Dancers among us

New York photographer Jordan Matter created a project in which dancers from the troupe performed the Paul Taylor Dance partisan in the famous places in Manhattan.

Michelle Fleet, Library of New York. (JORDAN MATTER PHOTOGRAPHY / BARCROFT USA)

Dancers perform their intricate pas among ordinary people in everyday situations. Thus Jordan wants to emphasize the presence of talented people among us. "I was impressed by the talent of dancers Paul Taylor. With the help of his friend, I was able to bring to this project, young boys and girls, "- says Jordan. Photo: John Heginbotem, Central Park. (JORDAN MATTER PHOTOGRAPHY / BARCROFT USA)

"I thought about the economic crisis and what it could mean for talented people who could lose their jobs. Do you think a dancer, if you do not pay for it? Do you think the chef if you do not have a kitchen where you can cook? It's all about ordinary people walking on the streets of this incredible talent that could advertise their abilities at any time. Dance - they are an integral part of, they are always the dancers. " In the photo: Arianna Bickle on Madison Avenue. (JORDAN MATTER PHOTOGRAPHY / BARCROFT USA)

Trying to light up the dance in ordinary everyday situations - whether in the subway at 42nd Street and the Museum of Natural History - Jordan wants the photos looked organically. "After the drama of the photos I wanted to explain how the dancer would react to rain or behaved in a shop« Apple », or would just drink coffee." Photo: Jeffrey Smith at the train number 2. (JORDAN MATTER PHOTOGRAPHY / BARCROFT USA)

Photographing dancers in normal situations, the team Jordan stumbled upon some problems "in the Museum of Natural History guard asked us to stop." Photo: Alice Drew at the Museum of Natural History. (JORDAN MATTER PHOTOGRAPHY / BARCROFT USA)


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