Fear is illusion: 6 best antidote to panic

How to get rid of panic attacks — methods of struggle.

This article focuses on the question how to get rid of panic attacks. I suffered several years of this disorder and get rid of it without doctors and medicines. For several years I had bouts of uncontrollable panic and, most importantly, is that I'm not afraid of their appearance, because I'm ready to meet them and reflect.

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On how to achieve this will be discussed in this article. I will also tell you what methods and exercises you can quickly stop an anxiety attack.

Since you are reading this text, it is likely that you or someone in your family suffers from this disease. And before you continue to talk about methods of getting rid of panic attacks(PAS can be abbreviated as on), I want you to understand something. Do not worry about this disease, it is manageable and treatment is not something terrible and incurable. The fact that you suffer from panic attacks does not make you crazy, "shifted", the sick, and somehow "unique" in the bad sense of the word.

Panic attacks suffering a lot of people (mostly young people), and many of them get well. It's like a headache: either you have these attacks or they do not. No more, no less. You can so it is fine to know, I say this just in case, because these words reminded me of the time when I started the first attacks.

The first attacks

When did the first attack, I was scared and could not understand what was happening to me. I remember this sudden appearance of uncontrollable, pointless fear of the animal in the middle of the night. Then it seemed that the heart will jump out of his chest. Panic has completely paralyzed me. After it passed, left an unpleasant aftertaste of anxiety. I am calmed by the fact that this is an isolated case and it will likely not happen again.

The second and third bouts ended that hope. I was scared not only out of fear during the time of the attacks, and due to the fact that I could not understand their nature. I didn't know about the existence of such a phenomenon as "panic disorder". I don't know what has happened to me and was very alarmed. I felt like I was gradually losing my mind and losing control over your mind.

Well, if someone told me then that it's just a very common disease, and it does not fall into madness, I would have been easier to move the first PA.

But all ended well. I suffered from seizures for 4 years. Then I completely forgot about them. I got rid of panic attacks without resorting to any medication. How I did it, I'll tell you in this article.

To begin, I will state my opinion about the nature of panic attacks. I believe that if you want to get rid of them, you first need to know the enemy face, to have an idea of all the tricks and sneaky techniques. So I will begin with a General view of the problem, and then have practical advice on how to get rid of PA and how to stop an anxiety attack.

Know need it. And not so much to increase the level of erudition, but in order to lead you to the correct perception of panic attacks. I hope you will feel better knowing that these attacks are simply the result of an artless brain biochemistry, the mechanism of which is similar to a release of adrenaline and bring the body in "combat readiness" in the face of danger. This is much better than to see panic attacks symptoms work with your subconscious, the consequences of childhood traumas and fears that have settled somewhere deep inside.

Fear is an illusion You have to understand that the fear which is born in you during attacks, is the result of the release of certain chemicals in your brain. And all your accompanying fears that you will go crazy or fall into a swoon or even die — simply a consequence of these mechanisms, they do not belong to any real danger, I assure you.

Heavily drunk person may feel that he is able to demonstrate the wonders of martial arts or to captivate any woman. His arrogance is only the result of his intoxication and does not reflect his actual personal qualities. If, after a bottle of whiskey he thinks he can knock out Mike Tyson, this does not mean that he really can do it.

If during an attack you think that you will lose control, go crazy, die, this does not mean that it will happen. Fear during attacks the same illusion as the arrogance of a drunkard. With you nothing could happen. From panic attacks no one has died and not go crazy.

Physiology of panic attack After the sudden fear release adrenaline, which causes a reaction from the nervous system, the so-called response of "run-or-fight." This response prepares your body for vigorous activity. This leads to an increased heart rate (tachycardia), intensive breathing (hyperventilation), and sweating (which can cause the chills).

Hyperventilation leads to lower level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the lungs and then in the blood.This leads to spikes in the level of acidity in the blood (pH), which can cause symptoms such as dizziness, numbness or tingling of the extremities.

Simply put, a panic attack is nothing like a manifestation of fear without its source, as if we have gone too far with the sensitivity setting of the fire alarm in the room and it would itself at any random time. Similar happens with us, the body begins to sound the alarm without apparent reason.

Some people, of course, a panic attack is triggered by some event in the external world, e.g. it starts in the subway or on the plane. But still the principle does not: the body is too sensitive to some things and "includes" panic mode.

That's the way our body. The response, "run or fight", which is the basis of panic attacks were instilled in us by evolution, so we can survive in case of danger. Obviously, with panic attacks has been a failure in this mechanism, and it starts, then when it is not necessary, that's all.

Psychology of a panic attack The next step on the way to "know your enemy in the face" is understanding the "psychology" of a panic attack, that owing to some psychological reasons it occurs. A panic attack it is a kind of "parasite." This statement should not just to understand. PA is not a living organism, so the word "parasite" in quotes. It's just a comparison to facilitate understanding. Like any other parasite, a panic attack is due to your energy resources, emotions, fears and feeds them. It's like a feedback system.

In short, these attacks are characterized not only by sudden panic it is not clear for what reason, but the fact that during these attacks bloom and other fears and anxieties, which further enhance the attack. For example, you begin to feel that you will lose your mind, lose control or die, you start to turn this ball of anxiety in my head, and it produces new fears: you think you have a serious disease, you will never be cured, it will stay with you forever, etc. etc. that makes you even worse, all the symptoms of a panic attack become stronger. After it was finally passed you don't feel better, and live in expectation of new attacks of the PA. And fear that the PA be repeated provokes new PA!

Do you understand? It turns out that the PA mechanism in your body triggers only the initial impetus of the chain of physiological reactions (adrenaline, increased heart rate, etc.), and all the rest of the "work" you do! How? You begin to fear, and to provoke the emergence of new fears, wound up, worried about health. Thus, you create fertile ground for the emergence of panic attacks. They are like parasites feed on your fears, without which they will either weaken and will be much easier to move or disappear altogether.

This is a key point in understanding the nature of panic attacks and in getting rid of them! This understanding allowed me to get rid of them. Now I will consider different methods of dealing with the PA and evaluate the effectiveness of each of them as a particular example, and in General.

To begin, I will talk about the treatment panic attacks, how to get rid of this problem forever. And then I turn to "online" methods, which will help quickly to stop the PA in case of its occurrence.

Related panic attacks symptoms The insidiousness of panic attacks is that they bring a lot of discomfort, which would seem to not be attributed to the panic attacks. So people begin to fear that in addition to the panic disorder they have a lot of diseases. I often get comments like: "Nikolay, in addition to panic attacks I feel as though with me something not as if I look at the world through the haze".

I also had these symptoms, which disappeared along with the PA. On the basis of their own experience and based on the feedback of many readers I came to the conclusion, about the relationship of these symptoms with panic disorder. I decided to list them under this paragraph, to those who read this article didn't invent a new disease and not worried about these symptoms. Some of them I had, at that time, when I suffered PA.

  • A feeling of unreality. Feeling as if the signals from the outside world reach late. Kind of like looking at the world through a haze. I had. Went along with PA.
  • Increased blood pressure. I had. Went along with PA.
  • Feeling like fainting. The ambient sounds around are distorted. I had. Went along with PA.
  • It is difficult to hold the gaze on a single object. Look eternally "jumps". I had. Went along with PA.
  • The fear to die. Fear of going crazy. The feeling that you may lose control and hurt yourself or loved ones. I had. Went along with PA.
  • Acceleration of the heartbeat. I had. Went along with PA.
  • Sleeping problem. Sharp high frequency sound in ears when falling asleep. A dramatic awakening in which there is a sensation as if falling. Literally "shakes out of sleep." Frightening images in my head while falling asleep. I had. Went along with PA.
  • A fear to swallow food. Was or have several readers who left comments.
If you see these symptoms, do not worry. You are a sick, schizophrenic or psychotic. These effects are observed in many people with PA and also saw me. If you have other symptoms on a background of panic disorder and I do not have listed, anyway, do not be afraid.

Panic attacks manifest themselves in different ways. Some people fear to die of a heart attack, while others lose their appetite, others are afraid to go to the metro, the fourth fear of global disaster, the fifth is hard to swallow…

PA amplify your hidden fears and phobias and form a new one. What exactly will be these fears, the fear of public transportation or in constant anxiety for his life — depends on the person. If you have due to the PA woke up some unknown phobia, no need to think that you have some kind of a unique case requiring a unique approach. (though go to the doctor and make sure you have no other disease, the weight, highly recommend!) Your colleagues in misfortune, it is not only those who are experiencing the same fear, that all those who suffer from PA! No matter what exactly is your phobia, it is important that it comes from PA and requires a therapeutic approach applicable to PA.

That is all the advice in this article is suitable for anyone suffering from PAS, as if a panic attack in his particular case would neither showed!

I added this item 04.10.2013. I hope this information will help people to worry less and eliminate some questions.

Methods of getting rid of panic attacks forever"Treatment" panic attack pills I think it's just because of the fact that I took the word treated in quotes, you have understood my attitude to the use of antidepressants or tranquilizers when getting rid of PA. You ask me whether, in the first place, to take a course of tablets panic attacks? In any case, I will answer! (As well as depression, chronic nervousness, etc.)

I am convinced that panic attacks are a complex of causes. Such reasons are, for example, susceptibility to stress, volitelnost, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, emotional hypersensitivity, fine mental organization. A panic attack is not the consequences of emotional trauma, as such, it is the result of how you survive these injuries. In short, the causes of PA are as in the psychological aspects of personality and the physiological state of the organism. The likelihood of PAS a function of the inverse of the overall state of your health: mental and physical.

And any treatment involves getting rid of the causes of disease, otherwise you can only talk about withdrawal symptoms. It is this "temporary" and unreliable solution is the pill, while ignoring the complex of measures to work on yourself! Unless tablets can solve the problem of your health? No, they will only give relief for some time. Previously, we found that the PA feed on your fears and can only exist when you give a course of these fears. Can pills to teach you how to control your fear and to stand up to him? No doubt they will choke, but is it the solution? You don't learn how to manage!

Even if the medical "treatment" will give results, what will happen if the PA return? And suddenly again, emotional trauma, and suddenly the stress? Will again take the course? And suddenly it's already the second time will be ineffective? Another course of tablets? What if he will not help? That's a lot of these "what if" makes you completely helpless in the face of new panic attacks, because relying on pills as an easy and instant "solutions" to the problem PA, you have become dependent on such decisions! You no longer depend on anything, it is all about only then, would a new course of antidepressants the desired effect or not, if you have to relive the trauma or not.

You become like the gambler in a casino when his winning and losing is decided only by luck. And when you do not decide, you begin to fear new attacks, as provided their emergence to chance.

Of course the pill is the fastest and easiest way if you are a supporter of only such methods, you can now close this article, as it will focus on proven methods with long lasting results! Methods that will allow you not only to get rid of causes of panic attacks, but will not fear of their recurrence! But of course it's not as easy as to go to the doctor and ask him to prescribe you pills. In the case of treatment with preparations easier for you and the doctor will not have you tormented.

Of course it's not just the doctors. I already wrote in another article about the fact that people who are exclusively looking for easy, quick, albeit unreliable solutions to their problems. Therefore, doctors give them what they came for.

Of course, the tablets should be used only in the case when not helped the rest of what I'll discuss below. Or use them only in combination with other natural methods of getting rid of PA (sport, therapy, exercise), some medicines to be limited in any case impossible! And generally better to do without them as I did. Don't forget: antidepressants and tranquilizers are very harmful, and the first generally poorly understood. Also tablets can cause strong dependence from which it is difficult to get rid of. This is the last resort in this case, in my opinion.

6 best antidote to panic There are 6 the best antidote to panic:

Knowledge Relaxation the Mindfulness Acceptance observation of a Lack of effort. published Author: Nikolai Perov

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