The Story of a pope.

Late morning. Sleep. Nobody at home, at work today, you can not rush, so sweet yawn and turn to the other side, burying her in a blanket. Suddenly, barely audible voice from another room

Boy: - No, not so!

Girl: - What?

Boy: - Why, put your hand here, from the top, and spend ... Just do not pull a hand!

Girl: - So ?!

Boy - Yeah ... Well, everything turns.

Girl: - What about now?

Boy: - Now here's here ...

Boy: - And here ...

Boy: - And ...

Girl: - Hang on, do not bother, I'll want to! ..

Boy: - Well ... Come on itself. Just quickly, but then I also want!

There was? No, not heard. What kind of garbage ?! The blanket aside, ushy locators feel for how the sound source.

Girl: - What's that? What a beautiful ... What to do with it?

Boy: - What?

Girl: - That's what!

Boy: - What? I do not see! .. Oh, this ... This, Flax, the most useful thing. Look. Time. Two. And yet.

Girl: - I can not!

Boy: - you can! I also did not immediately realized why he ...

Girl: - No, I can not!
Continued ...

Boy: - Yes you can, you can! That's ... that's ... Just need faster! Faster and all! .. Here Videsh ?! Well done!

Girl: - Wow !!!

Boy: - Hush, and then wake up dad!

Girl: - Okay, okay ...

And Dad had shizeet and trembling hands hastily pulls jeans, wondering: 9 years! Well, should not be the same, huh ?! Well, should not ... What if ?! And if? Akseleratov, blah ...

Boy: - Faster! Faster! No, better to let myself, you can not do ...

Girl: - Wait, I already work! Aha!

Boy: - Well! ..

Girl: - What did I say ?!

Boy: - Well, okay.

Girl: - And now? It?

Boy: - Not! This is inconvenient. See how closely it ... Well, where you climb ?! Better to go there. Yeah! Correctly. Len, you're back you pull ?! Just take it and lead.

Girl: - It turned out it! Wow! ..

Boy - I still get better when you do not interfere!

Girl: - Of course, you've been training ...

Boy: - Of course! I'm the last four years alone ...

Girl: - Sorry, I have no such ... Nikita and if the school to try?

Boy: - What do you mean! And if they see the teacher? Or parents ?!

Girl: - It's a pity ...

Boy: - Of course, I'm sorry ...

Girl: - Are you someone else was showing?

Boy: - Not! Only you, as a friend. Only you do not tell anyone, look!

Girl: - Okay, I will not say ...

Pope frantically pacing the room in search of his shirt. Well, how's it, huh? That is something he did not even ask where babies come from ... We all say, ask, but my - no. A grandmother, fool him this encyclopedia for the children of anatomy ... gave to the children for the children, and painted it as it is ... To hell shirt, sweater even find ...

Girl: - Uncomfortable somehow ...

Boy: - Yes, take away, take away you have them, that had not mingled!

Girl: - Where?

Boy - I do not know. Well, throw ...

Girl: - And this?

Boy: - No, leave it!

Girl: - Look, I'm tired, let you yourself ...

Boy: - Come on ...

Girl: - Wow! How cool!

Boy: - And ... Wait, I'll even show you something!

 - - Out of the room, pulling a sweater on the go. Shit! Show ?! What he had not had time to show her something? Huh?! .. Login? .. Maybe shout? Or? .. Damn! And I will tell her parents, then? And ?!

Girl: - Give! Well, let me! Well, Nikita ... Well ...

Boy: - Do not bother, you're very ... Well, Len! Well ... a fool !!!

All! Very I open the door to another room and intruding




Boy: - Dad, what are you doing? .. Dad, can we have on your laptop with Lena still a little bit in Kwaku play? Oh, please ...

I - exhaling slowly - Mmm-MMO can be ... Hello, Lena. Only ... it ... Nikita look, do not call anymore, okay? ..

Boy: All right, Dad.

I came out stiffly, very slowly and gently closing the door.

Boy: - Well, Len, it's your turn to play.

Girl - Yeah ... And where to now?

Boy: - And now lie down and cautiously, cautiously, slowly ...

Girl: - Yes, I have understood, I understood ... And come together at the same time?

Boy: - Come on! .. At the expense of "three". One two Three!


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