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Photo Nura Headphones

In our blog at GT we talk about new technologies and devices, punctually appearing in audiosfere. For example, not so long ago we talked about the unusual speakers. There was also a post on unusual instruments, electronics musicians.

Today I would like to dwell on the audio technology that is only preparing to enter the market.

Every day, people around the world come to mind amazing ideas that they seek to implement. The creators of these projects are studying target markets, write business plans and are making great efforts to implement them. However, not all reach the goal. Many audiokproekty or closed or absorbed by larger Internet companies.

The main problem of these start-ups - the licensing of music. Rights holders need fabulous royalties that can not afford a new enterprise. Labels are constantly trying to raise the price of music. First were the "showdown" with Apple's, because the company refused to sell music more than $ 0, 99, then "under the distribution of" hit Pandora and other services strimingovye.

From difficulties with licensing spared technical startups involved in the development and creation of audio applications. Today on the market there are many such projects.

For example, some of them were covered in the Midem Festival, held in France. In 2016, prizes were awarded projects such as Mimi Hearing - the app adjusts to hearing music under particular user. The program automatically changes the volume and equalizer adjusts to the listener by not lost a single sound.

Also Stagelink project was awarded. This program is for connection of fans with their idols. Thanks to her, the producers can assess where the strongest performer wait and plan a schedule of performances. The project was launched in Germany in 2014 and has already gathered an audience of 100 thousand. Fans. During this time it has been sold tickets worth over $ 500 thousand.

Not spared and "iron" startups. The Swedish company Mind Music Lab Sensus has developed a guitar equipped with different "chips". But what to say, take a look for yourself.

From grants to kraudfandinguPoluchit the main prize in the competition, of course, nice, but they are rarely carried out, and the win is not so simple. Fortunately help in the realization of the idea of ​​standing ready to ordinary people. Companies publish on platforms kraudfandingovyh projects concept where users can fund their favorite product. On platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo recorded many different audiostartapov. Here are some of them.

Headphones Nura

project (photo at the beginning of the article) is very similar to the previously submitted Mimi Hearing, only in this case, the "adjusted" for the listener on the concept headphones themselves. On the surface they appear to be conventional full-size headphones, but if you examine them closely, you will notice that they are built more and intracanal.

In-ear monitor broadcast high frequencies, and a full-size bass is transmitted. Moreover, such a structure allows for better noise insulation. At the moment, the project has collected an amount that exceeded the mark of $ 1, 8 million.

Bracelet subwoofer The Basslet

Photos The Basslet

Incredible gadget, wearing which you can enjoy music and literally feel the bass. The project has already secured the support of publications such as TechCrunch, The Verge, Engadget and Highsnobiety. The collected amount exceeded the required almost 9 times. The developers believe that their device is able to change the scope of entertainment.

Portable heater Solar MacroBoom

Photo MacroBoom

This can come in handy PC Speaker avid travelers. One side of the device is fully reserved for the solar cell. The gadget is not afraid of dust and water, has a shock-resistant housing and is able to work up to 15 hours. The project has already collected the necessary amount; pre-sales will begin very soon.

Headphones with 3D-sound WAVES Nx

Photo WAVES Nx

According to the developers, these headphones can take you to a concert of your favorite band. The device monitors the position of the head and creates the necessary surround sound.

Mogees Play

Photo Mogees Play

An interesting device that turns any surface into a controller. Adjoining it, for example, to the wall and connected to the phone, you can turn it into a musical instrument. For a device specially designed several apps that allow you to record your music.

The gadget can be used for practical purposes, such as the non-contact light switch. The gadget has been featured on the show Jimmy Kimmel and received the approval of the public

Muzo -. Creates an atmosphere of tranquility

Photos Muzo

Attach the device to any surface (such as a window), and it will begin to absorb all the excess vibration, in order to bring into the house an atmosphere of calm. The Muzo also incorporated a large number of nature sounds to help you relax. An interesting feature of the device is "Secret" mode, protection against eavesdropping and making it unreadable people in the room.

Personal Trainer Vi

Photo Vi

The system monitors all major indicators: pulse, heart rate, pace, speed, and even keeps track of the weather. Headphones will adjust the training program in accordance with the stated requirements. The device can be used as a conventional headset for listening to music or phone calls.

The project looks promising and has already collected an amount of 13 times the original. Market entry is planned in 2017.

Personal Translator The Pilot

Photo Boredpanda

Of course - this is the next step in the field of machine translation. This gadget is able to translate the heard it almost instantly. This Babel fish of our time [Babel fish - is fictional creature from the series of fiction the English writer Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", which helps to translate the speech of alien races - approx. Ed.].

At this time Pilot can handle English, French, Spanish and Italian, you need only select the desired in the application. In September this year, the product has to appear on store shelves.

In conclusion, we note that such a variety of audio technology moves the industry forward. Who knows, maybe some of the solutions presented here will go down in our lives with you and will radically change the idea of ​​sound, music and audio ecosystem as a whole. Time will tell.

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