The most unusual offices (20 photos)

Natural office «Inventionland» Pittsburgh

Creative office in Switzerland

Office «Google» in Zurich

Lounge staff

Office for French companies «Pons» and «Huot»

Office digital agency «OKIA» Tallinn

Nest creative agency «Wieden + Kennedy» in Portland

Office of the company «Three Rings» in the style of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" in San Francisco

Office «Google» in Moscow

Office «Sid Lee» Montreal

Office «Google» with excellent views of Tel Aviv

Office «Red Bull» Austria

Office «GPT Group» in Australia with a stunning view of the city

Colorful office «BBC North» UK

'Soaring' offices «Macquarie Group» Australian

Office «DreamHost» Los Angeles

Resting place for the employees of the company «TBWA Hakuhodo» Japan

Cushions office «DTAC» Bangkok


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