Washington - city officials and patriotism (43 photos)

One blogger has visited the city of Washington and talked a little bit about it, and about the inhabitants of patriotism.

Not all of the capital of the same. There are those, like Rome or Stockholm, where officials once lost for places, crowds of tourists and the general informal atmosphere. There are those, like Moscow, where many officials, but so far the number of committees, ministries and the Popular Front still not enough to take the whole city. And there are the capital, where the sense of the city - officials. And by the way, I am not against the last version! Since so many public figures - build their own city! In Russia, that have not been reached, and the United States long ago did it. It is time to finally tell you about one of the most unusual cities in America - Washington.

Taking a walk in just three days earlier by a covered snowy elements of New York, I could not have imagined that I was in Washington to meet a real spring. Leaving a warm coat with cap and gloves in the hostel, I went to explore the capital, which the night before surprised white buildings and downright cosmic expanse.

The evening I was not deceived: Washington was indeed very clean, very well kept, very white and ... very similar. Usually focusing in cities quite well, here I am confused mercilessly, despite the convenient layout of the streets: from east to west - the size, from south to north - the letter (when, for example, make an appointment, you can say "at the crossroads of the 3rd and K »). A sort of chess.

What's really interesting in Washington and why you need to go here - it is a museum! They are free in the vast majority (heritage of the nation) and are of great interest. Alas, I had only two incomplete days, so I decided to limit ourselves to only one of them - the National Archives of the United States. That he is in the photo.

The National Archives relics of the country: the original US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. More here is legendary Magna Carta. But it is - take a look and say, "cool", but the fact that really was interesting - photos of presidents in childhood and their families, and an interactive room where every American can dig in the documents and try to reconstruct the history of his family since the relocation of ancestors in the US .

I spent an hour on the archive and museum programs decided this time to finish. It should still see something in the city.

But the big long white building bored very soon. Entirely offices, offices, ministries, agencies and offices ... Even back then had to find a cafe that America, with its usual abundance of provisions at every corner just not serious! Naturally, some of Washington's specialties and can not speak. McDonald found - and already pleased!

Such a large number of jackets and generally very serious uncle in America is nowhere. Even on Wall Street!

What modnyavye socks!

Tie-bureaucratic atmosphere of Washington's time to get bored in less than an hour walk. I decided to walk to the Capitol, and move from the center somewhere in a more interesting place.

Homelessness here in the minority compared to, for example, with the same New York. Still, there is not anyone here still buy food ...

Disgruntled American politicians also somehow lost and do not attract attention. In another town around like a freak could gather a whole sect! :)

Although in general there bored walk, sometimes come across funny characters. Advocates of dogs? :)

"Not allowed!» © more like Russia, frankly, than the United States.

Here are the full two-wheeled bike rental parking lot of friends, no one is interested.

else I can say about the transportation? Well, for example, I have seen such a contraption in one very important building. On the eve of a few people in uniform took off her plate with all the familiar letters «FBI».

And as usual transport famous "men in black" is more prosaic.

All the most famous places in Washington - Capitol and the Washington and Lincoln memorials - are on the same line, along the so-called National Mall length of more than 3 km, and between them are broken lawn ...

... And pretty small squares.

A lot of runners.

Even in Washington, playing football is not like the others. More precisely, for us it is the most correct, but for Americans, it is soccer, not the most popular sport.

It is a pity, because in Moscow will never be to the center of people can rest easy, to run across the lawn and play football. At this point, the first time for a walk, I envied Washingtonians.

That's the Capitol. Impressive from a distance, but up close a little bit disappointing ... Along the perimeter of a bunch of guards. It does not say anything, but look suspiciously at the camera. And let somehow ... As the Kremlin with us.

And on the other side of the Capitol Reflecting Pool is that it just reflects. The pool is terrible brazen seagulls live anywhere these have not yet seen!

Secretly tell you that for the sake of the frame with the night of the Capitol 20 minutes, I stood across the street from the pool (and this is still half an hour went to it), because at this time it is for this very road had to pass a tuple. However, the police were very polite, but still hurt it again to recall the Moscow everyday.

Since I mentioned the police, that's it. Nowhere, even in troubled Baltimore, I have not seen so many cops in America!

Slowly, little by little I moved toward the subway to go somewhere more interesting place. At the entrance to the subway - a barricade of newspaper machines.

In fact, this post about Washington could have ended. At first, I thought back to the city later, but in the end so stayed in the suburbs (especially in Alexandria, very cozy town, about which I will write separately) that came back only at night. I never saw the day or the Lincoln Memorial or the White House. Well ... not much regretted. :) Good Washington monuments and museums, there is good to bring patriotism to America. But for the festivities and to do something about it a long story, it boring. Therefore - down to the ground!

For the first time in the United States got into the subway, where the fare depends on the distance. I do not bother and paid $ 14 for unlimited travel for the day. Later, he paid for itself.

It's all standard, like Baltimore. At the exit you need a ticket again pass through the reader to enter - the price of something different can be.

At the station, I was waiting for a terrible disappointment: the more ugly the subway, I still never seen! Stations look like this.

Yes, I was not mistaken. It was not the station, and the station. Of course, I had not traveled a whole, but the half line was enough to understand the futility of this activity. Only means of transportation - and nothing more.

By the way! Here, too, it was his design of cars, as well as in other cities. Subways stations in the US are not very original, but different trains - the whole set.

Even more original interior of the car. The first time I see that on the floor in a public transport stele carpet.

Washington Metro serves not only the city itself. Its branches go far beyond the capital, on the other side of the Potomac River, which geographically belongs to the state of Virginia. There is less dense buildings, and most of the cars are on the top. And just at this station I need to go ...

Arlington Cemetery. This is a huge necropolis, where they found peace, many US military and some government officials. Very quiet and beautiful place, where the rest after the busy heart of Washington.

And the most famous burial place of pilgrimage here is akin to - there is so much visitors. It found peace spouses John and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Not far away, at the next metro station, is another legendary place. And advertising sotvetstvuet! :)

The Pentagon is guarded very seriously, that I was expected. At the metro station and around - a lot of the military. Everywhere hang signs «No photo». BUT! I was walking with a camera on the neck (do not photographed), and no one I did not say anything that they say, remove the device. On the other hand, had a chance to chat with one soldier, who was very cheerful and friendly guy. Taking photographs in the vicinity of the Pentagon's theoretically possible only in one place - at the memorial 11 September (if you remember, then went not only to New York).

At first, I must confess, I was going to the memorial, so that at least here in the frame to catch the Pentagon: it is very well-known place, I wanted to capture in the memory. But in the end he was impressed by the memorial, which I did not expect. It is much stronger than the actual US military. See how to perform this place. Something like site, which is crossed bands corresponding birth years victims of the terrorist attack.

On each such band are from one to several projections - in honor of each victim here. I do not know why they are pointing in different directions, but I assume that based on gender.

Under each of the projections swaying clean water, and is listed at the end of the name.

So the Americans have perpetuated the memory of all without exception perished in the terrorist attack at the Pentagon. I almost forgot about the building itself, for which come here. Here's his piece, right. And 41 minutes a photo too. But look there's not much to it, it's just the biggest departmental structure in the world. It's statistics. But then, as they honor the memory of the people - that is impressive.

That's all I wanted to tell you about Washington and its nearest suburbs. City left a dual impression. On the one hand, if I were an American, I would have brought here their guests from other countries, to show how proud States and as the country remembers its heroes. On the other, to live and work here, I would not want to. This is the city officials, and then you do not feel the spirit of the real America.
P.S. I would like to see the same city built in our country. Such that only there were so many police, only there to block roads and only there are all the government agencies. That they do not interfere with other people to live and did not take the fact that in all civilized countries belong to the citizens - the historic city center.
P.P.S. It is sad that with the fall of the Soviet Union in our country have forgotten how to build memorials to touch the soul, write inscriptions on monuments, etc. Suppose that before these monuments were more naive and unpretentious, but they had a soul. Now ... you can even build a dozen of triumphal arches in each city-hero, but it all just looks pathetic attempt to repeat the monuments of the Brest Fortress, Motherland and Victory Square in Minsk.

Thank you!

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