Young Beethoven deaf boy in headphones playing synthesizer Aftershokz

I've already briefly talked about , in some cases, hearing loss, bone conduction of sound can be the solution, and even brought a review that is left to us by Geektimes after use Aftershokz (in this post).

This was curious why the advertising strategy Aftershokz did, in fact, this is not reflected their ability, but mainly the headphones are positioned as "safe and sports", allows you to hear what is happening around and answer calls and listen to music.

However, there is a chance that the situation will change, and judging by the one of the latest tweets in official account , was moved by the history of the manufacturer of the young musician.

A week ago, the boy laid movie where he plays the synthesizer headphones. As reported in the исходном material , a boy was born with microtia, a congenital underdevelopment of the ear, and doctors warned the parents that the child will be deaf.

However, the boy's father turned out to be probably a little better educated doctors, and remembered the bone conduction of sound, which turned out to be normal in a child, and the boy began to attach to the music. When I heard about Aftershokz - I decided to try.

A boy plays Beethoven's i>

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