You just broke down the psyche of your child! Bravo!

- Pope mutilate their children. Please!

I decided to write the lyrics after witnessing a scene from the life of the pope and his son in the store. Forgive me for my anger and despair ... And, please, read this article to the end. I know it is long, but it is important to know.

It should be heard. This need to share.

We Noah stood in line for a return of goods, when I saw a little boy (he was no more than six years). He looked at my dad and asked timidly whether you can buy an ice cream when they finish cvoi case. His father looked down on him, and through his teeth, so he left it alone and was quiet. The boy immediately pressed himself against the wall and stood there, motionless and resentful, for some time.

The queue moved slowly and the child gradually moved back to his father, quietly humming a melody and a children's forgetting about anger, which to him has just expressed. The father turned and cursed the boy's noise. The boy again shied away from him and snikshy again pressed himself against the wall.

How could he put out all the happiness that is given its own boy? How can this man not cherish the precious short time when it is all for his son, a man who means to his son more than anything in life?

We are left with three front counter. The boy began to move again in the direction of the pope. The father immediately came out of the turn, squeezed his hands on the shoulders, while the son is not winced, and threatened: "If you still sound izdash or depart again from the walls of the houses you get me." The boy pressed his back against the wall. This time, he did not move. He does not utter a sound. His face dropped, facial expression was closed and expressionless. He was coerced by. His father did not want to deal with it, and break the kid - it was the easiest solution.

We wonder why so many children grow up spoiled.

I'll be blunt. People see my relationship with Noah and often put me on a pedestal, or sing my praises, because I love his son more than other fathers. What nonsense! I do not understand it and will never understand. love his son and raise him, to touch him, play with him, to be with him - these tasks by virtue not only Superman. They are under the power of any pope. Always. Certainly. And in me is nothing special. I am a dad who loves his son and is able to do just about anything for his well-being, safety and health. I'm ready to get in the face with a shovel or hammer the leg, if I shall be going to pull up your son or make him feel ashamed.

Believe me, I'm not the perfect dad. And always be so. But I'm damn, great dad, and my son will always feel at the height of what life would be presented to him either. Why is that? Because I know the impact that the father of a child's life and the level of self-reliance. I realize that everything I do or say, soak my son, to the benefit or detriment. I just do not understand how some dads do not realize it!

Pope! Your faces light up when you see your baby after you wake up in the morning or when you come home from work? Do not you realize that all his notions of good and evil can be rotated around what he read on your face at the first meeting of this day?

Pope! Do you not realize that the child will be what you tell him about himself? People almost always correspond to the labels that are stuck to them. It is what did your child can actually be "stupid things you've ever seen?" This truth was "the most ridiculous antics that they may have committed?" Do you really believe that your child - an idiot? And he - now believes. Bravo! Think about it.

Pope! Do you really think that someone believes in something like hard for you to move on and twenty minutes from the computer or turn off the TV in order to play with your child? Do not you You realize that the credibility of children will depend on whether to play with them and their dad how much they are involved in the game? Do you know what damage you cause children are not playing with them every day?

Pope! Do you think anyone will buy silly idea that anger is sometimes or often necessary? Do not you understand that anger is almost always the prerogative of the people who want to control others, while unable to control themselves? You do not know that there are great books and courses that can teach you the best methods? And most importantly, do not you see the speed with which the child breaks down or completely out of hand when the family is ruled by anger? You are so insensitive to the radiance of the child's soul that does not feel overwhelmed when they wince and cringe in your presence. It's really what you want from them? That they may fear you?

Pope! Do not you realize that your child wants to feel your touch? Do not you imagine how incredible and strong bond will have the touch of his daughter? You really do not understand what persistent spiritual connections come at a time when you pet your son's back or blow into the bare belly of your daughter, telling a bedtime story?

Pope, wake up! These precious souls entrusted to your care, unique and very sensitive. Anything you say or do not say will affect their ability, success and happiness throughout their lives.

Do not you realize that your kids will make mistakes, and a lot? Do you not see what the harm is caused by poking your nose in his son's failure or forcing your daughter to feel worthless because she hurt herself or spilled something? Do you see how easy it is to make your child feel humiliated? So easy as to say, "Why would you do that ?!" or "How many times can be repeated ?!┬╗.

Let me ask you: Do you ever look at the swollen eyes of the parent whose child has just died? I've.

Have you ever wept at the funeral of a child? I sobbed.

Have you ever touched the wooden box with the child inside? Before the eternal grave, from which no longer will carry the laughter? I'm touched.

I pray you that never had a chance to experience.

If you need motivation to be the best parent on earth, do it all at least once.

Pope! It is time to tell our children that we love them. Always. It's time to show it to them. It's time to enjoy their endless questions, their inability to do things as quickly as we would like. It's time to enjoy their whims and desires. It's time to enjoy the expression of their faces and incorrectly spoken words. It's time to enjoy everything that is connected with our children ...

It's time to stand up and ask what we can do to be good dads. The time has come to place our priorities. Time to come home and really be a dad.

Pope! It is time to show our sons how to treat a woman. It's time to show our daughters what treatment they should expect. It's time to show generosity and compassion. It's time to show compassion to our children. It's time to break social norms and to teach children a lesson of a healthy lifestyle! It's time to show the correct gender roles and discard unnecessary. Is it important that your son loves the color pink? This will bring harm to someone? Do not you see what harms, says the boy, what happened to him that something was wrong, since he likes a certain color? Do we not see the harm that our girls hung on the label "tomboy" or our boys - "Girl" because they have their own preferences and opinions about things? Things that do not really matter?

Pope! Speak softly with his sons
Pope! We influence on children, saying that we believe in one thing and actually doing another
Not in our competence indicate the children what to think. But to teach our children to think correctly - we can. If we succeed, we can not worry about what the children choose for themselves, and how strongly will defend their choice. Man follows his beliefs all his life and beliefs of another person, he will follow as long as not to plunge head over heels.

Yes, hell is the Pope! Every child has the inherent right to ask for an ice cream and not to be humiliated for it. Every child has the inherent right to ask for ice cream and not shrink at the same corner of the fact that a man like him being a hero is really just a small little man. Every child has the inherent right to be happy: and giggle and laugh and play. Why do they do not allow it? Every child on earth has the right to a father who thinks before speaking; Pope, who understands that he gave great power - to shape the life of another person; a father who loves her child more than the TV shows and sports games; a father who loves his child more than his stuff; a father who loves his child more than one time. Every child deserves a superhero dad.

Perhaps the truth is that many dads do not deserve their children. Perhaps the truth is that many dads are actually not the Pope does.

I apologize for the tone of my text. I guess part of me feels like a coward because I did not say anything to the man in the queue. Let this be my repentance. I feel that even if only one dad read the text and decide to become a better life if at least one child will be better, because my words touched his father, every second of the time I spent was not in vain.

Pope! Children - a gift. We do not want to destroy it, but to create. So let's all go up together and show the world that there are a lot of good dads.

Author - Dan Pierce, a single father, in his blog, "Single Dad Laughing┬╗.

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