Cervical migraine: do not try to overcome?

Have a neurological disease called cervical migraine, there are many synonyms. The most well-known is the syndrome of Barre-LEU. Provoke breach of the tightness of nerves that cover the artery of the spine. Because of this, a person may experience pain of varying intensity. The pain is similar to migraine head — pulsating cramps at one point. This disease got its name.

Characteristics of the disease

The first mention of the disease came during the second half of the 20-ies of the last century. At that time, the neurologist from France Barr, and four years later of the Chinese physician, Leo showed symptoms of a new disease.

They identified that the development of cervical migraine starts due to violations of a different nature, the three vertebrae of the neck. As a result, the end of the nerves of the spinal cord encompassing the vertebral artery, are feeling the pressure. It is also subject to pressure, causing impaired blood supply in this zone, the blood stagnates, and nerve endings begin to swell. Poor circulation not only affects the cervical area, but certain areas of the brain.

Pathological transformation most often happens because:

  • degenerative disc disease;
  • spondylosis;
  • injuries and tumors of the spine;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the neck;
  • inflamed arachnoid cover of the spinal cord;
  • pressure on the vertebrae and artery of the spine.
Pain under the influence of cervical migraine can be so intense that the patient is incapacitated.


A striking feature of the syndrome of Barre-LEU manifests itself in the form of constant, aching pain in the occipital area. Periodically the pain sensation worsen, and to tolerate them is very difficult. Discomfort aktiviziruyutsya for long-term stay in a fixed position, for example, when sitting at the computer without a warm-up. The patient may experience discomfort moving up and down the slope or stairs, when traveling in the transport or during intense walk. Cervical-occipital area can affect the pain in a few minutes or take hours.

Painful symptoms supplemented by the other:

  • numbness of the head or a feeling of tightness;
  • and pressure eye pain, floaters, and a curtain in front of them;
  • noises in the ears;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness and fatigue.
Patient can throw in the pot, or, conversely, to freeze. Vision and memory can deteriorate, there is a constant irritability, disturbed sleep.


People suffering from cervical migraine, indicating the location of the pain, hold the hand like you removed the headdress from his head, swiping from forehead to nape. Doctors call this symptom "syndrome helmets".


Late stages of the disease characterized by syncope. Referring to a rheumatologist, you must tell us about all his symptoms of cervical migraine and the treatment will be chosen promptly.

The mechanism of development

Changes of a degenerative nature in the tissues of bone and cartilage type often occur due to different types of pressure on the neck area. To influence the development of cervical migraine may curvature of the spine, its injury and chronic diseases of the body.

Soft fabric, feeling the constant pressure, grow osteophytes — formations of bone origin. All compounded by the swelling of tissues that occurs due to the constant inflammation and spasms in the muscle fibers. The spinal nerves, entangling the vertebral artery also fall under compression, thereby developing cervical migraine. Artery bent spine does not receive the required nutrition together with the blood, and can not sate back part of the brain.


To determine the presence of cervical migraine is difficult. This disease is masked by many manifestations, so the diagnosis is possible only after an appropriate examination. First and foremost is the x-ray of the area of the neck, it will help to identify the presence of osteophytes and other pathological processes. Before to appoint treatment, your doctor may prescribe other types of hardware diagnostics that will help to identify the stage of the disease.

Cervical migraine has similarities with Meniere's disease, but in the latter case, vestibular disorders are not observed. In order to establish an accurate diagnosis requires a differential examination.


Cervical migraine symptoms and treatment are quite difficult. However, if you leave it to chance disease condition may worsen and bring a lot of trouble, of trouble and make life difficult in General.


Wrong to assume that pain pills can improve the situation, they will bring temporary relief, but pathology will not stop in development.


Treatment depends on the patient's condition. If the disease is in acute form, is primarily prescribed bed rest lasting at least three days. Sometimes the doctor prescribes hospitalization, in order to observe the condition of the patient. After complete bed rest should be partial, when you can sometimes be in a vertical position. It lasts about five days.


When cervical migraine, you should not sleep on high pillows. The diseased area is advisable to warm the dry heat.


You must fill in the capacity of rag or clean sock with heated sand or salt, and kept under neck. This compress will help keep the spine in a comfortable position. At advanced stages a doctor may prescribe a cervical collar.

There are many therapeutic methods to combat disease:

1. The use of medicines and vitamins.

2. Therapeutic exercises and manual exposure.

3. Physical therapy and nonconventional medicine.

4. Diet and correction of lifestyle.

Medical treatment consists of drugs of different actions. Prescribe anti-inflammatory and analgesic pills, diuretics, vitamin and mineral supplements, medications that stimulate blood circulation.

Cervical migraine in the light forms successfully treated using physical exercises. The doctor based on the clinical situation of the patient determines the course of therapeutic physical training. Manual impact on the problem area can also contribute to recovery. But you should only trust certified experts with extensive experience and positive feedback.

Physical therapy and the option of alternative treatment is also prescribed. For example, it may be acupuncture or leech therapy, depending on budget capacity and state of health. As physiotherapy is often prescribed electrophoresis. If a course is not possible, resort to treatment with mustard plasters or ointments with a warming effect.

To cure cervical migraine through diet, you need to include in the diet high protein foods. You need to eat more foods with fiber, such as vegetables and fruits. From the diet will have to remove caffeinated drinks, foods containing a lot of carbohydrates, fatty foods. You should also avoid food that accumulates in the body salt, grapes, celery seed, milk, potatoes and others.

Strengthening physical activity takes place only in the case when the disease is in mild form or as a Supplement to drug therapy. Often the rheumatologist prescribes swimming, daily walks in the fresh air. It is also advisable at least once a year to visit sanatoriums, Spa resorts for maintaining the body.

Preventive actions

Like any disease, cervical migraine is easier to prevent than to cure. In order to avoid the appearance of the syndrome of Barre-LEU it is necessary to preserve the health of the spine. Of the infringement, its impact on the development of this disease. It is important to strengthen your back muscles, to periodically take a course of massage, to prevent vertebral injuries and to maintain correct posture. If these tips to turn into an everyday necessity, cervical migraine is not threatened even in old age.


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Generic mechanism of disease development


A healthy diet is also very important. Limit salt, sweets and flour products will benefit the health and the figure. A balanced diet strengthens the cervical vertebrae, they become more elastic and stronger. published

If you think you have cervical migraine, do not try to overcome it with pills. Timely therapy will not worsen the condition of the body, and you will be able to live a full life!



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