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Our interest in the future usually turned on machinery, electronics, scientific discoveries, development of previously inaccessible spaces, changes in the social order, and the like. But somehow we lose sight of a very important and integral part of our future life - the game. Old games change, there will be new, not even exist in the theory of varieties. For example, who could have predicted the year so in 1950 the emergence of online shooters? And now these are addicted to tens of millions of people around the world.

But still a no-no, but will fly any curious invented the game in the next sci-fi movie or book. And it is possible that someday we will really play it. And in the future Demotivators about character write: "The game of Quidditch even before it became mainstream».

In this article, we decided not to mention the already trite games based on virtual reality. All kinds of race on futuristic vehicles too is unlikely anyone is interested. Another thing - board games; and it is dedicated to this post.

Tall Card

Probably one of the fans of the series Firefly (Firefly) will remember this game. In this strange cosmic-fruit poker played in the fourth episode, and the losers were Simon. Rules of the game in the film were not disclosed. But fans of the series have come up with their own, which led to the release of Tall Card sale .


In one of the epic fantasy book "Dune" by Frank Herbert mentioned pyramidal chess called "Cheops". Here the playing field includes 9 levels, components, you guessed it, a pyramid. The game has a dual purpose: it is necessary to put his queen in the top of the pyramid and give a check opponent's king.


At the beginning of the two thousandth filmed adventure fiction series Farscape ( Farscape ), having held the 4 seasons. In the 12th episode of the first season (starting at 10:04) was shown a board game Tadek, something similar to chess. Game pieces were composed of crystals, which are a form of currency in the series. The playing field is a square, it is divided into sectors. During cell changes color moves. Also, in certain situations include plasma balls.

Snakes and chanterelles

This game is found in the book fantasy series « Wheel of Time » (The Wheel of Time) writer Robert Jordan. Passages which somehow describes the game "Snakes and chanterelles," do not allow to recover to within gameplay. Although in any book or movie fully lined invented rules of the game? That's what they say about it in the text:

Spoiler leaning on his elbow, Matt followed the game of snakes and foxes, spread out on the floor of the tent. Sometimes with his chin dripped a drop of sweat - it's good that not on the game board. However, in reality it was not a board, lined with black ink a piece of red cloth. Arrows specify which lines can only go in one direction, and from what - in both. Ten round pieces of light wood with painted black triangle means chanterelles, and ten of the same, but with wavy lines - snakes. Two lamps that burned on both sides of the board, given enough light.

- At this time we do win, Matt. - Voice Olvera sounded excited. - Make sure you win, you'll see.

- It may be, - said Matt. Two of their chips - each with black spots - were already far from the center circle, but now had to roll the dice for the snakes and foxes. Usually they are in the best case, able to put on the outside edge only. - Shake the dice.

Matt himself is not even touched the circle with the bones, outsource it Olvera, for it is not going to waste your luck on the children's game. Grinning, Olver shook leather cup and threw his father made wooden dice. Counting glasses guy groaned. Three dice fell face marked with a triangle, and three - wavy lines. So, they have to move the shortest path snakes and foxes to their own chips, and if the course of chanterelles or snake ended in your field ...

Snake beat chip Olvera, chanterelle - Matt chip. And, as I could see Matt, the next move two snakes caught up his chips.

He knew that as long as you follow the rules to win in this childish game is impossible. When Olver matures, he also understands this and, like all children, simply throw senseless fun. Game - a game, but Matt still became uncomfortable when fox, and especially the snake eating its chip. This raised the not too pleasant memories, even if one did not have a relationship to another.

Attempt to understand the rules of the game is devoted to branch the Russian-speaking fan forums.

Three-dimensional chess

Infinite series "Star Trek» (Star Trek) is filled with all sorts of strange board games. Perhaps the most famous of them are three-dimensional chess, which also paid tribute to the creators of the series "The Big Bang Theory».

This game also found its expression in the real world. Rules for it were invented back in 1976, and in 2014 came new version of the rules . If you wish, you can buy your chess set, but the pleasure is not cheap .

Wicked Grace

A kind of poker game of the world game Dragon Age. Play it together, everyone is dealt 5 cards. Players play them, throwing and taking new, trying to collect one of the combinations. The game is played as long as the card will not fall "Angel of Death". Victory is the one who holds at this moment was the strongest combination.


In the fantasy book Novels Olga Brilev «По Beyond the dawn »mentioned game" Towers "- a sort of elf chess. The board has the form of a cross, each segment is divided into cells. Three fans of the book 5-6 years ago inspired and developed a очень detailed rules game "Towers." And they were supposedly approved by the author.

Spoiler Once my friends and I read a book about Brilevo "beyond the dawn." The book was described by the game "Towers", played it the main characters of the story. Finrod and others. We are interested in this game, because it is good elven chess. And on the basis described in the book have created these rules.

Developers: Lestari, Merlin and King Den

(Revised and updated version).

Rules have been developed taking into account developments of the author (Olga Brilevo) plus - in terms of its description in the book with the assistance of some analogies chess. Symbolism divinatory practices fully described Brilevo. Rules approved by the author (Olga Brilevo).

"The board has a cruciform shape and is divided into 5 fields - four for the reversal of light, the fifth - the middle.

As they are called: formen - north, romen - east, hyarmen - south, numen - west. Middle field and is called the median.

Each field, in turn, four small field named Tengwar letters. Each of the small fields - four nameless.

Names of small fields have symbolic value. With their help, in addition to the normal game you can practice divination and fortune-telling. Guessing can be associated with the game.

Endowed with symbolism and large fields.

Formen - north, contains the characters "anga"-iron, "Ando" -vrata "ngvalme" -stradanie and "Charm" -sokrovische. These signs symbolize the trials faced by soul and body in the world, battle, obstacles, suffering and temptation.

Numen - west - the characters of this field are what we would call spiritual values ​​and gifts. "Shaft" - force, "Anna" - a gift, "Silm" - starlight and "Villa" - the wind and sky.

Middle field devoted symbol denoting the inner world, a person's personality or elf. "Ore" -serdtse or "inner mind", "zsse" - the name "Thule" - the spirit and "Umbar" - fate.

Field romen - east, represents the value of intellectual and cognitive value. "Lambe" - language, "Parma" - the book, "Noldo" - I think, I mean not so much "Noldo" as "wise man" and "kuesse" - a pen, or the written word.

Finally, hyarmen - south dedicated to the symbolism of the elements of the earth. "Tinko" - metal, "Alda" - a tree, "Arda" - the land, and the "Ur" - fire or heat.

Thus, the party moves to the "tower" refers to including the spiritual quest, some events in life.

Each player has six figures. This is (in order of their placement on the board, building combinations before the player makes his first move figure): "Mindon" - the tower, "shaft" - the actual shaft and there, "Istar" - the magician, or rather " wise and strong advisor, endowed with supernatural powers, the magician "," Aran "- the king," rohir "- rider" nerves "- the virgin warrior. The goal - to take the enemy tower. Tower - a fixed figure, but in its vicinity other figures gain an advantage. Shaft - the very strong figure. Magician, the king, the rider and the Maiden vary in strength and range of travel. One figure may protect another piece in chess. If during the game the rider passes all five major fields, he becomes king. Figures, usually white and black, but not always - the main thing that both sets of figures differ in color.

The game consists of two parts. First - this is the balance of shapes. Players take turns are arranged on the board his pieces ranging from the tower. It is believed that the advantage is the one who plays the black pieces and begins the second alignment. The second part - the actual game ».

Tower - a static figure. Strengthens its figures standing within the same cell (or two, if the tower stands on the playing field at the cell) from the one on which the tower itself. You can not, according to the rules put a figure so that the tower take the first turn. The affected area of ​​the tower - a square, which is 8 cells around the 9th, which occupies the tower itself (if the tower placed near the central area of ​​its pyatina this cell - central). If the tower is supplied in one of the cells that are on the edge of the playing field, the area of ​​influence is still a square consisting of nine cells, one of which occupies and Tower. But unlike the first case of the tower takes the center square, and one of the extreme number of cells.

Shaft - analogue queen in chess. Walks like a queen without restrictions. Bute figures as Queen, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. To threaten the tower - the shaft is likely to endanger the tower from any distance - the shaft does not need to approach close to the tower, in the next cell. Enough to put the shaft so that it threatened the tower (ie. E. To the tower was at the shafts on the line of attack). If the shaft is threatening the tower for two turns, and the enemy can not close her access to the tower - the tower is considered to be taken.

Istar - diagonal runs the entire length of the field, like chess officer. Vertically and horizontally goes to one cell. Bute figures only diagonally. To capture the tower Istar should stand in diagonally adjacent to the tower cage for two turns, then the tower is considered to be taken.

Shaft and Istar - two figures that can take the tower alone.

Istar in the zone of influence of its tower horizontally and vertically can walk on two cells (by increasing its own tower). E., If Istar originally put in one of the cells of the field, reinforced the tower, from this initial position, he can go horizontally and vertically not one, but one or two cells. But with the end of the course leaving the field influence your tower Istar can go horizontally and vertically only one cell.

Aran - goes vertically, horizontally and diagonally for a distance of one or two cells. In the area of ​​his tower - walking on two (three) cells. Tower does not take yourself - only in the company or rohira nerven. Beats figure in the distance of its stroke.

Rohir - goes "angle", like a chess knight: the letter "g", consisting of four cells plus two more at an angle of 900 to the original direction. Beats figures as chess knight (taking into account the length of its stroke). Tower yourself rohir can not take. But beating all five fifths rohir becomes Aran. To threaten the tower in the company Arana rohiru need to stand in any cell adjacent to the one that occupies the tower (ie. E. In its area of ​​influence).

Nerven - goes by the letter "g": 3 cells plus 1 cell at right angles to the original direction of motion (like a chess knight). Tower alone does not take. To threaten the tower nerven must stand in any cell adjacent to the one that occupies the tower (ie. E. In its area of ​​influence). Alone, the tower does not take and if there is a threat to the position of the tower alone, immediate threat to the tower is not.

Dragon poker

In the book series "mythical history" by Robert Asprin is mentioned game "poker dragon»:

Spoiler The most challenging card game for all measurements. Essentially - poker with six cards in hand, differs only in that the game used the so-called "conditional modifier" that changes the value of cards depending on the number of players, day of week, targeting players on the sides of light-colored walls of the room in which is a game, the highest card, which brought win in the penultimate delivery, and so on. In short, you are beheaded.

Glossary of terms dragon poker:

Aner - high cards

Bending - double down

Wild Card - A card which can take any value

Sunset - initial rate

Reversal - Change the order of precedence for the return card

Street - six cards of different suits, selected strictly in order (for example, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Killed cards - cards that do not have any value, pacifiers

Flash - six cards of the same suit, but not strictly in the order (for example, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, King)

Royal Flush - six cards of the same suit, tailored strictly in order

Fosco - low cards

Admirers of Asprin could not pass this game, which led to the birth of an entire placer dragon poker rules. Share them here too wasteful, but if you want you can explore them ссылкам .


In the book, The Player of Games Iain Banks around the board game ... there was a whole empire (Azadian Empire). Three-dimensional game, incredibly complex has several playing fields and runs on a huge platform on which players can walk. Figures on the live and can be transformed depending on how they play, or because of the interaction with the player at a certain energy level. For azadiytsev game was incredibly important, so much so that they even chose emperor winner of the tournament in which players competed 12,000.


This three-dimensional holographic game is familiar to fans of Mass Effect 3. Perhaps it can still be attributed to the desktop. It played together; wins the one who destroys "space base" opponent. And every ship is destroyed leading to an electric shock, and loss of base can literally stripped of consciousness.


Finally, we must mention one of the most famous "invented" fantastic games. On board the ship Han Solo, Chewbacca and R2D2 are fighting with each other in the "animated holographic Circular chess." By the way, all of these monsters were removed by classical technology puppet animation in this scene no computer pixel.

Share in the comments of other interesting information about the games from fiction - books, films, TV series, cartoons. Maybe someone will be inspired to create interesting rules.



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