Panic attacks— how to overcome

Have you ever felt a bout of fear of losing consciousness? When suddenly it becomes difficult to breathe, there is dizziness, disturbed heart rhythm, increased blood pressure. This bouquet adds a number of unpleasant symptoms (chest pain, shaking, sweating, tingling in the hands and feet).

If such as you never felt, then you are a happy person and do not belong to those 10% of people who from time to time suffer from this ailment, without thinking about the fact that such attacks occur due to certain reasons.

A panic attack with all its symptoms is called a panic attack.

What can cause panic attacks? Modern life, with its daily struggle for survival creates conditions for the formation of prolonged stress, which reduce immunity, weaken the nervous system and lead to the violation of all internal processes. With this load can handle every organism, and therefore, there is a panic attack, which is always accompanied by a huge release of blood adrenaline, a natural stimulant, which causes characteristic changes in the vital organs and systems.

Panic attacks are not life threatening, but they cause a fear of repetition and deprive a person of a restful and relaxing activities, communication in a team, forcing them to avoid those situations in which occurred the crisis. If you can't handle yourself in a crisis situation, then you should seek help from a psychologist.

How you can cope with a panic attack? Firstly, you should calm down and even cry. This may be the infusion of Valerian or Novopassit. Next, try one of the following steps (to go outside where a lot of people, to go to bed and listen to soft music to distract any job around the house, ventilate the area, to play sports, go to the theater). In this situation, helps swimming.

If you try to use one of these tools, you will find that this method works. This tactic not only makes to suppress depression, and also make it repeat rare, and in consequence at all to negate.

A panic attack lasts only a few minutes. The more you tense about your condition, the greater will be its duration.

When the crisis passes, think that it is time to change something in your life for the better, in particular to reconsider their attitude to problems, their environment and much more.

We should start with a revision of the daily routine, where physical or mental stress should be alternated with rest and sleep. Fresh air, exercise, contrast showers, breathing exercises, relaxation, healthy diet and prescription of the therapist, combined with the right regime will save forever from the power of indefinite fears and unpredictable panic attacks.



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