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This publication will focus on the isometric horror adventure game STASIS, which has been under development for three years and is only now reached the Kickstarter. Unlike the heroes of the previous two publications Stasis not only well prepared, but also has a demo version which is in the public domain. Before you make any movements strongly recommend to try it.

The game is rooted directly in the era of isometric games. Moreover, unlike some modern projects is a classic two-dimensional isometry with a fixed camera, and two-dimensional prerenderennymi bekgraunda same characters. Releasing a game in 2014 is a risky business, but given the general trend of moving back to the future, which began brilliantly put Obsidian Entertainment with known project Eternity , we can assume that in the near future antiquated methods again become mainstream.

If someone asked about the first association when viewing the debut video, I would not hesitate to say - Ridley Scott Alien, Blizzard and Westwood Studios. It's all here. One vial. And you can see this before it will follow for the next shovel. Down there, after we compare our sensations and plenty of talk about another potentially good game. In addition to thoughts, old games, and everything associated with isometric you will find a short interview with Christopher Bischoff (Christopher Bischoff).

Unfortunately, at this point in the network does not present a formal pitch on Kickstarter video channel Youtube, so I had to put it in. With channel Adventure Treff . I>

If the word "adventure" and "isometric" sound to you like the strings, if you are not afraid of the old game - you're welcome. Prior to the start of the dive would like to say that everything you see - one-man show. It's not about surviving person our alter ego John, but the author of the game. All that you see in the game - the work of one man. Working with quality and study of "how then," but today.

In a previous article I rebuked the lack of specifics, not once sounded cries - and he actually wanted to say all this? Well, let's be straight as a shot of the "rails". There is a game for all parameters is strongly reminiscent of the good (I myself, of course I think that it is amazing), and there is the fact that so far in the national press covered it very sparingly. Personal lines of press releases do not reveal the depth of the game, telling about her comes only statistically, for show. There is the fact that it is the development of several years, one person at a very high technical and artistic level. We are not talking about the voice acting, but I think that the campaign on Kickstarter to help raise the necessary amount Christopher to hire a professional musician and sound-director. By the way, the first surprise, they had already become well-known Mark Morgan, a line in his blog says about his attitude game:

& quot; ... At my first glimpse of STASIS, I was completely blown away by its Deep Beauty. This is destined to be EPIC! ... & Quot; i>

Source miniatures (image-link)

Xochu fill a small gap in the information vacuum around the project Stasis. We are talking of course about the domestic information resources. I also want to find Habrchan among those to whom this topic is close to us, together, united blows Christopher helped not only to get to the desired ceiling, but moved on. Although, if only because these games come out every year, and in all honesty - not every decade. Since the time of «The Dig», «Crusader: No Remorse» (the masterminds of this game) has passed the age of eighteen.

Hero games Marchek John (John Maracheck) awakens from kriosna in the bowels of a giant space shuttle "Gromleyk» (Groomlake). Ship long ago abandoned as clearly says desolation, confusion and damaged life support systems. Living at first glance not. The rest of the cryo-capsules are stored in itself only corpses team. Mining ship is far beyond earthly jurisdiction orbiting the gas giant Neptune, and even sadder that falling on orbit.

This ship - the property of a multinational company Cane Corporation, which has played a key role in the technological development of mankind. Direction of the primary development - technology, science and medicine. But John is much more important to be as soon as possible to know that the mining ship "Gromleyk" a platform for the horrific and illegal research.

Pain. Fear. You barely breathe and had difficulty walking. You are one. You do not know that with your family, only that its not near. And time is running out. Ship, probably due to damage down lower and lower to the surface of Neptune, which has already attracted to him methane blue tentacles.

The source of the miniature (image-link)

According to dry the lines of press releases - is an isometric adventure. The combination in these times are rare. In the past, one would find more than a dozen adventure of this kind, among which are the Crusader , Alien Earth and Albion a >. But now, in this day and age, this niche is empty. Project author Christopher Bischoff does not agree with this approach. And in my opinion it is very clearly trying to prove to us that this sub-genre is alive and will live.

Taking under his wing protagonist John the player can interact with objects in the environment and solve puzzles in the study of the world, which is represented by a giant spaceship miners' Gromleyk. "

The visual image of the game was created on the basis of detailed two-dimensional graphics, made in the isometric view. Inspired by adventure games «Sanitarium» and artom games «Crusader: No Remorse» Stasis creates for you own unique visual style and makes this terrible tale into reality.

For Christopher Stasis - a source of inexhaustible passion so strong that the development of the game has been going on for three years. Chris spent a year searching for artistic solutions for games and preliminary research on the style and design, only to spend another two years to create decorations. All of this can be found on the network, without being armed spatula, as they say on the surface. But in my opinion the theme, and the game, and deserves much more attention. Since at least three years of development alone and the quality of the developed product.

I think that I must be very careful in their emotions. Not at all, and in relation to this project. Any analogy, any word can create in the reader the wrong or false impression. And I would not like it. Therefore, the publication will be much shorter and drier than usual. Images, videos, interviews kratenko - they will be sufficient to select or to awaken a sense of curiosity.

I can only say that this is a special game. Such is not doing. It seems that Christopher there. From our past. A feeling that the tools he uses old. As if unaware of the fact that the court in 2013. It is overgrown with cobwebs 2155 games still do singles. Stuck in his outlandish stasis it works, still paying attention to detail, and still thinking through every inch of the created world, as it did long ago, and since it's no longer doing now. He was not familiar with "high standards" of the modern world, it is not focused on fashion and decoration for your world creates so thoroughly that it is time to recall the stories from film sets of the film «
Чужой». There per scenery had to fight money-giving. You probably remember the scene with the "Space Jockey"? The same one that has become one of the many business cards of this cult film (apart from the ubiquitous nauseam "birth scene")? The same one that in the distant 1979th caused frightened and feeling the impossibility of what is happening on the screen?

The same scene. In the crew often had disagreements with investors, but their persistence and unwillingness to compromise gave the world precisely the "Alien" which we know it and did not let him slip into a cheap and second-rate thriller. When you know what to thin filaments hang the fate of projects that years later proudly bear the name of the classics of cinema to become creepy. An amazing series of events, good and bad circumstances and strange luck - that surrounds many of the iconic films. Curious can find some more information about the film "Alien" in the documentary from StopGames & quot; History series. Alien and Predator. Part 1: The Birth of the Beast & quot ;. Curious and very good educational material. I>

If Riddle Scott and his team defended Jockey - the film would have been completely different. If it were not fighting for the size of the sets and their elaboration - things would be different. Christopher to know about it to anything. He does not descend himself in creating scenery for the game, doing all that is necessary for a good project. There is no one who could stop him to do everything exactly as he wants. All what he lacks - time. Paid time, which he could give stasis. Give way to no one left out. With hardly imagine a three-year development of this scale so that it does not "hit" close people and family. Press release of the game, by the way, says it is the lost family. About the time that goes faster than you should. Argued that many developers like any other creative people project themselves on their heroes. And the first thing I suggested just that.

All this is of course speculation, argument and they may be wrong. To find more accurate information we begin to move into the depths of "Gromleyka", step by step, trying to figure out what is true and what is not mere words deserve any attention.

Christopher track the project can be on several Internet sites. Of course he was not missed by the British RPS , is marked on the Котаку, IndiStatik and many others ( approx.'s - at the moment information data and publications have been somewhat less i>). Promotion turned out great (albeit not as deafening as the triumphant march of another successful newcomer of the year by KS - Hyper Light Drifter ), not to mention the fact that the game was noticed and commented on the leading figures of the gaming industry. On the front page of the project, you can see a quote Brian Fargo:

& quot; ... Excellent work! Stasis sets a thick mood and reminds me of a Ridley Scott Film. Expect good things from Cris Bischoff ... & quot; i>

And then Mark Morgan, who, by the way, as I said earlier, it officially joined the project as a musician. This is more than a good support for maximum promotion ( approx.'s B> - the time to interview Mark Morgan has not yet officially announced its agreement i>). It remains only to wait for reinforcements from Obsidian Entertainment, and then blows from the front isometric cease to be devastating, becoming invulnerable barrage that will sweep away everything from the market that is not the mark of a "manual isometric view."

Source miniatures (image-link)

But pay attention, I would recommend not only the above-mentioned sources, but also well-known in narrow circles of life Tig LAS a > (Tig Source). The fact that Tighe published all more or less well-known designers. We can say that threads are dedicated to games - the most real developer diaries. They published the news of progress, new screenshots, art, thoughts developers, is a conversation with interest. And it often happens that these thread information appears much faster than the official website projects. It is understandable, - working notes. Threw the information and went to work on. In case you are interested in the world of gaming, especially infancy projects and the process of game development - visit this resource should definitely. Not one interesting project was found there, and not one news spread throughout the world thanks to the fishermen from the major news sites that regularly fill up tackle for fish bigger.

The source of the miniature (

Each "blog" on Tighe has a ready indicator of the project, which the author puts in its sole discretion. We can see that in the case of this mark Stizisa reached the milestone of 50%. In conjunction with other data it can be assumed that the funds collected on Kickstarter need an ambulance out to bring the game to the mind than to develop it from scratch on the basis of any concepts. Put into it all that is needed to put on top. That gradually brings us to the list of features (or as they are usually called - features) games.

- Isometric perspective
- Two-dimensional detail and designed graphics
- Science fiction setting framed horror stories
- The visual style and the world, inspired by the film "Alien", "Sunshine" and "Horizon»
- The game is focused exclusively on the PC

Note: In my humble opinion, and this is enough to carefully examine the person Stasis, because the visual words are not at variance with the case. As I mentioned, the presence of Ridley Scott felt from the first seconds of acquaintance with the game. And the other "chips" as nothing but joy is not added. However, try to release the text from prying enthusiasm. I>

carrier train as location for research, residential sector, giant hangars, word places that bear the imprint of the "right" of science fiction. That same. Without fashionable gloss without unnatural and contrived pieces do not understand why, a video series that immediately has to itself (the full version of miniatures - первая, вторая, третья and четвертая). The more I study this game, the harder it is to believe that all this was the work of loners. I>

Each person is multifaceted. Particularly well in the sun playing attention verge of creative people. What we can learn more about the hero of today's publication continued to walk on network resources? This part of the story for me especially close. I have met some of these images online, but did not realize that their "daddy" Christopher. Frankly do not often see a man so enthusiastic about their work. In the thread from said Tig-LAS is seen better than in dry and formal lines of official resources.

He loves isometrics like no other. In his own words if he had the time and energy, he would turn in perspective all that is possible. This statement is confirmed by a number of his works. It turns out a number of fan-art to Wasteland 2, Blade Runner and Bioshock: Infinity flashed on the network - his handiwork. Screenshots in some places provided with small vignettes. By some Youtube-dioramas, when the author, making decorations, animates them in the engine, indicating how well will look like this or that scene dynamics. After that, think about what would have been the same Wasteland 2 if the visual style of doing it, Christopher, and not anyone else. After his demo project looks much less atmospheric.

So Chris sees known project Wasteland 2. I will refrain from making any comments to avoid regular accusations of anything. I>

According to him when he gets tired of Stasis (three years of hard work as in any way) is doing something else. To release the head of thoughts and just relax. I would like to have a rest, dammit! Take and make a piece of your favorite games, or anything like that, instead of relaxing with another order. Probably Chris is able to properly allocate their time. What are we, by the way, be sure to ask him.

Comments to his designs are full of phrases "where to place ?!" "I think I found a developer who will support all life," "please-ah, let your next game will be Blade Runner». About this success and recognition of the creative person can only dream of. What I'll be sure and after the writing of this publication. Although before that I would like to settle one interested me (and maybe you) question. At what software works Christopher, whereby he creates his own world, and what he gathers his decorations?

As a tool for creating envayrment scenes (environment scenes) Christopher package is used 3D Studio Max.



Who knows?


I'M Joking.









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