Remote work or office house

If you flour to sit through hours in the office, try be, for example, the freelancer, to cease to depend on the employer.

Remote work has a number of advantages. You, yourself boss, and time to dispose of also can!

How to go from normal operation to the remote?

I'm afraid just to leave in "free swimming"? Try to negotiate with management about working part-time. Labour legislation allows to establish an employee part-time at his request. If the boss gives you approval, then you will be able to attend at the office no more than 4 hours a day and at least 20 hours per week at five-day working week.

Payment, however, will also be relevant. Two times less, or depending on the volume of work. But you have saved all the labour law, the required employees with a full working day, including the right to paid annual leave.

Remote work — free choice

Work at home now called the buzzword freelance.In Runet can find more than a dozen exchanges:

Someone goes in freelancing is the call of the soul, someone internally, as could not find an opening after the dismissal. Others work part time freelancing in your free time.

The bowl of free bread leaves journalists, editors, programmers, translators, designers. But, in principle, to work remotely now can anyone. Importantly, the computer with Internet was at hand.

Advantages of telecommuting

Working from home has many advantages. You don't spend time on the road to the office, you have more free time, you can simultaneously execute orders for different clients you are working schedule: when you work and when to rest.Cons remote is robotino and cons: unstable work, lack of social protection, independent search of customers who are not always honest in terms of payment.

To avoid deception, always carefully check the reputation of a potential employer, read the reviews about it.

Options remote relativelylow offer remote work a lot. For example, you can try your hand as a so-called specialist website consultant: to answer questions of visitors in the area with which you are familiar. A good example of a site-consultant in the field of medicine There doctors answer medical questions. If you're a doctor, offer yourself as an expert.

If you have no clear specialty, for example, you're still a student, you can deal with moderation, classified ads sites: to check spelling, to reject spam and so on. To be a moderator, look for Craigslist and offer your services.

Remote work network marketingese one option of working outside of the office is to engage in direct sales or network marketing."Hitter" is a person engaged in the small retail sales counter and therefore looking for clients where necessary. It offers its products familiar and unfamiliar: demonstrating product, giving recommendations on its use.

In network marketing everyone is his own Manager and his own boss. The obtained reward depends only on you. ... To demonstrate and prodavatsya goods in offices and trains, it is necessary to be sociable, to have a strong nervous system. According to psychologists, in addition to the earnings, work the hitter helps the development of personality.

Jobs in the field of network marketing, you can easily find on a normal job site, specifying the appropriate key word. published



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