Headset AfterShokz Bluez. Sound directly into the brain

It's no secret that the technology of sound transmission through the bone there for quite some time. However, the mass products for the first time we encountered this in Google Glass. Yet remember that there is no earphones that are inserted into the ear, but only a vibration plate that transmits sound almost directly in the head. It turns out that this is not the only solution on the market, and now have a headset that works on the same principle. And, despite the horrendous name "Bone Headset" model Aftershokz Bluez really conveys the sound and well functioning. Let's look at it in detail.

For transmission of sound through the bone, many people are still skeptical. Someone thinks it's bad, someone even said that it's all fiction and sound, we still hear the ear. Opinions may be many, but I tinker with these headphones for a week and I can say for sure - the technology works. Of course, I'm not an expert and I can not judge how bad that comes into your bones vibration, but in my opinion, plugs in his ears not very useful. At least, that the use of headphones is deteriorating hearing I read, but that's about "bone" sensitivity until some adequate studies have not seen.

However, since I am myself a skeptic by nature, I also could not believe that this gadget works. In general, to some extent, I was right. In fact over the usual rubber pads hidden speakers. Yes, and you can perfectly hear the sound through the ears. Moreover, if the membrane is not directly against the bone, and simply inserted in their ear, the sound is heard better. But I decided to check whether the sound is transmitted through the bones of the music or is it just something that I heard with my own ears. And what easier way to do this? That's right, my ears and try to listen to headphones. This was done. With earplugs I isolate your hearing aid from external sounds and even specifically checked with conventional headphones that do not hear anything. Then put on a headset AfterShokz and you know, really, the sound through the bone perfectly transmitted. In fact in those moments I have only heard the music from the headset and your voice, because He also resonated through my head. No external sounds, whether the person's voice, the music from the speakers or the noise from the street, I did not hear. It would seem, what's the pros?

For the average audiophile this headset, of course, is hardly useful. He would rather prefer a good monitor ears. But its target audience is, these headphones. In the first place, it is the athletes who are engaged in the fresh air. When you run, it's important to hear everything that is happening around you, not to get hit by a car, and do not lose touch with the outside world. In addition, these headphones handy and motorists. Now all wireless headsets that are on the market, take one ear. That is, at the wheel you have one less body, and when you leave the car, listen to music too difficult. With these headphones everything a bit easier. When you're in the car, you can hear both the interlocutor, and environmental sounds. Of course, I do not know how the police will react to the fact that you are coming in the headphones, but this is unlikely as something written in our laws. In addition, this headset is suitable hearing people. Phone and a regular headset for obvious reasons they can not use. Even if they do not complete and partial loss of hearing, they still need to do the headphones maximum volume. With these settings, the eardrum can be damaged even more, and all the sounds will be heard a few feet away from you. A AfrerShokz can stream music or voice of the interlocutor directly into the inner ear.

Yes, with regard to concerns about the use of headphones, you do not need to be afraid of anything. Method of delivery to the sound of the basilar membrane in the inner ear can be both air and bone. Nothing unnatural here. Besides, when you hear your own voice, some vibrations transmitted to your brain just bone manner. By the way, so the voice that is heard you and one that you can feel on the record is different. Because there is no record vibrations transmitted by the bone canal. Well, something I delved into the medical theme, it's time to move on to the review of the gadget.

Options h4>

Of course, when you open the box with the headphones you never know what it is detected. It happens that except the headphones and extra ear cushions inside and there is nothing, although the packaging is great. And it happens that in a set of adapters for a bunch of different connectors, cover, unless replacement headphones do not lie. As for picking AfterShokz Bluez, it is something in between. In the box I found the headphones themselves, soft case with a couple of pockets for transportation, special gum to resize the headphone cable to charge and pack of recycled paper in the form of instructions in different languages. In general, it is not unusual. Although probably worth mentioning separately elastic to adjust the size.

If this thing to put on the headphones, you can reduce their size. For example, I do not need it, because circumference of the head is quite large. But here's the girl or guy with tiny skulls (sounds ominous, huh?) Handy. I remember when I used to have headphones with such a design, many suffered because could not in any way reduce the shackle and it is constantly hanging out. With such rezinochkoy problems with adaptation under the appropriate head will not.

Appearance h4>

Headphones look stylish and modern. Black casing, but, unfortunately, outside it is glossy, so fingerprints are visible on it perfectly. The inner surface of the mat, this combination looks great. Smooth lines and smooth transitions only complement the style headset.

 Basic controls are behind the arc. Here is the lever to turn on the headphones, LED, which reports low battery or that the headphones are included. Here is a volume rocker and a cap, beneath which hides the microUSB connector for charging the device. The fact that the controls are placed behind any minuses no, adjust the volume convenient discomfort arises.

In addition, the left and right speaker also has controls. The left button to answer the call and the microphone, it's not just the headphones and headset. Right button start and stop playback. With long press on the right earpiece pairing mode is activated with a smartphone or a player by Bluetooth.

 Per person AfterShokz headphones look pretty strange. Due to the fact that the headphones are not inserted into the ear, and leans against the cheekbones. However, this is only an initial impression, and who will stare? If you do not pay attention to it, the headphones look just a stylish accessory, with how they fit into sportswear, and to their suits, thanks to a neutral black color.

 The membrane, which is just adjacent to your bones made of soft rubber and black. It pleasant to the touch, so no irritation or discomfort can cause. Headphones are not tight, so even after extended wear inconvenience arises.

Despite the fact that these costs headphones 250 mAh battery, they weigh only 43 grams. On his head is felt, but literally the first five minutes. Then you get used to and hear a sound. By the way, the built-in battery lasts about 4-5 hours of music playback. A little, but I roughly a day and listen to my headphones.

Impressions h4>

Frankly, after a week of testing these headphones, I got mixed feelings. On the one hand, the headset uses an interesting technology that will help motorists and hearing-impaired people and athletes. In terms of convenience, the gadget is almost perfect. It is not felt on the head, the sound heard is good (not as if the insert membrane in the ears, of course, but good). But there is a practical device and cons. Personally I did not like that, even at medium volume surrounding hear the sound is quite loud. This could be corrected more tightly pressed membranes to the bones of the head, but then it would be a tangible discomfort. And of course, when there are very loud, these headphones will not listen. That is, if the subway with conventional plugs can isolate itself from the noise of the train, here, and you'll hear the music and noise. But overall I liked the gadget. Even though the cons, there are places where this headset convenient to use. For example, for the same wheel. It was very easy to drive and talk on the phone, and when I got out of the car to get to the store, I could just listen to music in stereo.

I liked the sound quality. Yes, if you bring a rubber membrane to the ears, the sound will be louder, but less clean. But wearing headphones so uncomfortable, yet they are "incarcerated" is to lie on your bones. At high volume, the membrane begins to vibrate noticeably and even a little tickle. But listen to these headphones at maximum practically impossible, it was very loud and would rather turn off. The sensitivity of the speaker is 100 ± 3dB, and the frequency range extends from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Pros and Cons h4>

Pros h5>
  • audio technologies through the bone
  • The ears are not busy
  • Easy management
  • The ability to hear sounds for the hearing impaired li >
  • Comfort using

    Cons h5>
    • The glossy body
    • Ambient also hear the sound

      Conclusion h4> Headphones AfterShokz Bluez, are certainly interesting gadget. Geeks who can not yet afford to Google Glass, but want to test the transmission of sound through the bone, may purchase such a device. I am sure that the headset is useful to athletes, motorists and those who, for whatever reason, are hearing impaired. Generally I would recommend them especially those involved in sports. Himself often ride a bike with one earphone, since need to hear what is happening around. Whether car rides, or a person from the corner of the top. Yes, and in the hall on the treadmill with this gadget is convenient. It seems to be listening to music, and the like and you hear the sound of the simulator. But here, as someone like that. Some also like to complete immersion in the audio recording.

      By the way, I should note that these headphones can be very convenient for you, in connection with the design. Therefore, I recommend to try them on before buying. Are the headphones in the area of ​​4200 rubles. In general, it is a mediocre price of Bluetooth-headset. So, the cost AfterShokz Bluez adequate and appropriate market niche.

      P.S. As for the fact that you can hear the sounds of the outside world, then it's difficult to determine good or bad. It seems to be yes, we often wear headphones to isolate themselves from the noise and feel the atmosphere of the music. Of course, for such a scenario Bluez bad fit. And if you think about it, how often we sit at home or work with a headset, because colleagues need to hear or listen with one ear of the football match on TV? In general, some unequivocal answer is not here. One thing is clear that the right to life of this gadget is there, we just have to figure out when and where it should be applied.

      Source: habrahabr.ru/company/medgadgets/blog/222347/


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