The legend of Hyperborea

"Atlantis is not the only mythical continent, legends which fueled all sorts of paleogenetics and occult theory. You can remember Lemuria, Mu, Thule and Hyperborea. For the Russian esoteric special importance has always had Hyperborea - it is often called the North Atlantis or even the Russian Atlantis.»

"The word means those Hyperboreans, who live beyond the Boreas (North wind), or just those who live in the North. On the Hyperboreans were reported by many ancient authors. „

When you read about Hyperborea in the writings of one of the most famous scientists of the Ancient world — Pliny the Elder, one might think that we are talking about real-life country near the Arctic circle:

“These [the Riphean mountains], on the other side of Aquilonia, happy people (if you can believe it) called Hyperboreans, reaches very old age and glorified wonderful legends. Believe that there are loops of the world and the extreme limits of handling bodies, the Sun is shining there for six months, and this is only one day when the sun is not hidden (as I would think the uninitiated) from spring equinox to autumn.

Seventy seven million six hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred nineteen

"Modern scholars, however doubt this, pointing out that the legend of Hyperborea and the Hyperboreans came from the myth of Apollo and, therefore, it is possible to speak only about of some imaginary country where everything is arranged better and more correct than ours. "

The fact that the ancient Hyperborea was rather a fiction and a kind of utopia, and indicates the presence of a huge number of fantastic details. Timage told that Hyperborea is the copper rain drops that are collected and used as coins. Gekata reports that the Moon in Hyperborea is quite a short distance from the Ground and it even shows some projections of the Earth. The satirist Lucian adds to the already established picture a few amazing touches:

I believed it absolutely impossible to believe them, and yet the first time I saw a flying alien, barbarian, — he called himself the Hyperboreans — I believed and was defeated, though long resisted. And what, indeed, could I do when in my eyes the day the man rushed in front of me in the air, walked on water and slow pace made the walk through the fire? — Have you seen this? — I asked — seen flying and standing on the water of the Hyperboreans? 'Of course,' replied CLADEM, the Hyperboreans had even ordinary leather shoes. Of things he was showing, not talking, as he was filled with the love of desire, called out the spirits, caused long-buried dead, made visible even Hecate and brought the moon from the sky.

The flight of the Hyperboreans are quite common in the materials that are associated with the legend of the land of Apollo. It has enabled the modern paleofarsalos to the conclusion that the people of Hyperborea at least possessed of aviation technology. Somehow, these figures do not leave the ancient Greeks (and especially satirist Luciano!) the rights to the fiction and forget that the Hellenic mythology is downright infested with flying creatures that go without technology.

The Expedition Of Alexander Barchenko

In Soviet Russia the belief in the existence of Atlantis North supported scientist with occult inclinations Alexander Barchenko.

"In 1920 Barchenko was invited to the performance with the scientific report, the Spirit of the ancient teachings in the field of view of modern science at the conference of the Petrograd Institute for the study of brain and mental activity (the Brain Institute). There fate brought him to another wonderful and talented person, academician Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev.»

"January 30, 1920, at the meeting of the Academic Institute conference, on the proposal of academician spondylitis Barchenko Alexander was elected to the Academic conference in Murmansk and sent to Lapland to study the mysterious disease Maracana, most often manifested in the district of Lovozero. „

Lovozero is located in the heart of the Kola Peninsula, and stretches from North to South. Around the tundra, swampland, taiga, in some places, a hill. In winter, there reigns deaf and icy polar night. In the summer the sun never sets. The life glimmers only in the small villages and the camps in which they live Lapps. They foraged fishing and herding reindeer.

It was here, in this frozen desert edge, common and unusual disease called Maracana (or Arctic hysteria). It affects not only the natives, but newcomers. This particular state like mass psychosis that is usually manifested during spravleniya shamanistic rituals, but sometimes can occur spontaneously. Affected marakanam people are starting to repeat each other's movements, to fully perform any command.

“Russian scientists, including Vladimir Bekhterev, was paid to maracena attention in the late nineteenth century. Appearing from time to time the publication of a strange disease may have been known and Barchenko. In any case, he unhesitatingly accepted a tempting offer spondylitis.»

Barchenko has been in the North for about two years. He worked at the biological station in the Murman — studied marine algae with a view to their use as feed for cattle and small cattle. Led work on the extraction of agar-agar from red algae. Served as head of the Murmansk marine Institute of local history — studied past the edge, the life and beliefs of the Lapps. This was part of preparation for the expedition into the depths of the Kola Peninsula.

"This expedition, equipped at the initiative of the Murmansk province economic meeting (Provincial economic meeting), began in August 1922. Participation with scientists adopted his three companions: his wife Natalia, Secretary Julia Strutinsky and student Lydia Shishelova-Markov, as well as specially arrived from Petrograd, Semenov reporter and astronomer Alexander Kondiain (Candiani), representing also the society the World around.»

The main objective of the expedition was to survey the area around Lovozero churchyard inhabited by the Lapps, or Saami. Here was the center of Russian Lapland, have been studied by scientists.

"In the beginning of the expedition, during the transition to Lovozero, the participants met in the forest rather strange monument — a massive rectangular granite stone. All struck the correct form of the stone, and the compass showed also that it is focused on countries of the world. Further Barchenko found that although the Lapps polls profess the Orthodox faith, in secret they worship the Sun God and offer up the bloodless sacrifice stone blocks-menhirs, in their own tongue — Sadam.»

Crossing on a sailing boat in the Lovozero, the expedition moved on towards the nearby seidozero, the sacred revered. It led to a cut in the taiga often direct a clearing, overgrown with moss and shrubs. At the top of the glade, where they were both Lovozero and seidozero, lay another rectangular stone.

Alexander Kondiain wrote in his diary:

"This place is visible on one side in Lovozero island — Horn island, which alone Loparskaya wizards could step. There lay the deer antler. If the sorcerer will stir the horns, the storm on the lake. At the other side opposite the steep rocky shore of seidozero, but on these rocks is quite clearly visible huge, with Isaac's Cathedral, the figure. The outlines of her dark, as if carved in stone. The figure in the pose Padmasana. A photograph taken from this coast, it could easily distinguish.»

The expedition spent the night on the shore of seidozero in one of Loparskaya tents. The next morning we decided to sail up to the cliff to get a better view of the mysterious figure, but the Lapps refused to give up the boat.

"In all, seidozero travelers spent about a week. During this time they became friends with the Lapps, and they showed them one of the underground tunnels. However, to penetrate into the dungeon and failed, since it turned out to be littered the ground.»

"To have survived the pages of the Astronomical diary Alexander Condiin with a story about one day of the expedition, which deserves to quote it entirely:»

"10/IX. Aged. On white, as though cleared a background resembling a cleared place on a rock in Motovskoy the lip stands a giant figure resembling the dark contours of his person. Motovsky lip amazing Grand beautiful. It is necessary to imagine a narrow corridor of 2-3 miles wide, bounded on the right and left of the giant cliffs, up to 1 mile tall. The isthmus between these mountains which ends in the lip, Poros wonderful forest, spruce — luxurious, slim, tall, up to 5-6 fathoms, thick, like taiga spruce. All around the mountain. Autumn had painted the slopes, interspersed with larch stained gray-green, bright kuschami birch, aspen, alder

"The sun shone a vivid picture of the Northern autumn. Standing on the shore 2 tower, in which live the Lapps, vasilyuhina to fish with churchyard. Them just as Lovozero and Seidozero, about 15 people. We, as always, warmly received and treated to dry and cooked fish. After eating, I struck up an interesting conversation. By all indications we got in the living environment gray life. The Lapps are quite the children of nature. Wonderfully combine Christian faith and beliefs of antiquity. Us heard legends among them live a bright life. The old man they fear and revere."

"About deer horns afraid to say. Women can not even leave the island — do not like horns. Generally, they are afraid to give out their secrets and say with great reluctance on their sanctuaries, pleading ignorance. Here lives the old witch, the wife of the sorcerer, who died 15 years ago, whose brother, still very old man, sings and satanstoe on SBA-lake. Who knew about the old Danilov speak with reverence and fear that he could cure disease, to inflict damage, to let go of the weather, but he took a Deposit from the Swedes (or rather, Chud) for deer, cheated customers, i.e. was, apparently, more powerful sorcerer by sending them crazy.»

Current Lapps have several other type. One of them has some traits of the Aztecs, another Mongol. Women with prominent cheekbones, slightly flattened nose and widely spaced eyes. Children are little different from the Russian type. The Lapps live a lot poorer undinskiye. A lot of their offense, and Russians and Izhma. Almost all of them illiterate. Gentleness of character, honesty, hospitality, pure child's soul — that's what distinguishes the Lapps.

"In the evening after a brief rest went to seidozero. Unfortunately, we arrived after sunset. Giant gorge was closed by a blue haze. The outlines of the old Man stand out in the white mountains. To the lake leads through the taybola luxurious trail. Everywhere wide road, it even seems that it is paved. At the end of the road is a small elevation. All the evidence suggests that in ancient times this grove was protected and exaltation in the end of the road served as a kind of altar-an altar in front of the Man.»

"The weather changed, the wind picked up, clouds gathered. Had to wait a storm. At about 11 o'clock I returned to the shore. The noise of the wind and rapids of the river merged into the General buzz among the looming dark nights. The moon rose over the lake. Mountain dressed enchanting wild night. Approaching the tower, I startled our hostess. She took me by the old Man and let out a terrible cry, and stopped dead. Hardly reassured her. After supper, we normally lay down to sleep. Luxury Northern lights illuminated the mountains, competing with the moon.»

"On the way back Barchenko and his companions tried again to take a tour of the forbidden Warrior island. The boy, son of a local priest, agreed to take the expedition on a sailboat. But as soon as they approach the island, as a strong wind picked up, drove a sailboat and broke the mast. Eventually the travelers arrived to a tiny, completely naked island, where they are shivering from the cold, and spent the night. And in the morning already at the oars somehow made it to Lovozersky.»

"Members of the Lapland expedition returned to Petrograd in late autumn of 1922. 29 Nov condiin spoke at a meeting of the geographical section of the society World a report on the results of his trip, which was called In the country of fairy tales and wizards. In it, he talked about expedition amazing finds showing, in his opinion, that the locals Lapps are descended from some more ancient cultural race. „

“And after a time, the Petrograd Newspapers published a sensational interview with the leader of the expedition and images of the mysterious monuments of ancient Lappish culture. „

“Prof. Barchenko have revealed the remains of ancient cultures, Dating back to the period of the ancient than the era of the birth of the Egyptian civilization, — have informed readers of the Krasnaya Gazeta of 19 February 1923. „

The Expedition Of Arnold Kolbanovskii

“Despite the huge public interest in the discoveries made by the expedition Barchenko, almost immediately there were skeptics. In the summer of 1923 one of the doubters, one Arnold Kolbanovskii, organized his own expedition to the area of Lovozero in order to personally verify the existence of monuments of ancient civilization.»

"Together with Kolbanovskii in protected places he went and a group of objective observers — the Chairman of the Lovozero Executive Committee, his Secretary and township police. The first thing Kolbanovskii tried to get to the enchanted Horn island. On the evening of 3 July a group of brave travelers, in spite of the spells, waded through Lovozero and landed on Horn island. One and a half hour survey its territory, however, did not give any results. „

“On the island, storms felled trees, wild, no idols no — clouds of mosquitoes. Tried to find the enchanted deer antlers that have — according to legends, Lapp, Laplander — drowned the advancing Swedes. These horns give the weather on anyone who tries to approach the island with bad intentions (and surveys), especially for women. „

The trip report says nothing about whether it was possible Kolanowska to find at least one of these relics.

“At night, so as not to attract attention to themselves, the party moved to a nearby Seidozero. Examined the enigmatic figure of an old Man — it became clear that it is nothing like the dark layer is eroded in a cliff that resembles in its form the likeness of a human figure. „

“But there were still a stone pyramid that served as one of the main arguments in favor of the existence of an ancient civilization. Of this marvelous monument of antiquity Kolbanovskii and went. And again the bad: came close. Eyes had an ordinary stone swelling on a mountain top.»

"Insights Kolbanovskii, debunked all the discoveries of Alexander Barchenko was published immediately after the expedition of the Murmansk newspaper Polyarnaya Pravda. The newspaper in its comments quite sarcastically described the message Barchenko as hallucinations, listed under the guise of the new Atlantis in the minds of gullible citizens of the mountains. Petrograd's.»

Expedition Valery Demin

"In our time, exactly 75 years after Barchenko, Lovozero an expedition Hyperborea-97 headed by doctor of philosophical Sciences Valery Demin. „

“The main purpose of the expedition Demina was not only to confirm or refute these Barchenko, but to find traces of ancestral home of mankind — Hyperborea. In his report of the expedition included a part in the book Secrets of the Russian people (1999), Demin writes the following: „

“... And here I am on the ancient Hyperborean land, in the heart of the Kola Peninsula. The road across the isthmus stretches straight to the sacred Sami Seidozero. It is as if paved: rare stones and plates are neatly recessed into the taiga soil. How many thousands of years go by her people? Or, perhaps, tens of thousands of years? Hello, Hyperborea! I say. Hello, the dawn of world civilization! Left, right filled with myriads of rubies, the red bilberry. Exactly 75 years ago, there was a detachment Barchenko-Condiin. Toward the unknown. Now go we — expedition Hyperborea-97, four.»

"Wildlife places. Snowman? Yes it is there who has not encountered, says conductor Ivan Mikhailovich Galkin. — Last year very close to the kids scared to death: chased into the hut but still in the Windows and doors all night jostled. While huntsmen in the morning had not come. But did not fire — a man's... Later the same was confirmed by the professionals for many years-chasing the relict hominoid. And my grandmother-laparka responded quite simply: Yes, my father is one such for many years were fed.»

Even short seidozero see on the side of well-hewn stone. It hardly exude mysterious writings — a Trident and a scythe cross. <...>

So, seidozero — calm, majestic and unique in its Northern beauty. On the ridges of the mountains loomed lonely Seid — Saami sacred stones-menhirs. <...>

"If you climb higher into the mountains and wander through the rocks and scree, you will see a pyramid, skilfully built of stones. Everywhere a lot of them. Previously, they were also lower in the lake, but was destroyed (dismantled stone by stone) somewhere in the 20-30-ies, during the struggle with the remnants of the dark past. Likewise were obliterated and others Loparskaya sanctuary are made of deer antlers. <...>»

Our first goal (while the Sun favors photos) — giant humanoid image on a steep rock on the opposite side, stretched for 10 kilometers of the lake. Black, who was tragically frozen figure with a cross outstretched hands. The size can only be determined by eye, comparing with the height of the surrounding mountains marked on the map: 70 meters, and that and more. To get to the image in an almost completely vertical granite plane except that with a special climbing equipment.

In a frontal sunlight, a mysterious figure is visible already from afar. Less than half way it clearly from different angles appears before astonished eyes in all its mysterious incomprehensibility. The closer to the rock, the grander the spectacle. No one knows and understands how and when appeared in the center of Russian Lapland giant petroglyph. And if it is generally regarded as a petroglyph? According to the Saami legend, this is Kuiva, the leader of the treacherous foreigners, which was nearly destroyed trusting and loving the Lapps. But the Saami shaman-Noida called on the spirits and stopped the invasion of the invaders, and Koivu drew in the shadow on the rock. <..>

"And the next day (this happened on 9 August 1997) Russian officer Igor Fights, climbing the mountain Noncourt (Female Breasts) to the languages still not melted snow, halfway to the top found the ruins of Hyperborea! A cultural hearth, weathered, half buried in rocky soil and a thousandfold protogenia the icings and avalanches. Cyclopean ruins. The remains of fortifications. Giant hewn plates of regular geometric shape. The steps leading to nowhere (in fact we just don't know where they were twenty years ago). Wall with cuts clearly anthropogenic origin. Ritual well. The page stone of the manuscript with the sign of a Trident and a flower resembling the Lotus (same exact sign was on casertana the mascot of the expedition Barchenko-Condiin, but, unfortunately, in the vaults of the Murmansk Museum of local lore traces of the relics were found).»

"And finally, perhaps the most impressive find. The remains of an ancient Observatory (and it's in a deserted mountains in the Arctic circle!) with a 15-metre chute that leads up to the sky, to the stars, with two viewfinders — the top and bottom...»

"Thus, the expedition Hyperborea-97 was confirmed and captured on film open Alexander Barchenko artifacts: the two-kilometer paved road leading across the isthmus from Lovozero to Seidozero, pyramidal stones, a picture of a giant black figure on the cliff. At the same time, members of this new expedition has done and some of their own discoveries. For example, they found a kind of structure resembling the remains of an ancient Observatory… „

The truth about Hyperborea

“Almost every summer to the Lovozero sent dozens of curious with the intent to find traces of the mythical Hyperboreans. Local authorities are unhappy with the influx of crazy tourists in goszakaznik, seidozero, even in the summer of 2000, invited from Moscow, four doctors of science — biological, technical, geological and military — and asked to find out how things are going with the Hyperborea. „

Here is what one of the members of this expedition:

“ I confess I'm a dreamer and, of course, would very much like to see the traces of the proto. When I reached the isthmus between the Lovozero and Seidozero and through the gold of the birch trees I saw the road of huge slabs, the remains of some cyclopean structures, mysterious arches, underground passages, I was shocked. Well, how, pray tell, it all come to be in remote and deserted place? For some time I believed — Yes, it really may be the remains of an ancient civilization! But alas... Even signs of Hyperborea we, with all diligence not found. „

“With a thorough familiarity with the terrain immediately became clear how the road was formed of huge slabs. The fact that the mountain range here is composed of graphite schist. In ancient times, rocks in the eroded rock, in cracks got water, gradually villaveces flat geometric blocks that slid off the slope. These units, napola on one another, slipping down to the bottom of the lake, and formed a road. If you look closely at the rock slope, there are traces of the Congress of these units.»

We reached the hundred-meter image of God and the Seer (its other name — the Running man) and angry. Two breaks (vertical and horizontal) in cliff above them ground, overgrown with moss, — from afar, in the presence of the imagination they really can be mistaken for a human figure with a halo over his head. But up close it is clear that this is a system of cracks, it is a natural phenomenon, not manmade or alien.

We visited on the island of Horny, penetration which allegedly threatens the death of ordinary people. Since ancient times, there are shamans conducted rituals, and to outsiders did not climb here, spread rumors about taboo. But exalted intellectuals who believe in the proto, magical powers are really starting to flutter close to the ground. On our expedition's stay on the island not affected.

The Hyperboreans were described to us his encounters with Sasquatch. According to them, a huge, five-metre high, hairy humanoid creature from time to time galloping along the shore of Lovozero, gugala and uttering cries.

"We found this Bigfoot, talked. Leshak was scrawny local kid. Life in those places can not be called fun, so he came up with something fun. Made from deerskin robe and a white night, taking on his chest, happy to be worn at the lake (via coastal water, not to leave traces), causing astonishment among visitors. „

It is known that the Lovozero repeatedly dying kayakers, but there is no reason to associate their deaths with some mystical phenomena. The weather in these parts can change within a few minutes, the lake suddenly rises high, up to five meters, wave. The locals know that it may be wave, but I don't know at what point it rises, but because they never go on a visually accessible way. They go close to the shore, over a secure channel. And give the visitors space. Here in their frail canoes they fall under this wave, roll over. No inflatable vest in this situation will not rescue. In the wilderness come to the aid of no one, and in the icy water the man would not last long. <...>

“The visions that visited the Hyperboreans, during meditation, in the places selected by shamans for ritual, then, according to the authoritative statement of the natives, supplying visitors of alcohol, after three bottles of vodka, maybe even a dreamed… „

These observations only confirm the old truth that everyone sees only what he wants to see. Fans ideas Barchenko, developed Demin, see traces of civilization there, where they never had...


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