Photos for which the author was dismissed from work

outlawed in the USSR documentary fotografiya.Gruppa trivia - a photographer Vladimir Vorobiev Vladimir Szokolay and Alexander Trofimov, who worked at the turn of 70-80-ies at the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine (KMK). However, the chronicle of the plant among their pictures - in the absolute minority.

Once expelled from their main place of work of the denigration of the socialist way of life, they had to destroy part of the archives, and they freely engaged in a photo.

"We picked up a camera, and in the free mode walked down the street, calling it a" free hunting "and having no ultimate goal. Only in this mode, I have come to a complete film material ", - says Vladimir Szokolay - one of the band members.

Website offers a look at the pictures, which are generally not published until recently.

"Cneg on coke batteries," Koksokhim KMK, November 27, 1979.

"Celebration of Shrovetide miners", Novokuznetsk, 1984.

"Filling the ice stadium" Metallurg "" Novokuznetsk, February 11, 1984.

Thrive members did not leave with the cameras and outside the factory, and the working day. As a result, most of the work - this is everyday scenes on the streets of Novokuznetsk 80s.

The principles on which to take pictures Trivia - abandonment of retouching and cropping the footage. But most importantly - a complete rejection of staged shots. Everything that happens in the scene, is really going on; man with the camera never tells the heroes, how to make it photogenic, and does not ask them to repeat the missed time.


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