The strangest treatments in the world

For several thousand years, people have been in continuous search, trying to find an effective treatment for a particular disease and methods to help them stay healthy. While modern Western medicine has turned into an orderly system of doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical factory, many other means, ranging from bleeding and ending in a coordinated laugh, is still widely used around the world.

Pregnant woman in Peru takes part in a session of dolphin. High frequency sounds which emit dolphins are believed to stimulate fetal brain, located in the womb, thereby increasing the level of neuronal development.

Hirudotherapy, or using leeches for medical purposes for the bloodletting began two and a half thousand years ago. Today leeches again become popular thanks to research that focused on the analgesic properties of chemicals that enter the body leech bites. Clinical trials have shown that leeches are effective for the treatment of symptoms of arthritis and other diseases. This does not mean, however, that you can just buy a bag of leeches at a local pharmacy. One source of medicinal leeches is an international center of medical leeches in Russia (IMLC), which supplies these creatures in specialized clinics all over the world. The photo shows an employee IMLC your product.

Medical mud. Rich special mineral medical mud from the "Lagoon of Miracles" in Chilca, Peru, is rumored to cure any illness, from acne and ending with rheumatism.

In 2007, the news agency Beijing News reported that Jiang Musheng shestidesyatishestiletny, (pictured), eating live frogs, mice and rats for forty years in order to stay healthy. Jiang, who suffered from chronic pain in the abdomen with the youth to learn about this treatment option in his village in Jiangxi Province. He claimed that after one month of swallowing live tree frogs of his pain went away and did not come back, and over time, he added to his diet of live mice and rats.


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