How do I buy 3D-printer

This post is a kind of warning to those who planned to buy a 3D-printer. This seemingly simple process for civilized countries, can scatter pieces of the harsh Russian reality. I, that not expecting, was able to go through all possible rake and convinced in their own skin, how things really stand for "the other side of the screen." So, I invite you to learn from the mistakes of others.

My hobby symbiosis of electronics and programming, as well as an interest in robotics, in early 2013 led to the realization of thought - I need a 3D printer. I live in St. Petersburg and therefore cherished the hope that this desire very quickly materialized. Undermining bucks, began to look closely to existing technology 3D-printing. If you reduce the key in one table, you get something like this:
Technology th> Description th> Minimal detailing th> Color Printing th> Printer Price (2013) th>
FDM Layered fusing 0, 1 mm - $ 3000
SLA Stereolithography 0, 05 mm - 100000 $
SLS Selective laser sintering 0, 1 mm - < 2000000 $
MJM The method of multi-jet modeling 0, 025 mm - 250000 $
FC3D Colour plaster print 0, 1 mm + 88000 $
LOM Layered bonding films 0, 15 mm + 4000 $ It can be seen that the technology fusing layering, for the moment, is the most accessible to the average citizen budget metropolis. On the basis of this conclusion, I started to select a specific printer model to buy. After a lot of comparisons, the study reviews, read comments, etc., came to the conclusion that the printer Replicator2 - what I need. Of course there was still a good competitor RigidBot 3D Printer , which in some ways (the maximum amount of printing, permit price) was even better. But, alarmed that it was a start, the first ready models only promised by the autumn, and how to deal with there software will fare - also not yet clear. In general, I chose Replicator2 from the infamous American firm MakerBot.

Go to their website to order and pay for it - was a matter of minutes. The printer I also bought another extra spool of plastic PLA. By the way, that was my first mistake! Deciding on the printer without thoroughly studying the characteristics of the material. Later, much later, I learned that for FDM technology, there are two basic material - ABS and PLA. Each of them has its own unique features, and they should be aware of before buying. I will not dwell on a detailed comparison, it is well done here . If vkratse, the ABS is durable, its irregularities are smoothed with acetone, but with uneven cooling, it is deformed, making it difficult to print large parts. PLA does not have this drawback, pleasant to the touch. But the PLA has another serious drawback to keep in mind - it's biodegradable plastic! From this example, environmental make disposable tableware. Biodegradable - which means that if printed from it detalku thrown into the street, then two years later from her little that remains. At home, in a dry and warm conditions it certainly will stay five years. But if your goal - to survive and survive all, something about the PLA should just forget. Particularly appalling bold comrades who for their trikopterov print of PLA engine mounts. Not only that, the tensile strength along the layers is insufficient for such demanding applications - so still and very detail after a couple of hits in the rain will pose a real threat to others in the event of failure.

But we digress. By ordering your printer in the spring, I plunged into the sweet waiting for the moment when I open the box of treasured parcel. I still had a vague idea of ​​the speed of the parcels from the American continent, but it is assumed that in any case our valiant beep me mail in the mailbox notice of the order came.

About a month later I was waiting to grow a suspicion that some postmen prefer to walk to deliver parcels to recipients. In one of those days I found in my mailbox ... notice about the telegram in my name! Wondering who among my friends could use this outdated form of communication, I went to the post office. But I was not given a telegram, as it turns out, I have come too late, and it was forwarded to the long-term storage on the telegraph. In general, our post touches me. It's a strange organism living on their own, only he understood the rules. Many post offices operate on weekdays and 14:00; can write a notice on parcel after she will lie allotted time at the post office; for some reason, sent a telegram to store on Telegraph - apparently telegrams are very heavy and take up a lot of space on the shelf. Oh well. Go to the telegraph office did not have to, because I have become plagued by vague doubts - the telegram had something to do with my parcel. The site tracking parcels I checked the specified number when sending - and oplya! It turns out that the parcel has been in Russia for two (!!) weeks after the order. All the rest of the time she tossed between sorting nodes passed through customs, lying in warehouses and so on. So I was not even surprised that it got stuck at the main post office - even if it is not close to home, but in Peter, what can we say, very close. Especially because the Central Post Office, lo and behold, closed on weekends. Over the weekend, I decided to go for your printer.

At the main post office reported that just sending got to him, then stopped her custom. I was given notice and sent to a nearby window, which takes customs post. However, they do not work weekends, so I had to come back in time.

A small digression. It turns out that there are several conditions under any of them, Customs considers commercial cargo and do not miss it phys-face. The most basic:
1) The cost of shipping more than 1000 euros.
2) The number of units sold more than 5.
Take this into consideration when placing a foreign online stores!

In time, time off from work, I went to a meeting with customs officials. Surprisingly, all the inspectors were as the selection, a beautiful young girl. But I rejoiced prematurely. Taking the paper, I have long tried to question what it is and why it is needed. All attempts to explain the principle of the 3D printer broke the wall of incomprehension. Especially memorable interrogation "on what it prints." We have Georgians, by the name of Goridze, and his name is Awas. Remember this monologue? And I was just as well:
"-For What this printer is needed?
- To print objects from plastic
- And on what it prints?
- At a special substrate is not important on which to print, and how - in volume.
- What is the extent to view the need for special glasses?
- No, it generates three-dimensional objects in space.
- And what makes? .. »
In the end, I nodded at the piece of paper hanging on the glass, they say, prepare these documents and come again. A set of documents for individuals is mandatory, so here is a list of fully (replica with the corrected spelling errors):

1. Copy of passport
2. A copy of the INN
3. Order (printout of your order with a description of qualitative, quantitative and cost characteristics of the goods)
4. Payment (confirmation of payment for purchased goods) "transaction on your credit card statement from your personal account PayPal, the payment order of the money transfer»
5. Order Confirmation
6. Other documents required for customs clearance

Drew attention to paragraph 6? I also meditated on it a bit. So, no matter what documents did not bring, you can always find the missing. But do nothing, prepared the first five documents from the list and then went to the customs.

On your next visit, I was already on the other girl and feared a repetition of the empty dialogue. But it was even worse. I was pleased that at least a user manual contains technical information, but for verification should provide translated and notarized copy of an interpreter. Otherwise consider nothing they will not. On the proposal to transfer them directly at any point just shrugged - those are the rules. In the process of communication also noted that the customs workers are having difficulty with the definition of HS code to which this printer - they have not identified him.

For reference HS - a commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity or classification of products used in work with customs. Ie a set of numbers that are encoded declared goods. To determine the HS can be used directly as updated справочниками, and comfortable classifiers , easy selection. I tried to identify himself, but could not. Due to the fact that the total number of categories is very extensive, and the codes themselves are not keeping pace with the rapidly changing world and often have to squeeze into the next product group, which is suitable only with great reserve.

In finding the right code was found out an interesting detail. It turns out that on the site Public services have such services to the public - write a statement and applying to it the description of the goods, and you, after a while, send classifier HS. I decided to take advantage of, especially since it's free.

However, a small problem - the application must be electronically signed. Challenges us not to scare and a few days later I was in the vast Rostelecom and received USB-key containing the electronic signature key and certificate that key. It cost me 600 rubles with a little:

And in the evening I wrote the pattern statement detailing, and call for a user manual attached.

In the meantime, my online application to determine the HS code dangled on the sidelines of e-government has made another trip to the customs for ransom waiting for me 3D-printer. With him also took translated manual which fortunately, someone has translated to me.

At this time, customs officers have already prepared for my visit and immediately declared that: "... this product does not fall under the category of goods for personal use, so it is necessary to make out the customs declaration. How? Refer to the customs broker, or call for a consultation at the phone number above ».

Immediately warn, call referenced customs useless. For caller hears that telephone counseling is not given, and the caller must personally come to the territory of Pulkovo customs for advice. Who does not know, Pulkovo customs is near the airport Pulkovo, so quick and pleasant trip for them not name. Well come to expect another surprise - are not consulted on the formulation of declarations, also do not evaluate the legality of the behavior of the customs inspector. All advice boils down to finding and showcasing chapters of the Customs Code, which fall under the specific interests of the case. You understand that you can find the right chapter and to the Internet.

To submit about what I was getting into, I decided to go for consultation to the customs broker. By the way, is not free. Bit stolid customs broker listened, took the documents and began to study. Fumbled in his computer pozadavat me leading questions and calling his colleague for advice, verdict: "Yes, the product does not fall under the category of personal use. Yes, it is necessary to make out the customs declaration. Yes, the registration of the declaration does not signify receipt of the goods, as required additional two documents - certificate and the manufacturer's official confirmation that there are no elements in encryption and encryption. Making cargo declaration will cost 20 thousand rubles. And be prepared that will also have to pay VAT at the rate of 18% of the value of the goods and the customs duty ».

"Delighted" heard, however, began searching for a customs broker. Amounting to a huge inventory of existing firms in St. Petersburg and customs brokers began methodically to ring them. And then came another surprise. It turns out that they do not work with individuals! With legal entities - please almost come running themselves, but with the physical - no. Yes, and the average price for making the cargo customs declaration fluctuated around 30 thousand. This is for firms importing goods from containers is not visible waste - on a background of wholesale purchases amount simply invisible. But for the average person who buys goods in a foreign online store - cost unaffordable.

This is now having a great experience, I know a competent and inexpensive customs broker working with nat. persons (by the way, if anyone needed - please, advise). And then I spent more than a week to look for a broker willing to issue a declaration ordinary individual. Found this, as always, an acquaintance.

Was a broker on Vasilevsky Island. In the first visit to it has been agreed the general scheme of work. He draws up a declaration, but I'll go with her to the customs. It also proved to be my big mistake. In all cases the broker itself should interact with customs! In addition, the currently available supply returns electronically, which saves time. But then all this I did not know.

The next visit to the broker I came for his declaration surfaced regular feature of our customs laws. On the declaration date is put, and so, this should correspond to the date when you apply it to customs! It's okay? Certainly not! Also on the declaration stated rate on the date of filing, and if these two figures do not correspond to reality - the declaration will not even be considered. A course for tomorrow becomes known in the afternoon, after the auction. Ie broker is willing to return in the afternoon, then it needs to pick up the next morning to come to the customs. Prior to this, do not forget to pay the VAT of 18%, as payments are also tied to the exchange rate.

In the morning I arrived at the customs post with the final declaration and all survived, I was immediately launched. It turns out that just is not enough to make the payment receipt! You must own "register" each transfer payments in the department of Pulkovo customs. Ie call the department, ask whether the payment received, and if entered - to ask him to be identified, ie assign a unique number to the date on which the inspector will further refer to it. When I asked why customs officers do not deal with its bureaucracy, followed by a brilliant answer: "We do not have to!". In general, the phrase "we do not have" I heard afterwards so often that I have the impression that the customs exists solely to complicate the process of obtaining the goods and knocking out money from the solvent population. To my regret that tomorrow will change course and may have to pay back the missing VAT difference, I said reproachfully: "Well, you have been warned that you have to pay VAT on stock! The difference then you will return. " Naturally, I am personally nobody will warn, and the return of the money I've heard for the first time. But he did not argue, turned around and went to the next round.

Speaking of circles, I mean the trajectory that each time it was necessary to pass again. This triangle connecting the customs broker, Post Office and Pulkovo customs, I noted on the map to represent that represents each trip. And all this had to be somehow combined with work (which, of course, is far beyond the triangle).

Broker made me a new declaration with the next date, I paid VAT in the bank since the margin and the next day appeared with papers at customs. Inspector examining the declaration gladly gave it back to me, saying that it contains mistakes and take it in this form, he can not. After lengthy persuasion, he (or rather, it is - all inspectors girls) with undisguised agreed a favor to say where is and what is error. Inspector expounded, and I barely had time to record her, always something peresprashivaya and refining. I still have this note - there are about 9 comments! Then the field is not the code is not correct given the seat of the cargo is not inscribed the necessary document, etc. After collecting all the comments, I went to the next round to the customs broker.

Looking ahead, I will say that all attempts to hold the printer through customs took me about two months! Each visit was accompanied by some kind of chicanery, the requirements of the new documents, etc. Especially "pleased" that each inspector were their comments.


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