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As you know, the United States - a country in North America. Since 1959 in the United States includes the 50 states, each of which has a flag and motto. We go to Photo Tour of all of them. These pictures are not necessarily the business cards of each state, just interesting and remarkable images taken by photographers. 50 states, 50 pictures.

50 US states have borrowed their names from many languages. Thus, the name of the State of Illinois comes from the Indian "people." The official state nickname - "Land of Lincoln". The largest city - Chicago. Well, this cowboy from Berdstoun, May 6, 2012.

The edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, August 10, 2012. The name comes from the Indian "key source". The capital and largest city in the state - Phoenix. A large part of the state falls on mountains, plateaus and deserts.

USS Constitution («Konstityushn") - the oldest sailing ship in the world of being afloat. Also called Old Ironsides («old Ironsides"). Photo taken in the largest city in Massachusetts, located on the Atlantic coast - Boston. The name comes from the Indian state "a small place on the large hill».

Fans at the stadium during a football match between teams from Florida and Texas, September 8, 2012. The name of the cowboy state comes from the Indian "friends and allies." It is located in the south of the United States, and holds the 2nd place in the area after Alaska. The largest city - Houston.

Solar eclipse and windmill near Albuquerque, New Mexico (from the Aztec "god of war"), May 20, 2012. It is a mountainous state in the southwestern United States. It has an official nickname - "The land of charm." In general, the landscape here is diverse, from the broad desert and rugged lava fields to the high snowy mountain peaks. The largest city - Albuquerque.

Active cheerleader Kentucky Derby - one of the major sporting events in the city and throughout the Luzvill Kentucky (from the Indian "country tomorrow"), May 5, 2012. Active development of the state by Europeans began in the second half of the XVIII century. And Kentucky is the birthplace and the main area of ​​production of bourbon - American corn whiskey.

The name takes Oregon, presumably from the Spanish phrase "big-eared people". This is one of the so-called Pacific states. The official nickname - "Beaver State", the largest city - Portland. On the territory of Oregon is a lot of lakes, including the deepest (589 meters) in the country of Crater Lake.

These competitions titled Tough Mudder can be considered one of the most brutal sporting event in the world. Participants overcome the obstacles distance of 14 km, which is not inferior to the complexity of the training base of the British Special Forces. For example, you need to sail on the pond with dirt without touching the hanging wires. July 15, 2012, Vermont (in French "Green Mountain"). This is one of the smallest states in the US: by area - 45th, in terms of population - 49 minutes from all 50 states. The largest city - Burlington.

This Seattle - the largest city in Washington State, named in honor of George Washington. The official nickname - "Evergreen State". In Washington, the headquarters are located such corporations as Microsoft, Starbucks.

Fishermen on the lake in the state of New Hampshire on May 19, 2012. The name comes from the English county of Hampshire. The unofficial name - "Granite State", the largest city - Manchester

In Idaho periodically occur strong wildfires. Here the veterinarian examines the bear, who suffered from another forest fire burns the paws and got 2nd degree, August 28, 2012. Due to the abundance of natural resources of this mountainous state in the Pacific Northwest has the nickname "the gem-state».

Minneapolis - the biggest industrial city of Minnesota. About a third of the territory is covered by forests. Also, in the territory of Minnesota is more than 10 000 lakes, which is reflected in one of the official state nicknames - "the land of 10,000 lakes».

Graves 220,000 fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, May 24, 2012. It is named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. Capital - Richmond, the largest city - Virginia Beach.

Rice fields in Arkansas, August 16, 2012. The name comes from the name of a tribe of the same name. Arkansas - the leading states in the country for the production of rice. Its official nickname - "Natural State". The capital and only major city is Little Rock.

Capitol, the largest city in the state of West Virginia - Charleston. This is one of the so-called South Atlantic States. The official nickname - "Mountain State". About 80% of the territory is covered by forests.

The Civil War in the United States. Reconstruction of the Battle of Antietam on Sept. 17, 1862 - the bloodiest battle in US history with more than 23 000 people killed, wounded and missing. Reconstruction was carried out historical club in Maryland on September 15, 2012. It is one of the so-called Mid-Atlantic and one of the 13 states have committed the American Revolution. Named in honor of the British Queen Mary, wife of Charles I.

End of the season in the Park Aquatic Center, Sioux Falls - the largest city in South Dakota ("Union of friends" in the language of the Sioux). In general, the service sector is the main sector of the economy of the state. And South Dakota ranks third in the US share of Indians in the population.

Lightning on the beach in South Beach, Florida (Spanish for "covered with flowers"). Capital - Tallahassee, the largest city - Miami. The climate of Florida called the most valuable and important "natural resource". This climate attracts millions of tourists to the state and the new citizens - those who love the warmth and evergreen trees. In winter, the southern Florida - one of the warmest places on the North American continent.

Fisherman with a net around the largest city in Maine - Portland, May 9, 2012. Presumably, the name of the state is derived from the value of the "mainland", in contrast to the surrounding islands. The official nickname - "Pine State." One of the most famous residents of Maine is horror master Stephen King, a native of Portland. Many books of the writer events are taking place in Maine.

Trainer aircraft Beech T-34 Mentors, developed by the American company Beech, Indiana, August 16, 2012. The capital and largest city - Indianapolis, official nickname - "State maypole." Indiana among the top ten states for the extraction of coal mined here as our favorite oil and natural gas. This home state Edna Parker, who since August 13, 2007 until the date of death November 26, 2008 was the oldest man in the world. She died at the age of 115 years and 220 days!

Abandoned farm near the ghost town of Dor in North Dakota ("Union of friends" in the language of the Sioux), April 19, 2012. The state capital - the city of Bismarck, the official nickname - "State of ground squirrel." The climate is continental and North Dakota is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. The absolute maximum - 49 ° C, the absolute minimum -? 51.1 ° C.

Sunset in Kansas City, Missouri, May 31, 2012. The name of the state derives from the name of an Indian tribe. Largest cities - St. Louis and Kansas City, the official nickname - "State" show - me. " Located within the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

3-year-old amateur baseball holds ceremonial dropping of the ball on the match commands in Los Angeles, the largest Pacific California. The name comes from the name of the imaginary island of the old Spanish novel. It is the most populous US state and the third largest (after Alaska and Texas). California ranks 1st among US states in terms of GDP and is known for its stellar Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is the so-called Silicon Valley, a region where there are almost all of the largest US companies working in the field of information technology.

Although tornadoes can occur anywhere in the world, they often occur in the United States. Among all the states most tornadoes occur in the state of Kansas, which is in the so-called "tornado alley." The name of the state derives from an Indian tribe, called neighbors, "the people of the south wind».

The largest city in the state of Nevada and the world's largest center of entertainment - Las Vegas. "State, born in battle" - the official slogan of Nevada.

Carousel in East Rutherford, NJ, July 1, 2012. The name of the state comes from the island of Jersey in the English Channel. The largest city - Newark official nickname - "Garden State." New Jersey - the third state in which adopted legislation completely eliminates the death penalty.

Memorial to victims of the tragedy that occurred at the premiere of the final part of the trilogy of Batman, "Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora around Denver (Colorado), July 27, 2012. She was named one of the bloodiest in recent decades in the United States. Official Colorado nickname - "State of the Century." The largest city and capital of the state - Denver.

Park in Atlanta, Georgia, March 25, 2012. The state is named after King George I. The official nickname of Georgia - "Peach State", because the state is a national leader in the supply of peaches. The largest city - Atlanta. International Airport in Atlanta, is one of the busiest air terminals in the world. Every hour there sits 100 aircraft. Generally, if Georgia was an independent country, it would be the 28th largest economy in the world.

The first Monday in September in the United States celebrate Labor Day. On this day, thousands of people pass through the bridge Mackinac. This is one of the most popular traditions in the state of Michigan (in Indian "great water"). The largest city - Detroit. Interestingly, Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, and 41% of its area is occupied by a body of water. Also, Michigan, and Detroit in the first place, is the center of the American automobile industry.

Honolulu - Hawaii state capital has a beautiful annual event dedicated to the memory of loved ones - a festival of floating lights. The name of the state is derived from the Polynesian huts. It is located on the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at a distance of 3700 km from the continental United States. The basis of the state's economy make tourism and services. Hawaii, and that's it!

Midway Plantation in South Carolina, which is named in honor of the English King Charles I. It is one of the so-called South Atlantic States. Capital - Colombia nickname - "State sabalovyh palm trees." According to the state are often hurricanes originating in the Atlantic Ocean.

Montana is located in the northwest of the US border with Canada, and is one of the most scenic places in North America. However, this area is known not only for its scenery. Word Montana associated with cowboys, and here is the same Wild West. The official nickname - "Treasure State».

Paratrooper from Bristol, Tennessee on August 25, 2012. The name comes from the village of Cherokee Indians. The largest city - Memphis. Tennessee is home to the largest number of caves in the United States. The official state nickname - "Volunteer State." Tennessee got the nickname during the Anglo-American War (1812-1815) thanks to its volunteers who have made a great contribution to the victory of the North American states.

The center of the largest city of Oklahoma - Oklahoma City. The name of the state comes from the Indian phrase "red people." The official nickname - "bustler State" or "State zemlezahvatchikov»:

The final America's Cup sailing in Newport, Rhode Island (Nieder. "Red Island") on 28 June 2012. It is the smallest US state by area

Parade in Connecticut, May 28, 2012. The name of the state comes from the Indian phrase "on the shores of a large turbulent river", the largest city - Bridgeport. After the American Revolutionary War Connecticut was one of the 13 states included in the first part of the United States. The main official nickname - the state constitution - due to the fact that in 1639 the British colony of Connecticut has adopted the world's first constitution.

Mount Foraker (5304 m) in Denali National Park, Alaska. This is the fourth highest mountain in the United States, located in the largest of the state. March 30, 1867 in Washington, an area of ​​1,519,000 square kilometers Russia was sold to the Americans for $ 7.2 million in gold, that is 4.74 dollars per square km

Green sea turtle veterinarians courses at the University of North Carolina, July 19, 2012. It is one of the so-called South Atlantic States. Capital - Raleigh, official nickname - "State degtyarnikov».

Before the start of the race in the capital city of Dover, Delaware, June 3, 2012. Located within walking distance from Dover Air Force Base is one of the biggest in the country. In addition to its primary purpose, this base is also a reception center and temporary morgue for American soldiers and some civilians dead or killed overseas.

A powerful tropical storm "Isaac", picture from space. Because of him, in the end of August 2012, Barack Obama announced Mississippi ("Big River" in Indian) area of ​​a major disaster. The capital and largest city in the state - Jackson, official nickname - "Magnolia State».

Another staff affected this summer by tropical storm "Isaac" - Louisiana on September 2, 2012. The front plate is visible plaque erected in memory of Hurricane Katrina of 2005. It was the most destructive hurricane in US history, which killed 1836 people in the country, and the economic damage was $ 125 billion (2007). Louisiana is named after the French King Louis XIV, the official nickname - State of pelicans. Louisiana ranks second in the number of black people living in its territory (32, 5%), behind neighboring Mississippi (36, 3%).

Fire helicopter in Wyoming, September 16, 2012. This summer, America blazed scale forest fires, which were described as "fire of epic proportions." The name comes from the Indian state of expression "volatile mountains and valleys." Included in the group of so-called Mountain States.

Bears in the zoo of the largest city of Ohio ("the Great" in Iroquois) - Columbus. The official nickname - "Buckeye State».

Fireworks over the Hudson River in New York City, New York in honor of Independence Day, July 4, 2012. The state is named after the English city of York (especially for the Duke of York, the future James II). New York - one of the most populated and economically developed states. For example, the GDP of New York is comparable to the GDP of a country like Canada.

Every year since 1979 in the state of Iowa is a meeting truckers Iowa 80. This park is considered the largest truck stop in the world. The name of the state derives from the name of an Indian tribe. Iowa is the leading agricultural state of America.

Putting out a forest fire in Nebraska on 24 July 2012 is named after the Indian name of the river. The state capital - the city of Lincoln, the largest city - Omaha, where he worked the famous financier Warren Buffett, one of the world's richest people according to Forbes magazine.

Racing on a surfboard in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, on September 1, 2012. The state is named for the Wisconsin River, it is the capital city of Madison. Wisconsin is often called "America's dairy farm" because this state is famous for the production of cheese. Interesting facts: in the town of Sharon, the mayor of a cat mascot named Freddie, and the city of Wisconsin Dells claims to be the "world capital of water parks", being leaders in their respective areas of the tourism industry.

Snapshot from orbit. In the center - the two largest cities of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. State motto - "Virtue, Liberty and Independence". Pennsylvania's GDP is about $ 560 billion. (6th place in the US), which is comparable to the GDP of a country like Thailand.

Visitors to the beach in Alabama on August 22, 2012. The name comes from the Indian phrase "I clears the undergrowth." The largest city - Birmingham, official nickname - "The Heart of the South».

Monument Valley in Utah on August 14, 2012. Its monolithic boulders and flat mountains are known around the world thanks to film westerns. The largest city - Salt Lake City. The name of the state derives from the name of an Indian tribe. Included in the group of Mountain states and is located in the Rocky Mountain region. In Utah, there are almost uninhabited vast expanses.



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