Dr. Pel and "Tower of Griffins"

William Poel - the famous pharmacist, who in his spare time was fond of alchemy.
"Griffins Tower" - one of the unique attractions of St. Petersburg. Located in the courtyard of the pharmacy Pel and his sons at the 7th line of Vasilevsky Island, the house 16.

This place is not included in tourist guides, for him not to lead tours, because of her few know. The height of it is about 11 meters and a diameter of about 2 meters.

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The history of the place, which will be discussed, has its origins in 1820, when the German Glentser founded his pharmacy business, located on Vasilevsky Island, exactly at the corner of 7th Avenue and the Grand Line. Pharmacy XIX century. - It is not only the drugs trade but also its production department for the production of medicines, and often its own chemical laboratory and a library of pharmacy.

But the real magnitude was achieved only under the following host - in 1848 William Erdenfrid Pel buys pharmacy, founding thus known in St. Petersburg pharmaceutical dynasty. Even when his son, Vasily Wilhelm, on the facade of house number 16 on the 7th line appears honorary certificate of high-level pharmacy - plaque announcing that the institution of these things is the "supplier of the court of His Imperial Majesty." When it also appears that most chemical laboratory, equipped with the latest of the time.

Houses 16 and 18 got one in the spirit of the north facade of Art Nouveau, with mosaic signs "T of Prof. Dr. Pel and Sons", still attracts the looks of passers. Thank Petersburg pharmacist has gone far beyond the northern capital, its glass vessels for aseptic storage of liquid drug solutions have survived under the name "ampoule", have become a real breakthrough in the former pharmacy. And the famous "Essence spermine Pel" ads which promise guaranteed to get rid of "senility, impotence, consequences of drinking, cachexy and exhaustion", as once done in the capital a lot of noise, echo, which could be heard even in Europe.

That's when Alexander Vasilevich pharmacy at the 7th line taking shape, more or less familiar to modern Petersburgers. He for his medical and chemical experiments and extends the chemical laboratory, equipping it low, thickset brick chimney under a tin roof. It is not entirely clear Ludu construction and created many urban legends, firmly entered the mythology of St. Petersburg.

Here are some of the legends of occurrence of "Tower Griffin»

1. William Poel - the famous pharmacist, who in his spare time was fond of alchemy, the findings in this tube griffins. According to legend, when the Griffins at midnight unseen flock to its nest in the tower, they could see the reflection in the windows of neighboring houses. The numbers on the bricks - this is the encrypted code of the universe. Whoever perechtet all the numbers on the tower, sulilos fulfillment of desires or immortality.

2. Another legend says that under the "Tower Griffin" was a cellar bomb shelter for the residents of the neighboring houses, and the tower itself - a way out of it. But this legend is still hardly has the right to life and totally unconvincing.

3. The third most convincing legend: "Griffins' tower" - is not nothing but a pipe chemical laboratory for experiments.

Over time, the idea of ​​people's stepped on. Rumors of the city legends absolutely incredible, especially after became ownerless and useless after the chemical laboratory of the Revolution was demolished, and the tower was left standing in the yard outlandish fragment of the past life.

The most famous legend of the tower in the courtyard of "communal pharmacy №13» (as a former pharmacy was called Pel in Soviet times), still besets the minds of states that live in the tower (kind of like today) monstrous creations of medical research doctor Pel - fruit crossing a lion with an eagle, the mythical griffins. Those who fear the sunlight, the days they spend in the darkness of a mysterious tower and emerge at night to hunt, and the ominous shadows of wandering on the facades of neighboring houses.

Over time, the city of the famous pharmacy, until his last days kept strictly elegant furniture of the XIX century. - Alas - closed. They say, for the reconstruction, but the gap between the entrance door is visible panorama of utter defeat, without any trace of creativity.

And only the numbers on the bricks - Alchemist "code of the Universe" - continue to be updated regularly. And the most mysterious way.

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I'd add a few words ... I saw her, unfortunately, I discovered that the ancient legend uncovered by local physicians and mathematicians, and is fixed to the famous tower. Well, we can only applaud standing.

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