85 sites to search for telework

You can make what you really bored lyubite.Esli your office work, it is possible that these 85 sites will help you to finally do what you do best, and with far greater pleasure.

Website publishes a list of resources that will help you get a job like, wherever you happen to be right now.

Most Popular
Weblancer.net - the largest exchange of telework in RuNet. After registration is required to fill in the portfolio - will get more orders. Freelance.ru - one of the largest stock exchanges of freelancing in RuNet. Initially, the forum was. FL.ru - Exchange for freelancers different specializations. To effectively promote their services need to buy PRO-account. Freelancehunt.com - labor exchange for programmers, designers, copywriters and other professionals. FreelanceJob.ru - positioned as a market for professional freelancers with a good portfolio.

For copywriters
Etxt.ru - a popular market for copywriters and translators. A lot of work copywriting and rewriting, miscellaneous. Text.ru - Exchange for copywriters and rewriter. There are expensive orders to the tariff to 380 rubles per 1000 characters, as well as the contract price. Copylancer.ru - the largest exchange of content. Pays an average of 25 to 100 rubles. 1000 marks rewriting or copywriting. There are expensive and profitable orders. Advego.ru - one of the most popular stock exchanges for copywriters, songwriters, posters. On the site you can buy or sell articles, but the competition is high among the performers. Textsale.ru - one of the most popular stock exchanges for copywriters. You can sell the texts and articles at favorable prices. The exchange has a rating of popular articles - see it and write articles on popular topics, it will increase the chances of a quick sale text! Contentmonster.ru - a new market for copywriters. Many jobs. To get started, you want to take the test on the Russian language. Txt.ru - Exchange experienced copywriters. Pay up to 350 rubles per 1000 characters. Tasks enough. Cons for beginners - high quality requirements, payments every day. Miratext.ru - Exchange for copywriters with payment of 44 rubles per 1000 characters and more. There is a store of articles. To get started, you must perform three tests, to confirm qualification. Snipercontent.ru - a new market for copywriters. Orders is a little, but you can sign up for the future. Turbotext.ru - a new market for those who wrote the article. Here you can find the orders for texts for websites and sell the finished article. Neotext.ru - Exchange of content, usually a lot of orders for texts for the site. Paytext.ru - new Exchange copywriters and writers of texts. A lot of small, inexpensive orders, which will manage the Cubs copywriting. Ankors.ru - on the stock exchange have to be anchors (text links). Relatively easy job, by the assurance of the stock exchange, is able to generate about 5,000 rubles. per month. TextBroker.ru - a popular market for copywriters, allows you to sell the texts from 100 rubles per 1000 characters. My-publication.ru - professional community copywriters, distant work. Jobs, projects, portfolios, blogs. Smart-copywriting.com - Exchange for copywriters interesting project. Votimenno.ru - Exchange for the namer. The essence of the work - to come up with names for companies, domain names, slogans. Project budgets typically 500-2000 rubles. Krasnoslov.ru - young exchange texts. You can try your hand for beginners.

For programmers
1clancer.ru - Remote operation for specialists 1C. Many jobs with good budgets. Devhuman.com - a new service for IT professionals, startups and companies from the IT industry. Allows you to quickly assemble a team of experts to carry out any of any IT project. Modber.ru - Exchange work for the 1C-programmers. Freelansim.ru - Exchange primarily for IT professionals, especially programmers. Many interesting projects.

For lawyers and accountants
Pravoved.ru - Exchange for lawyers and lawyers. Customers ask questions - lawyers get paid for an answer. To get started, simply register with the service. HRtime.ru - Exchange remote work for specialists in the field of HR, recruitment, human resources.

For designers and illustrators
Logopod.ru - can be sold on the stock exchange logo and corporate identity. Illustrators.ru - Work for illustrators, new projects almost every day. Russiancreators.ru - a lot of projects for designers with a good budget, it is recommended. Shutterstock.com- Exchange pictures and illustrations. Ru.photaki.com - Exchange of images and illustrations. < / Istockphoto.com - Exchange of images and illustrations. On microstock there are exams. You must submit three photos and a theoretical test to pass. Dreamstime.com - Bank of images, illustrations, photographs. Pressfoto.ru - photo bank operates under license Royalty Free, standard and extended, and sells photos and illustrations. Lori.ru - photo bank. Fotolia.com - exchange images.

For the actors, models, photographers
Wedlife.ru - directory of wedding photographers and videographers. Rating performers. Fotogazon.ru - Exchange for photographers and cameramen. Provided paid account PRO. Birza-truda.ru - information about auditions for movies, TV series, filming. Virtuzor.ru - Exchange for actors, artists, musicians and representatives of other creative professions. Project work in the arts, entertainment and leisure. Fotovideozayavka.rf - Exchange for photographers.

For builders, engineers, architects
Interior-design.club/forums/18/ --time and permanent work for interior designers and decorators. New projects every day. Master.yandex.ru - Exchange to search for performers for personal services, including repairs. Service was created by Yandex. We're home - distant work for architects, designers, engineers, technicians, engineering systems, 3D-visualization. Proektanty.ru - the service of remote work for engineers . Chert-master.com - catalog of engineers work for specialists with technical education.

For students
Vsesdal.com - helps students to perform work and get paid for it. Help-s.ru - help solve the problem, write essays and make money on it! Author24.ru - Internet Exchange of authors and customers coursework, examinations, essays.

Sites for webmasters and bloggers
Telderi.ru - on the stock exchange to buy or sell the site, including income-generating. Cost of sites ranging from a few hundred to more than a million rubles. Sape.ru - on the stock exchange can rent links to your site and get a stable monthly income. Blogun - Exchange for bloggers. Through the Exchange, you can sell accommodation guards and advertising publications in the blog. GoGetLinks.net - Exchange purchase / sale of eternal links. Webmasters can earn on the placement of links to news and articles on its website.

Additional Resources
Moguza.ru - the service offers freelancers spread, what they can do and how much (for example, "to make a site for 1,000 rubles"). You can find the artist on a small budget. Jaaj.ru - auction freelancers. The customer puts the job - you can carry it out and get the money. Work for different specialists. Free-lancers.net - a young but promising market for telecommuting freelancers almost any profession. Great opportunities for portfolio design. Rating freelancers. Golance.ru - Exchange to work in a team. It has built-in tools for project management. Web-lance.net - a new exchange of telework. Gaining popularity. Revolance.ru - a small, but comfortable and friendly exchange of freelancing. Allfreelancers.su - Exchange remote work for freelancers of all professions. Webpersonal .ru - distant work for designers, programmers, managers, designers, copywriters. The service is free - anyone can register for free here your account and access to basic services. Freelancerbay.com - a promising service for freelancers, greater opportunities to set up an account and portfolio, low prices for paid accounts. Orders quite different directions - copywriting, translation, design, programming, promotion of sites. Free-lance.su - increasingly popular market, new projects appear every day. Among the advantages of the service include the availability of direct contacts between employers in the project (address, ICQ, phone). There's work to a freelancer! - Offer telecommuting with an opportunity to discuss each project. Selection of articles for freelancers. Dalance.ru - young Exchange remote work. Best-Lance.ru - Exchange remote work, there projects for freelancers beginners and professionals. Freelance.tomsk.ru - small Exchange remote work, new jobs appear almost every day. Makesale.ru - a new labor exchange with guaranteed payment. The main project for work with texts and postings. Free-lancing.ru - Exchange of specialists in different areas. Prohq.ru - a new interesting market for freelancers. It allows you to connect to the service IP or legal entity for official work. Worth a try experienced freelancers and professionals a high level.

Citycelebrity.ru - a lot of interesting competitions from top companies. Recommended. E-generator.ru - competitions for copywriters and namer. We need to invent names for products, companies, websites, slogans, scripts. The winner gets the money. Voproso.ru - you get the money, if you give the best advice and offer the best idea to solve customer problems. Registration is done through social networks.

Work in the CIS
ITFreelance.by - Belarusian Exchange remote work very convenient and useful. When you register you can immediately use the service and as a freelancer and as an employer. Freelance.ua - popular Ukrainian freelance Exchange.

Foreign resources
Freelancer.com - one of the largest western exchanges, brings together more than 8 million freelancers from around the world. The interface is translated into Russian. Odesk.com - US exchange with vacancies and job offerings from a single IT to accounting. Payment - MoneyBookers, PayPal, oDesk debit MasterCard. Elance.com - one of the leading foreign stock exchanges of freelancing for online work. Offers in the field of web design, translation, SEO, and others. Provides pay only for the result. Projectlance.com - Exchange for programmers grafik- and web designers. Proz. com - The International Marketplace for translators.

Search for jobs remote work
(aggregators of projects with service remote work)
Ayak.ru - easy viewing of projects on different exchanges work remotely. Donanza.net - search projects for freelancers on Western stock exchanges.

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