Kickstarter: 100 facts (in the figures) of the first 100 000 Projects

It happened a few days ago. An inspiring and spectacular photo project Falklands / Malvinas: One War, all Wars became a hundred-thousandth project on Kickstarter, successfully raised the amount claimed. Using a resource that does not exist yet 7 years ago, a photographer Adriana Groisman and 282 sponsorov- "Baker" closer to translating into reality the idea of ​​another.

For 6 years and almost 10 months - since I was running "Kickstarter" - much has changed but much remains the same. All also requires a lot of courage to take a chance and try to create something completely new. But today, creativity is encouraged as never before. To mark this important milestone, we have selected 100 of the facts, which are measured in numbers and are connected with the first 100,000 of successful projects on Kickstarter. This list represents some of the best and brightest qualities of this kraudfandingovomu community, as well as the spirit of creativity that fills his life:

1. Number of projects on a Kickstarter, successfully raised the amount claimed, since starting the project 28 April 2009 to 7 February 2016: 100 000

2. The number of categories and sub-categories, which included all of these projects - from architecture to the log: 165

3. The period for which the first 100 on Kickstarter projects successfully raised the required sum: 121 days

4. The period for which the last 100 projects KIckstarter successfully raised the required sum: 3 days

5. The number of creative individuals who have started these projects 100 000: 86101

6. The number of "creators", which started more than one successful project on Kickstarter: 8539

7. The largest number of successful projects launched by one person: 94

8. The number of projects which have collected the sum of planned and launched a Kickstarter employees, working in the company today: 40

9. The percentage of successful "artists" on a Kickstarter, which made "Baker" in other projects Kickstarter: 70, 58%

10. The number of "creators" who donated more money to other Kickstarter projects than they were able to collect on their own projects: 803

11. The maximum number of countries, citizens of which supported one project: 169

12. The average distance between the locations in which the creators of the project are his "Baker»: 3729 km

13. The number of sponsors who supported the first 100 000 Project: 9,088,422

14. The total number of updates of successful projects, which the creators have offered to sponsors: 1,037,723

15. Maximum number of updates for a single project: 301

16. The number of successful projects in the Music category for the largest number of projects under Kickstarter ^ 22133

17. Number of albums, tracks or artists that have been nominated for a Grammy - from rhythm and blues to latin jazz: 15 (four of them just take part in the contest - good luck!)

18. The number of founders of the projects that have already received the Grammy for their projects on Kickstarter: 4

19. The highest of the charts Billboard 200, the album which climbed successfully sponsor on Kickstarter: 7

20. Approximate length of the DNA fragment - if you deploy a molecule - which for the first time a musical composition was written in the history of (the scientific art project Music of the Spheres): 6, 22h10-8 m

21. The frequency of the sound emitted by the loneliest whale in the world, which has become the protagonist of the documentary: 52 Hz

22. Number icons

book Emoji Dick - Emoji-first book, which was acquired by the Library of Congress: 1339

23. Number of live oysters in the colony, which is one of the creators of the project are going to restore an area of ​​100 acres on the oyster reef in New York Harbor in 2030: 1000000000

24. The total length of reinforcement, used to create the sculpture Living Sea Sculpture, designed to be a haven for coral in the underwater museum in the Caribbean: 69 meters

25. The approximate number of sculptures projects - from installation Tree, created Ayem Weiwei at the London Royal Academy of Arts to complete reconstruction dryptosaurus appearance: 586

26. The number of sculptures - of 586 - that were created specifically for the art festival Burning Man: 12, 8%

27. The number of white books with blank pages used by the artist Wafaa Bilal to create the installation, which is designed to draw attention to the destruction of Baghdad University Library: 1000

28. Persons belonging to the Baghdad Hackerspace FIKRA - project of Global Entrepreneurship and Maker Space Initiative: 5300

29. The number of sponsors who helped the Pittsburgh Children's Museum to open seven creative grounds- "meykerspeysov" for children: 585

30. The number of students who carried out the experiments in a project to launch ultra-small satellite (the size of a ball for table tennis) to a height of 30, 5 km: 3200

31. The number of layers of different materials inside the spacesuit Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11), stored in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: 21

32. Approximate age of eight meteorites, which are fragments of the asteroid Vesta - the oldest exhibit, part of a collection of Mini Museum (Hans Fex project): 4.5 billion years

33. The estimated speed of the spacecraft LightSail, proposed in the draft organization of The Planetary Society, which studies the possibility of creating a spacecraft with a solar sail under: more than 240 000 km / h

34. Weight Light Phone, credit card-sized cell phone, which is designed to reduce your dependence on gadgets: 38, 5 g

35. The number of years separating the output of the last Canadian comic book superheroine Nelvane and start the project on Kickstarter for its "resurrection»: 67

36. Number of comic books, events, online comics, anthologies and novels in comics, successfully launched on Kickstarter - the anniversary of the compilation of works of Tom TOMORROW This Modern World to the doctoral thesis Veronica Burns "Theoretical chemistry of the solid state in the comics»: 3521

37. Approximate number of frames in the film Cheatin 'Bill Plympton, the only living now animator draws each frame of his own in his works: 40000

38. The number of weddings held in the "one-time" church in the Lower East Side (Manhattan Area): 136

39. The number of weddings, played between the creator of a successful project and one of its sponsors: 1

40. Number of songs that contain the word "love" - ​​this result provides a multimedia project Tahir Hemphill Hip-Hop Word Count, text database of songs, writing in "rap" style and "hip-hop" from 1979 to the present day: < 48414

41. The number of people who supported the fundraising for the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) - the founder of this MAI hugged each of them: 1359

42. Number of projects in one way or another there is an image of the heart: 1334

43. Number of projects in one way or another there is an image of the brain (mind): 758

44. The number of neurons in the brain of the first digital organism - OpenWorm was designed to accelerate brain research and the development of computational neuroscience: 302

45. The number of fonts, created in the framework of the project on Kickstarter - from Aerial Bold, whose dimensions allow you to create labels that are visible on aerial photography, to the font, created on the basis of manuscripts of Sigmund Freud: 71

46. ​​The percentage of critics approved resource Rotten Tomatoes, which positively assessed the psychological horror The Babadook: 98%

47. The number of public gardens and vegetable gardens, created in the framework of special projects: 48

48. Number of "publicly available" fruit trees, to be planted by activists of Endless Orchard ( «Infinite Garden") in California: 200

49. The area of ​​tropical forests, endangered species, which have been placed microphones, powered by solar energy and designed to monitor illegal logging and poaching activities (Rainforest Connection project): 4874 sq. km

50. The number of US classes for children from 3 to 9 years who received access to interactive solutions that increase literacy (LeVar Burton and project Reading Rainbow): 10000

51. Age Siberian actinobacteria photographed Rachel Sussman for the "oldest living beings in the world»: 400-600 thousand years

52. Age of the competitors in the film Gold Balls, an exciting documentary film about the annual American Tennis Championships for seniors: 80-94 years

53. The number of strangers who were able to communicate through the project Portals Page, a global network of shipping containers painted in golden color and equipped with modern audio-video, creating the effect of presence: 10000

54. Quantity (approximate) of unexploded mines in Afghanistan, to combat which was created Mine Kafon, mechanical field engineer, able to move due to the effect of the wind: 5-7 million

55. Number of Kickstarter projects that have become part of the collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (hint: look for Mine Kafon, Makey Makey, Ototo and BRCK!): 4

56. Weight "gun", firing cereal for breakfast - BOOM !, the central exhibit undertaken by the Museum of Food and Beverage: 1451 kg

57. The height of musical installations Got the Power: Minnesota, created Bayete Ross Smith and consists of 80 vintage "boom boxes»: 4, 57 m

58. The number of people around the world who, through a projected Olafur Eliasson device Little Sun Charge, will be able to gain access to electricity: 1100000000

59. The number of people who are self-made spectrometer using the recommendations prepared by the project Public Labs - the device allows you to analyze the extent of environmental contamination: 7417

60. The number of people who supported the hypnotic light and music experiment Kaki King The Neck is the Bridge to the Body: 910

61. Timing video, filmed for a documentary Flex Is Kings, tells about modern urban dance movement Flexing: 275 hours

62. Number of successful film projects Kickstarter, nominated for the "Oscar»: 11

63. The number of films made with the support of sponsors for a Kickstarter, which won the "Oscar»: 1

64. The number of successful projects, the founders whose names were Oscar: 16

65. The number of garbage trucks owned utilities Austin, who participated in the choreography (Trash Dance project): 16

66. The number of spectators in the history of the first 23-hour broadcast Ballet World Ballet Day Live, which was attended by ballet companies from the US, Canada, UK, Russia and Australia: 307 393

67. The number of minutes of "pure adrenaline of performing" in an experimental theater and dance performance Star Crap Method, staged Larissa Velez-Jackson: 480

68. The number of 5-star reviews on Amazon to the card game Cards Against Humanity: 28986

69. The lifetime of "temporary" restaurant, a draft of which was launched by chef John Fraser, owner of the stars from MIchelin: 9 months

70. The number of successful projects KIckstarter of the total number of innovations, caught in the annual list of the magazine TIME «25 best inventions of the year" in 2013 and 2015: 20%

71. The area of ​​the art project Cool Water, Hot Island, created by artist Molly Dilworth and placed in Times Square - considered one of the biggest art projects ever were on Manhattan: more than 4600 square meters. m

72. Number of people from theater company We Players, participating in the performance Hamlet on Alcatraz - is a unique artistic community on the island of Alcatraz: 50

73. Number of projects in one way or another connected with the works of Shakespeare: 274

74. Number of projects in one way or another connected with the Cthulhu: 170

75. Number of projects connected with Shakespeare, and Cthulhu: 1

76. The number of masks to illustrate the creatures from the books of Jorge Luis Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings "(American artist Kest Schwarzmann project): 197

77. The temperature in the kiln for firing ceramics used in the application of marine monster image on the traditional dinner plates with blue willow pattern (Calamityware project - disasters scene on classic china): 1500 degrees

78. Time spent by artists in the studio on board the cargo ship that crossed the Pacific Ocean - from Vancouver to Shanghai (Access Gallery project): 23 days

79. The number of successful projects launched on Kickstarter Canadians - from the book of outstanding poet Shane Koychan A Bruise on Light, before computer games for the "survivalist» The Long Dark: 2633

80. The number of successfully implemented on Kickstarter games that you can play right now on Steam gaming platform: 150

81. The total area of ​​18 real cities, which was created by 8-bit map of a la "video games of 1980»: almost 9700 square meters. km

82. Number of RPG, created with the help of Kickstarter - from the cowboy steampunk adventure to the rebels robots seized terraform Mars: 981

83. Approximate weight robot height of 4, 5 meters with the possibility of placing two men inside - in the framework of the project will be held MegaBots duel of two giant robots: just over 5600 kg

84. The number of substitutions of the word "nigger" with the word "robot" in the book "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Robotic Edition ", a satirical remix of the classic book by Mark Twain - a project is a protest against censorship reprint: 219

85. The number of words that are excluded from (or in nevoshedshih) major English language dictionaries that are going Wordnik resource to find and publish online: 1 million

86. The number of words that The Noun Project visualized and classified, and then joined in the library of easy-to-understand icons that everyone can use: 150 000

87. The number of languages ​​that are in danger of extinction, whose alphabets was decided to keep using them as ornaments for woodcarving: 26

88. The number of "mysterious letters" sent by "good people" - the artists Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe going to send handwritten letters to each of the inhabitants of the Earth: 2132

89. The estimated number of people in the world, which Helen and Michael still have to write a letter: 7400345312

90. The number of successful projects in the World Music category - by compiling tracks authors who were inspired by the singing of endangered South American birds, to a selection of music tracks downloaded from the phone memory of inhabitants of the Sahara: 761

91. The number of unemployed payphones used in the art project Pay Phone Revival Project (East Austin): 15

92. The number of bee colonies, beekeepers are losing each year - according to the community The Beez Kneez, started the project Revive the Hive, which aims to become a "hub" for beekeepers and honey production bike enthusiasts using: 30-40% b >

93. The number of murders in the District of Columbia in 2014, according to the report of the pilot online resource Homicide Watch DC, dedicated to criminal proceedings - the project aims to change the approach to the investigation of crimes: 92

94. The amount of works of Chilean poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, was considered lost - were found and prepared for printing Copper Canyon Press: 20

95. Number of years in the life of Maya Endzhelou, poet, member of the movement for civil rights and the holder of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is dedicated to the first documentary: 86

96. Approximate number of creative works and cultural artifacts that have been preserved, restored or renovated - from the masterpieces of the composer Joaquin Orellana sofa to President Lincoln: 128

97. Number of successful film projects, which can be found on iTunes now - from the documentary paintings Our Nixon, created on the basis of personal film archives of three advisers of the American president to the vampire-horror Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Spike Lee: 277

98. The duration of the video, commissioned by the British Board of Film Classification. Topic: white paint drying on the walls of a room. Objective: To stimulate public dialogue on the topic of censorship: 607 minutes

99. The number of requests for information by US citizens, referring to the Law on free information from the 1966 (FOIA). All requests have been sent to more than a thousand government agencies through a unique online project FOIA Machine: 2217

100. The number of projects creators, who enjoy creative freedom, allowing to implement new ideas with the help of sponsors community, and who continue to build around him a world full of inspiration, diversity and creativity: 100%
< br> * In any case, we present here the word multimedia artist and creator of the project Hip-Hop word Count Tahir Hemphill: "All figures are approximate, because this information»

. Source: The First 100 000 Funded Kickstarter Projects in 100 Numbers



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