How to shop at foreign online stores

You probably have heard about that on the Internet you can now find and buy at affordable price quality goods that are not in urban stores and boutiques. Many have already addicted to online shopping, and walking the mall with space commodity prices just yawn. Some come to grips with business activities, providing intermediary services on shopping with western sites. And someone just thinking over to start making online purchases, but out of fear of being deceived is not resolved to issue your first order.

First, like shopping is perceived as buying a "pig in a poke", but if you approach the matter thoroughly and how to find out, you can learn how to successfully place orders and delight yourself with quality stuff at reasonable or even ridiculous price. We tried to fit in this material all the rules of the virtual shopping abroad, his subtlety and cunning.

The most important question: what method of payment choose

The first step to online shopping - get a plastic card, as used to calculate the cards of international payment systems directly (register card data and other information on the site) or indirectly (through binding to PayPal).

In Ukraine, the most common payment cards of Visa and MasterCard. Map level is not crucial for the owner, but it has some importance for the stores.

Entry-level card: Maestro, VISA electron

Paying with a card goes, if it is specified on the full number, security code and the bank authorizes such operations. VISA electron easiest to get, in most cases this is a free service, but there is no guarantee that it will be held on the site you want.

Maps midrange - VISA Classic, Master Card Standard - maps and premium, super-premium (VISAGold, MasterCardGold, Master Card Platinum) in the work is not particularly distinguished.

These cards are more expensive to maintain, but are accepted everywhere and all the details printed on them, which makes the order process easy and fast.

There are cards designed exclusively for online shopping. Virtual map is only meaningful in its database the bank, and the owner just gets props or plain cardboard with the necessary data. This type of card has its advantages: suitable for both disposable and permanent; it does not "shine" in the offline and ATMs; if the details are stolen, the card limit on the amounts and transactions not bring special hackers gain. Disadvantages: refund position on the map, it may be impossible; due to lack of say so "material" of the owner, you can not send a copy of the card by fax on demand store.

In what currency the card start? It all depends on the volume of purchases. Using a currency card, you can avoid some of the commissions, but at small cost savings to the Commission does not pay for the costs of annual service fee. Besides deposit funds have the same currency that is in their hands, at the bank rate.

For the payment card you must enter the card details and secret verification code CVC2 / CVV2. Required data are printed on the front of the card, address and telephone support service of the bank listed on the reverse side.

To operate the system, you can use PayPal payment cards of Ukrainian banks:

Alfabank: MasterCard Mass, MasterCard Standart, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum, VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Platinum

Creditprombank: VISA Electron, VISA Classic Unembossed

Kredobank: VISA Electron

Oschadbank: MasterCard Mass, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum, VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Platinum

Pumbaa: VISA Electron, VISA Classic, VISA Unembossed

Pravex: VISA Virtuon

Privat: VISA Internet, VISA Classic, MasterCard Gold

ProCredit Bank: VISA Classic

RayffayzenBankAval: VISA Electron, VISA Classic, VISA Gold, MTSVISA Classic, MasterCard «Groshi Online»

UkrSibBank: VISA Classic Economy "Aktivni Groshi», Visa Classic

UKRSOTSBANK: VISA Virtual, VISA Electron, VISA Classic.

HomeCreditBank: VISA Classic, VISA Gold, MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold.

Otpbank: VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Platinum, MasterCard Standart, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum.

VAB Bank: VISA Virtuon, Visa Classic.

Logging in PayPal

On the main page, click on the appropriate link to register. Next choose the country (region), and the language for the site.

Of the three types of accounts suits us just the first - personally, as only authorized shipping agents.

On the next page, fill in your personal data in the "State / Province / Region" to enter Ukraine - UA.

To authorize your card in the system, which must be at least a couple of dollars, you need to enter its data and e-mail address. Postal service should be reliable, since PayPal mailing address is both an identifier in the system. The optimal option: For cardholders Aval: when checking your card system PayPal - verification card - you should call your carrier and for some time to turn off the secret code CVV2.

Request CSC - Verification Code (also called CVV2). This is the last 3 digits on the back of the card.

If you encounter difficulties, click on the link "What is».

On the mail a letter to confirm the mailbox. Activate it by clicking on the link in the email.

Work with payments

To make a payment, you must use the interface of the site where you make a purchase. For example, on eBay, you simply press the button «Pay Now», opposite the winning bid, and proceed directly to send payment online PayPal.

Select the tab "send money" in the line "To" enter the account ID of the payee - it is a PayPal e-mail user. Enter the amount, but take note that beginners systems can not hold a one-time payment of $ 70 above. With the active use of the card money "threshold" will rise to 400-600 dollars.

Select the type of purchase: goods, services, auctions eBay.

Select "lots eBay», the system will prompt you to pay the desired item directly from their eBay - Account.

By clicking "Continue" button, you will be able to carefully check clearance of payment.

After detailed examination of the details of the order, click the "sending funds».

How to avoid the theft of card

Do not forget about the simple precautions:

 - Do not keep large sums on the map constantly. Transferred money - spend in the store - on account of the zero balance.

Not "light" card in questionable places, watch that on the computer from which you make a purchase, be protected from viruses. Also remember that even the most decent shop can suffer from hackers.

If you find out that your card is made of remittances, which you did not commit immediately, please contact the bank and explain the problem, ask to block the card. After the need to write a statement on oprotestovyvanie transaction, what you owes the bank office.

The largest online shopping and marketplaces

Sales leaders considered such sites as:,, Victoria`, Understand principles of order and delivery with these sites, you can easily orient in other virtual stores, the scale of which is much smaller.

How to determine your size clothing

Pretty common question as ordering a parcel, paying for it and waited a few weeks, very frustrating when the thing is the wrong size. All online shops indicates the dimension of the mesh of their goods in centimeters, and given the size of the different countries. Can often be seen under this or that commodity buyers comments regarding compliance sizes. Buying from private announcements (auction Ebay, Amazon), you can request detailed measurements of the goods from the seller. Also the size is still dependent on the brand of clothing and you can simply search the specific feedback on the forums.

But still, there are mistakes, and for such cases in Ukraine, there are sites where people sell things, which missed, for the same cost that they they cost (including delivery). Links:;

Customs and shipping

Duty-free limit from June 2012, in connection with the entry into force of the new Customs Code of Ukraine is 300 euros. If the limit on cash or weight of parcels (50-100 kg is necessary to draw on the route) is exceeded, you pay all the taxes. Parcels up to € 100 in most cases, not even opened by customs, looked at the weight, looked at the type of goods and sent.

Delivery method you choose yourself on the website, where Checkout and parcel will arrive in the post office at the indicated address. Delivery times are not clearly propishesh: no middlemen, no shops, no post office itself is not exactly guarantee exactly how much time will go order.

Rules of exchange and product return

Typically, the return / exchange of goods possible within 28 days, and before you send the order back, you need to send a letter to the appropriate store by following the link Contact Us, where you are with your account indicates the reason for the return. Since sending you comes a special form for this procedure, as the form can be downloaded from the website under Delivery & Returs. Mandatory requirement: to pack the product back in the original packaging with all tags and price tags. After the store agreed to refund, send them a "tracking nambe" their premises and usually within 5-10 days you will get a refund on the card. According to this principle works most Western virtual shops, and, of course, to avoid problems or fraud, choose a well-established shops. If you buy goods from classified ads (auction Ebay, Amazon), necessarily provides for the return of the seller.

Some stores mark items on the site, which no return.

So, on Asos such items marked with a "+" to the same cost of shipping the goods back Asos reimburse only in the case of marriage goods.

Return shipping on Amazon paid you. Not subject to return such goods:

 - Products which are classified as hazardous materials or contain flammable liquids or gases;

 - Computers, laptops and E-Readers sent later than 30 days from the date of delivery;

 - Any product on which the serial number is missing or universal product code;

 - Distributions of software products;

 - Gift cards and gift certificates;

 - Paid by Pay As You Go (or previously) phone cards;

 - Pre-paid game cards (World of Warcraft, Xbox 360 Live, Wii Points and other);

 - Certain types of jewelry;

 - Processed Food, and gift baskets with gourmet food but not accepted for return, but in the case of poor quality, the administration of the supermarket fully reimburse the cost of such goods.

In the shop you can buy Victoria`s Secret return or exchange within 90 days of receipt of order.

Note: the return is worth considering if the item is very expensive, since the return postage to America you will have to pay out of his own purse.

Auction Ebay: because here you make a purchase on the private seller properties and shops, all the conditions of the return and exchange negotiated in advance with them.


The main service that helps expand the boundaries internent-shopping - intermediaries abroad, for example in the United States. For $ 10 a month or $ 50 a year you get a US address, which account you have ordered purchase. You are shopping in US stores on their own, paying their own card or PayPal. An employee of the company collects your parcel and send to your country, that will cost you 4, 5 and 8, $ 5. The most reliable intermediary company considered This method is useful when making purchase in large volumes and at different sites.

For a one-time purchases can access private intermediaries in Ukraine. Collaboration happens to them in this way: you fill out a form with their order, pay for their card. Mediator sends you a screen shot that the goods purchased, the further you are just waiting for your order and specifies the method of delivery (express delivery, mail). The hardest thing - to find a reliable broker. As a rule, they "sit" in different communities, where each customer can see the rating of a mediator, customer reviews about the transactions. Percentage often ranges from 5 to 10 from the total. Links:;

How to check the expiration date purchased online cosmetics

Order cosmetics from sites with personal ads or even buying in the store of the city, make a shelf life.

Most popular Western websites where you can find a quality product:,,

On these sites, best respond to the various forums and communities. However, check the expiration date of the product in any case can not hurt. All cosmetic brands labeled product completely different characters, and remember deciphering the code of each brand is very difficult. Therefore, for convenience, you can use the service here is so simple: You need to select the brand name and enter the code on the package. The system will give you the date of manufacture and shelf life of the product.

Ordering with personal ads, boldly ask for the seller code in English - batch code.
Author: Anastasia Sukhenko


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