8 just magical exercises for morning exercises

After the warm-up immediately start classes. Learn best 2 – 3 exercises per day, it's easier to remember movements. In a week or two you will completely master the entire complex and will fulfill it with ease and pleasure.

The author of the complex recommends that each exercise be done 6 times, each subsequent exercise is a continuation of the previous one.

At first, I advise you to confine two or three approaches to each movement, otherwise not trained people will certainly feel the pain in the muscles. In my opinion, it is better to do gradually, I came to the development of the complex so that the load is increased gradually, and the exercises didn't cause pain and discomfort.


Exercise 1. Stabilization of respiration

Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider, arms down, body relaxed. Focus attention on the hands.

Inhale smoothly, slowly raise hands in front of you just above shoulder level, palms facing down and are relaxed.

Ninety nine million six hundred fifty three thousand seven hundred twenty one

As soon as the hands reach shoulder level as you exhale, bend your knees so that your knees were at the level of both big toes. This situation is called qigong “quarter squat”. The body maintains a straight position, the head is not tilted, the chest does not move. Simultaneously with the bending of the knees, relaxed hands gently fall down and touch the knees, then the legs straighten.

During the exercise keep the back still straight, breath accounted for the upward movement, and exhale on the downward movement.

Use: exercise positively affects the cardiovascular system, removes blood stasis and promotes proper distribution of energy. Especially useful for people suffering from hypertension, heart disease and liver.


Exercise 2. Expansion of the chest

On the inhale from the quarter squat gradually straighten your legs, simultaneously raise the arms forward to shoulder level and turn your palms to face each other and spread them apart, palms up. Attention is focused on the chest.

On the exhale, bring hands in front with palms towards each other, slowly lower hands at the same time turning the palms down, moving in a quarter squat. Hands gently touch his knees, legs straightened.

Thirty two million sixty four thousand nine hundred ninety six

Use: exercise is useful in diseases of the heart, lungs, with shortness of breath, with palpitations, with nervousness.


Exercise 3. Rocking the rainbow

On the inhale after completing the previous exercise, slowly raise straight arms up with the palms facing each other.

On the exhale, move the center of gravity on slightly bent right leg, with the foot off from the floor, left leg straight and touching the floor only with the toes. At the same time tilt the body to the left, left arm pointing horizontally to the left. Right hand passes over head palm down.

Movement repeat in the other direction. During exercise think of a colorful rainbow, hovering over you. Follow the breath: hands up – breath, arms – exhale.


Ten million two thousand five hundred twenty six

Use: exercise is useful in diseases of the thoracic and lumbar spine, reduces fat in the lumbar region.


Exercise 4. The splitting of the clouds

When you are finished swinging, the hands drop cross-legged on the bottom of the trunk, simultaneously turning a quarter squat.

On the inhale straighten the knees, and crossed his hands raised up and palms up, expand them over the head. Then straighten the hands with palms to the sides and on the exhale drop down through the side, returning in a quarter squat, again cross-legged in front of him. Attention focus on the chest.


Nine million four hundred twenty one thousand eight hundred ninety four

Use: exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower back and thighs, useful in diseases of the shoulder joints and heart.


Exercise 5. Shoulder abduction ago

This exercise has given me the most difficult, could not on the description to see whether I was doing it, but over time it became I can. So I will try to describe it as understandable.

Remaining in a quarter squat, extend your straightened left arm in front of him palm up. Simultaneously with this movement, bend at the elbow and turn the palm up right hand and pull it to thigh. As soon as the right hand will be at hip level, you should start turning the body right and lift hand smooth broad movement to the level of the ear. Eyes follow the right palm.

Then the right hand bent at the elbow and pushes with a force palm forward somewhere at ear level. At the same time the left arm bent at the elbow, the hand describes an arc, and lowered to the hip level.

Then the exercise is repeated symmetrically in the other direction, it is necessary to monitor the breathing of delaying the hand – breath, popping in and out. Attention is focused on the arms and shoulders.

Eighty nine million one hundred twenty five thousand three hundred twelve

Use: exercise is very good for hands, shoulder and elbow joints, is also recommended for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, helps with asthma.


Exercise 6. Boating

Having finished the previous exercise, bend your knees, but a little more than in the previous exercise, bend forward slightly and his hands freely omitted. This provision leads straight arms back, expand the palms up, then raise the hands as high up as possible, simultaneously straightening your knees.

Arms describe a circular motion and falls down, the legs bent at the knees. Attention is concentrated on the hands and back. Inhale – lift the arms, exhale lowering down.

Fifteen million nine hundred twelve thousand nine hundred forty four

Use: exercise has a positive effect on the nervous system, heart and digestive organs.


Exercise 7. Ball game

The Chinese call this exercise playing with the ball, but in fact it is rather like playing with a balloon, as movements should be performed smoothly and easily. Recall that each exercise into the next. From the previous position slowly viprasys, body — left. The left hand remains in the same position, and the right hand upwards to the left, also palm up.

When the right hand will be at the level of the left shoulder, make her move, as if you throw a balloon. The center of gravity move on the left leg.

Lower your right hand and repeat the movement on the other side. When you run keep your eye on my imaginary ball, focus attention on the hands. Try to keep the movement gave you pleasure, was slow and smooth. On the inhale the movement of the hands up, exhale down.

Eighty three million three hundred seventy five thousand nine hundred four

Use: exercise has a tonic effect on the entire body.


Exercise 8. Admiring the moon

In the position of a quarter squat, lower your arms along the body, on the inhale, turn the body more to the left while straightening the knee and lifting the left hand palm up. Right arm bent at the elbow at chest level. Head turn left and look on the left hand. On the exhale, lower your arms and return to starting position

Repeat the movement to the right side, making sure that the movement of the hands, chest and head were in sync and the body is maximally stretched. Do everything slowly and smoothly, heel from the floor is not torn off, attention concentrate on the hands.

Twelve million three hundred twenty thousand eight hundred eighty six

Use: movements stimulate the kidneys and spleen, relieve muscle tension and reduce body fat in the waist area.published 

Author: Vilia Kolosova

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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