Protrusion of the spine: exercises that everyone can do

Effective exercises with protrusion of the spine


Gymnastics at the protrusion is an effective way of dealing with the disease. Its application is possible in the hospital and at home. A mandatory requirement is the approval of compound exercises your doctor or physical therapist. In this case, it is possible to achieve successful elimination of the protrusions in different parts of the spine.

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Tasks of exercise therapy in the treatment of protrusion

In medical practice treatment of bulging spinal discs there are specially designed gymnastic systems and routines. They are different, but the tasks are common:
  • spine traction;

  • setting MPZ drive on anatomically intended for him;

  • improve the health of the patient.

The principle positive impact is that exercises linked to tension in certain areas of the spine that stimulate blood flow in the surrounding tissues, improve metabolism and train the vertebrae and muscles. Regular exercises strengthen the spine and muscular frame, creating a reliable protection against protrusions MPZ disc outside of the annulus.

General rules physiotherapy

Exercises when prolapse MPZ disks needs to be based on General rules. They are few and fairly simple to nevypolnenie they need to exercise benefit, not harm.

1.We should not strive for maximum stresses because it's bad for the vertebrae and disks that are in the process of degeneration.

2.The first days of the movement must be done carefully minimum number of times.

3.The initial period of the gym is best done on a mattress with orthopedic features in the supine rest position.

4.In the second stage the application of medical gymnastics it is possible to use not mattress gym Mat.

5.Start doing exercises only after the pain, ensure that the movement did not hurt you.

6.Before each new exercise, rest for a couple of minutes.

7.Do not drink water during exercises.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to achieve a positive result and get rid of the protrusion and to prevent its onset, if you have congenital factors, degeneration of the spine. The important point is that you can from any compound exercises to exclude those that do not. Available for you choose movement according to your physical condition and age.

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Exercises in the lumbar protrusionFor those who are not hard to do IPOs on the Swedish side and you have access to such a simulator, the doctors recommend this exercise as the most effective in the lumbar protrusion.

Among the attributes to perform gymnastics on the tension in the lumbar spine is actively used stool. It is convenient to do deflections in different directions, restoring the correct state of the disks at different types of protrusion: the posterior, lateral, Central.

In terms of inpatient physical therapy office patients can do on special turnstiles and shells. For example, a slanted Board with loops that help to rise from a prone position, couches with clamps for feet, roller turnstile for stretching of the spine and so on.

Therefore, more efficient use of medical conditions for physiotherapists, but if you do not have such opportunities, then the complex of three most common exercises that can make every patient:

  • Take a starting position lying on your back and bend your legs, but not completely. Arms should be extended parallel to the body. Even breathing tighten your press, then lower your legs and sit up completely. Unwind in the relaxed position a couple of minutes. Do you need up to a dozen exercises.

  • Start the exercise from a supine position with bent legs and stretched along the body hands. The basic movement is lifting the upper body with bent legs. To rise slowly, and also slowly lower the torso. Do exercise at least ten times.
  • This exercise starts from the supine position, with slightly bent legs, only the position of the hands should be different. Elongated right hand should lie on the left knee, then you must raise your left leg and move knee to side of head, right hand at the same time to oppose the motion of the legs. You then the same should be repeated by changing an arm and a leg. Optimal amount of exercise — five or six times on each side.


Exercises for the treatment of protrusion in the cervical spine

The goal of physical therapy for the cervical spine is removing the constraint of motion, numbness of hands, and other unpleasant sensations.

1.Exercise can be called "look back". Do it from a standing position with his chest pressed to her chin. Reject your head back and look behind you as far as possible, but the crowding slowly. The movement is done ten times.

2. This exercise can be given the name — "rest your head". Need to cuddle up to the wall of the forehead, and fifteen seconds to push them on the wall, you should do this ten times, then at the same time the occiput, the left and right side of the head.

3. Simple movement — chin to chest. It is also exercise for the cervical vertebrae.

4.Interlock fingers and move the elbows maximally to each other, his chin rest against the interlocked fingers. The forearm in this case will be in a slightly pivoted position, lift them up as much as possible, you will feel tension in the neck and upper thoracic spine. Exercise can be done ten times.

5. Lie on your stomach and relax with your arms outstretched along the body. In the initial position, the chin is placed exactly on the floor. The exercise is rotating the head by pressing the left and right ear to the floor. This exercise is done five or six times on each side. After each turn you need to return to the starting position and rest.

6.The same exercise is done with the chin is not pressed to the floor, and the palms of the hands.

Physiotherapy in cervical protrusion includes a head turns in different directions, tilting of the head, pressing it to her shoulders, pressing his forehead, occiput and temple on her hands.


Physical therapy during breast protrusionThe main complex of therapeutic exercises for the thoracic spine in the presence of a protrusion at this level includes 8 exercises:

1.In the standing position, with straight spine and straight legs, you should strain them and put your feet straight and close to each other. Hands are freely lowered along the body. Inhale and raise the hands to the shoulders. As you exhale slowly lower hands to starting position along the body. The exercise is done up to three times.

2.Starting position — vertical stand, the arms should be bent and placed her hands on his shoulders. The breath should be accompanied by pressing the hands to the shoulders, exhale easing the pressure. Five pressure enough.

3.Starting position — vertical stand, the position of the hands behind the back with palms on the spine, while the thumbs should be located along the spine. The breath must be accompanied by the pressing edges of the palms on the vertebrae and the movement on them with the palms down, as if moving the vertebrae in the lower direction. Try to affect the vertebrae at the corners of the palms. Repeat the movement five times.

4.Starting position — vertical stand. The position of the hands — density brush behind. When you inhale one arm is drawn back, the second presses on the vertebrae under it. Exercise is done alternately with the right and left hands. Enough to make the three movements with each hand.

5.Starting position — vertical stand, the position of the hands — clenched into fists behind his back, his fists impact on the vertebrae, moving them down with force. Motion repeat three times.

6.Starting position — lying on the floor, assistant is working hands on the ribs, pressing them on both sides of the spine, the direction of movements — from the top down, the force of the pressure — sufficient, but without pain within four seconds.

7.Starting position — lying on your back with the roller under the spine. The position of the hands linked behind his head. Do the deflections of the upper part of the body. You can change the position of the cushion relative to the level of the spine. Walk the roller around the chest Department.

8.Wrap a towel around the lower chest level. Take a deep breath. Pull the ends of the towel as much as you can on the exhale. Make up to ten contractions the chest with a towel.

Here are those exercises that everyone can do at home. They will have an undoubted benefit in the presence of the protrusion and to prevent it. In addition, the exercises relevant for patients with osteochondrosis, radiculitis and other diseases that limit physical activity of a person.


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