25 rare images of celebrities

So right away and not uznat.Zdorovo that besides the glossy magazine photo that is on everyone's mind is still possible to find a really rare photos of famous people who want to be considered infinite. Website likes this!

Frida Kahlo in 4 years, in 1911

Samuil Marshak with his sister, Susanna Yakovlevna (left) and his wife, Sophia Mikhailovna (right), 1912

David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve play chess during a break in the filming of "Hunger" in 1982

Twelve Vladimir Pozner in a New York apartment.

Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi.

Bruce Lee - champion cha-cha-cha, Hong Kong, 1958

Irina Alferov and Robert De Niro, Moscow, September 1983

Robert Englund in the film "A Nightmare on Elm Street", 1984

Farrukh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury), 1950

Neighbors vacationers Yury Nikulin and Mikhail Zharov in the village Zagoryanka 1972

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, 1957

Young Princess Diana and her guinea pig.

Leo Tolstoy and Ilya Repin in Yasnaya Polyana, 1908

Young Joseph Brodsky.

Frank Sinatra eats pancakes.

"Chaplin" (Michael Jackson).

Young Cristiano Ronaldo with his mother.

Prince Charles danced hopak, 1980s.

Albert Einstein at the Grand Canyon, 1922

Lyubov Polishchuk plays guitar.

Sergei Shnurov.

Wassily Kandinsky and his cat Vaska.

Clint Eastwood on the phone, 1956

Writer Roots Chukovsky at his dacha in Peredelkino with readers 1951

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