3D food printer Foodini for 1000 euro raises funds on Kickstarter

Last fall, many media wrote about food Foodini printer from the company Natural Machines.
March 26, 2014 on Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds for the production of the first series of printers.
We caught up with the founder of the Natural Machines, Emilio Sepulveda, and talked about the printer.

Background food 3D printers h4>

Imagine Machine h5>
3D printing food - one of the most desirable areas of application 3D printers.
In early 2012, the company Essential Dynamics has announced the world's first 3D printer food Imagine Machine . The printer went on sale in 2012 for $ 3000 now available on the manufacturer's website the second generation of 3D printers food at a price of $ 3795 (about 135 000 rubles).
Video 3D printing printer Imagine Machine:

Chock Edge Creator V1 h5>
The spring of 2012, British scientists at the University of Exeter have announced that they have managed to create the world's first 3D chocolate printer. Difficulty chocolate layered print is that chocolate does not have time to cool down and subsequent layers are not allowed to form 3D shape. Scientists from the English county of Devonshire (there is University of Exeter) developed a technology layered print chocolate and named it CHOCALM. Based on this technology was developed by the printer Chock Edge Creator V1 . In the autumn of 2013 he went on sale and available on the official website at a price of 2,888 pounds (about 170 000 rubles).
By the way, we Madrobots purchased this printer model and realized that the print layers of chocolate with it rather difficult. But mayonnaise on sausage manages print works of art.
Demonstration of chocolate printer from the University of Exeter:

Foodini h5>
Development of the project started in 2012 a team from Barcelona, ​​Spain.
In the autumn of 2013 the founders of the project presented to the public a prototype printer and began searching for venture capital financing. Site was created naturalmachines.com , the project wrote the world's leading media and has been collected about 400 pre-orders from the US, China, Russia.

Project Description Foodini h4>
The idea of ​​the project Foodini to inspire more people to eat healthy, homemade food prepared with fresh ingredients. Usually, cooking takes a lot of time, so people prefer the convenience of preparation of semi-finished and frozen dinners.
The task of the printer - not automate the whole process of cooking, but for a man to carry out repetitive chores (like sculpting ravioli or create a pan of cookies).
Video project to Kickstarter campaign:

Print technology Printer Foodini - FDM (layering overlay material).
Printer extrudes fluid material for printing on the platform. 5 Foodini equipped capsules for five different ingredients, each of the ingredients can be extruded with different temperature and pressure. Prepare ingredients for printing, you can use a conventional hand blender - chop the necessary food to a paste and fill the resulting mass into the capsule.
Printed dish can be consumed immediately after production, if you make a fruit dessert; bake in the oven, if you typed pizza or cookies and cook, if you type or paste dumplings.

On Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for the development of the first batch of 3D printers Foodini.
Production is planned to start the printer to January 2015.
Those who are willing to invest their money and wait for almost a year, can заказать Foodini $ 999 (about 36 000).

At Youtube channel Natural Machines posted several videos, which demonstrates the printing process and the final product.

For example, printing a pizza:

Or famous dish Fish and Chips (Fish and Chips):

Examples of dishes printed on Foodini h5>
Pizza before and after printing oven (cheese applied manually):

Pizza oven after:

Dinosaurs spinach:

Burgers with meat:

Fish and chips:

More photos printed meals are available Online Natural Machines .

The online platform Foodini h4>
Foodini has an integrated touch-screen display on the front panel. Foodini application allows you to access online community where laid-tested recipes, videos and other materials to help deal with the printing process.
Users will be able to set the print program by selecting a recipe directly from the application, and create a list of favorite recipes and get necessary for printing food ingredients.
Site with recipes for Foodini will also be available as an app for iOS and Android.

For engineers and developers, the company Natural Machines will open API to develop their own applications recipes.
For example, to create a configurator ideal dumplings / ravioli.

Screenshot application Foodini c selection of recipes:

After the user selects recipe printer show any added ingredients into capsules and in what order.

Hardware printer Foodini h4>

Preliminary technical specifications of the printer: h5>
Dimensions: 43.8 cm W x 43.0 cm D x 43.0 cm In The size of the print area: 25.0 cm W x 16.5 cm D x 12.0 cm In Weight: 10.4 kg Touch Panel: 7 inches running OC Android Support for Internet connection: Wi-Fi module Rotary glass platform: diameter 26 cm Capsules: 5 capsules can be loaded into Foodini simultaneously. At any given time can only print one capsule. Replacement Capsule automatically. Material of capsules - steel or plastic, contains no bisphenol A (BPA-free). Volume capsule: 123 ml Capacity up to 5 capsules: 615 ml

A short interview with the CEO of Natural Machines, Emilio Sepulveda: h4>
A few days ago we got in touch with the folks at Natural Machines.
CEO, has kindly agreed to answer a few questions.
Below our questions and his answers. If you want to know something else, write your questions in the comments, we will try to ask him Emilio soon. It's pretty promptly respond, so it can count on an answer.

Madrobots Does your team relevant experience required for the development of such a project?
Emilio The founders of the project - engineers and marketers. In our team, there are engineers, designers, developers, technologists, nutritionists and food production.

Madrobots What technologies do you use in Foodini?
Emilio We have developed a range of technologies and systems, including a new mechanism for the extruder system replacement capsules and so on. I can not disclose the details, because right now we are patenting the technology developed. The basis of the printing technology used in Foodini - FDM.

Madrobots What Foodini differs from existing solutions in the market of food printers. For example, from Imagine Machine?
Printer from Essential Dynamics - it's actually a 3D printer that uses food as a print material. We have developed an appliance, which (as it happens), uses 3D printing technology.
In general, we are distinguished by a complex system, plus user interface and software.

Madrobots How do you see the immediate future of food 3D printers?
We see our 3D printer as the embodiment of the idea of ​​closer replicator from Star Trek. We believe that it will be used not only in the domestic sphere, but also play an important role in medicine.

Madrobots Who is the target audience Foodini? Who is interested in buying your printer?
We believe that we have created a truly home appliances and major buyers Foodini perform ordinary people for home cooking, as well as B2B customers (restaurants, pastry shops, catering companies).

Madrobots What are the use cases Foodini you imagine?
Foodini designed to help people cook at home using fresh ingredients, without preservatives or chemical additives, as opposed to semi-finished food.
Our device takes all the work for the preparation of meals (for example, the production of ravioli can take 2 hours or half an hour for a table-dress and the effects of cooking. With Foodini whole process only takes 10 minutes and there is no need to get out). Besides, Foodini will create dishes that can not be done by hand, and we are working with several chefs holders of Michelin stars (stars of the the most authoritative in the world restaurant guide ) to develop similar recipes.

Madrobots is the official distributor of Natural Machines in Russia. If the production will not have much overlap, in February 2015, the printer will be available in Russia.

You can support the project on Kickstarter, or request a site Madrobots. A bid on our site or not binding, we just notify you about the start of sales in Russia Foodini.
Поддержать Foodini on Kickstarter (and pre-order for $ 999 printer).
a request form on the website Madrobots (at a price of 49 990 rubles).

Source: habrahabr.ru/company/madrobots/blog/217243/


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