called "Golden rooster stands on one leg" (I can delight in such names of the exercises!).

What gives this exercise?

The purpose of it is to cause the flow of energy and blood to the feet. From the theory of meridians known that the channel of the kidney is a foot channel and it starts in the center of the foot, at the point young Quan (see figure).

How is the exercise?

Very simple. Stand up straight, hands can be put on the belt. Raise up (low) bent at the knee the left leg, close your eyes and think to myself or out loud how long you can keep the balance without any supports.

If less than 15 seconds - you need to seriously address their health.

This exercise, incidentally, included in the determination of biological age, which we plan to publish on the website.

A good indicator to stand for more than 1 minute!

Then take a break and do the other leg.

If you have very poor health, start this exercise, substituting the prop with one hand or two, so you don't fall if you lose balance. First, take as much time as you can. If your house has a narrow hallway, then you can start to do there, holding two hands over the wall.

If you practice this exercise every day ( and it can be done several times a day), you will quickly increase the duration of the balancing, improve emotional state (in terms of fears and anxieties) as well as kidney condition.


Very important note!

When doing the exercise, focus on a point mid-foot young Quan of the feet on which you stand. This way you'll train your will. According to the Imperial medical Manual, the will is also connected with the channel of kidneys. This will allow you to learn to concentrate and help keep the balance.
When performing the exercises keep the spine straight, as if the crown you tie a rope to the ceiling.

Don't raise your leg high it is for professionals.

If you really can't do the exercise, start with walking on the knees. When performing walk on his knees, blood will come on his knees, and then it will be easier to perform the "Golden rooster stands on one leg".

What are the contraindications?

It is not recommended to perform this exercise for those who have severe varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, as well as acute diseases of the joints. You need to consult a specialist, because standing on one foot greatly increases her load!

Of course, it is better to perform the exercise barefoot on the earth, but if not, it is possible and comfortable shoes.

And it was one of the magical buttons that I told you.

Another magic button — this is the combing of the hair. During the head massage at the same time not only the strengthening of the channel of the kidneys, but the strengthening of the hair follicles. Hair stop falling out!

The following exercise is the tapping of teeth. Description simple - knock the teeth together. You can perform everywhere - at work and at home while on the go. Especially recommended (don't laugh!) during urination. This exercise is besides, and prevention of periodontal disease.

But to concentrate during this exercise, it is also necessary to point young Quan.

One of the functions of the kidneys is (as I wrote above) hold of qi. To improve this function, there is exercise deep abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing.

Follow these simple guidelines and enjoy the results. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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