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When drug treatment fails, many people begin to trust traditional medicine. In the West, traditional medicine is mostly limited to acupuncture, whereas in the east of alternative medicine is very common, such as the treatment of bee stings or bites turtle face. But often such treatment can lead to adverse consequences.



1. Patients of one of the resorts in Anshan, northeast China enjoy mud baths, 21 August 2006. It is believed that the mineral mud helps ease the pain of rheumatism, residual pain after injury and cure of diseases of the peripheral nervous system. (REUTERS / China Daily) 11,241,137

2. In China, rhinitis, inflammation of nasal mucosa, treated using bee stings. The venom secreted by a bee sting, can cure diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and rhinitis. The photo was taken April 4, 2006 in one of China's hospitals. (REUTERS / China Daily) 19,246,345

3. «Garra rufa obtusas», also known as Doctor fish swims around the feet of the patient one of the resorts on the west of Tokyo, April 17, 2006. It is believed that this fish eats the dead skin from the feet of the patient, thereby, healing some skin diseases. (REUTERS / Toshiyuki Aizawa) 91,282,383

4. The healer holds the face of the patient's water turtle before start treatment on her face May 24, 2006. It is believed that in this way you can cure rheumatism and other ailments. In Cambodia, many people believe in supernatural healing abilities of living creatures, such as turtles, snakes and cows. (REUTERS / Chor Sokutnhea) 83b4ae9790.jpg

5. One of the patients the hospital in the Chinese province of Shandong is in the process of treatment the dead scorpions, June 12, 2006. (CHINA OUT REUTERS / Stringer) 55,223,106

6. Patient Hospital in Shandong Province is in the process of traditional Chinese treatment using walnut and dry sagebrush China, June 12, 2006. (CHINA OUT REUTERS / Stringer (CHINA) 16,875,113

7. The photo Liz Cohen is in the process of treatment, during which her body crawling snake, February 1, 2007. Ada Barak, the owner of the salon, where you can go through such a procedure, inhabited by the royal snake snakes spotted and striated king snake. It states that if the person has a sense of anxiety or fear, it is necessary to establish physical contact with these snakes through which anxiety and fear will disappear quickly. (REUTERS / Yonathan Weitzman) 47,840,162

8. Guests of Chinese resorts coated with black mud, May 2, 2007. They say that the mineral-rich mud has healing properties, which favorably affect the skin. (REUTERS / China Daily) 62,431,610

9. A 66-year-old native of Jiangxi Province Zhang Musheng eats live tree frogs, 21 May 2007. 20 years ago, Zhang often suffer from abdominal pain and cough, as long as it is not advised to try the treatment of frogs. (REUTERS / China Daily) 80,522,818

10. Haj Mohammed El Minuavi helps the patient to recover from an ear disease with bee stings, July 14, 2007. Minuavi sure that bee venom has certain medicinal properties, which is using in different parts of the body, it is possible to cure such diseases associated with kidney, appendicitis and even cancer. Minuavi at his home in Cairo takes everyone to the treatment. (REUTERS / Nasser Nuri) 52,170,807

11. One of the patients during the treatment procedure using cans in Shanghai, August 8, 2007. (REUTERS / Nir Elias 14,497,229

12. A man takes a mud bath on January 20, 2008. It is believed that the mud can cure everything from acne and ending with rheumatism. (REUTERS / Enrique Castro-Mendivil) 39a70cb062.jpg

13. Man swallows a live fish in the Indian city of Hyderabad, June 9, 2007. Every year in June, one of the family conducts mass treatment with the help of swallowing fish, they believe that it helps to cure asthma. (REUTERS / Krishnendu Halder) 84,578,175

14. A man is ready to swallow a live fish, which helps to cure asthma. (REUTERS / Krishnendu Halder) 16,779,357

15. For the treatment of facial nerve paralysis in Chinese folk medicine use acupuncture and Chinese incense dry sagebrush, August 5, 2010. (REUTERS / Stringer) 70,476,580

16. The doctor inserts a lighted patient's ear dry Chinese wormwood - is one way to treat brain disorders, August 5, 2010. (REUTERS / Stringer) 54,219,587

17. The patient is a traditional Chinese treatment of cervical spondylosis, 15 November 2010. Cervical spondylosis - a chronic disease of the spine. (REUTERS / Stringer) 50,064,330

18. 41-year-old Emad Mohammed buried in the sands of 700 km. from Cairo and 55 km. from the border with Libya, Aug. 12, 2008. Locals believe that, after lying under the sand on a hot day, it is possible to cure rheumatism, joint pain and impotence. (REUTERS / Nasser Nuri) 51,806,567

19. Parapsychologist Fernando Nogira communicates with the spirit of one of his patients, northern Portugal, December 6, 2008. In his Science Center Okulticheskih Nogira extensive use of exorcism. (REUTERS / Jose Manuel Ribeiro) 72,957,004

20. The Palestinian therapist (left) during the procedure the patient from the treatment of back pain by a method called «Hujama», June 15, 2009. This is the traditional Islamic way of treatment, during which cuts through the body, creating a vacuum using cans to bleed. (REUTERS / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa) 30,721,049

21. Assem al-Tamimi, a Palestinian doctor and specialist in «Hujama» during the procedure, August 8, 2009. (REUTERS / Nayef Hashlamoun) 43,635,139

22. A boy with hearing loss is in the process of treatment using bee stings in a clinic in Gaza, July 8, 2009. (REUTERS / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa) 11,031,321

23. «Garra rufa obtusas», also known as doctor fish swims around the patient's face, August 9, 2009 It is believed that because of this fish may heal psoriasis and other skin diseases. People come to this clinic to undergo a 21-day course of treatment, which includes a one-time 2-swimming pool with fish-doctor on the day of 4 hours each. (REUTERS / Umit Bektas) 61,043,320

24. These Peruvian Napadenshi arriving at the 8th month of pregnancy, during a therapy session for pregnant women in Lima, October 25, 2005. Therapy is that the ultrasound emitted by dolphins help to stimulate nerve cells in the brain of the unborn child. (REUTERS / Pilar Olivares Also) 92,719,074

25. The villagers watered the body of a dead calf, which is considered sacred due to the fact that he was born with the skin of a crocodile, August 20th, 2009. People think that by drinking this water, they will be able to cure rheumatism and other ailments. In Cambodia, where people live on $ 1 a day, many can not afford to see a doctor, so most of them believe in supernatural healing abilities of living beings. (REUTERS / Chor Sokunthea) 70,804,246

26. The ritual of cleansing the child who carried religionists Boss, July 15, 2007. These women are called Komians, it is believed that they have supernatural healing powers. (REUTERS / Luc Gnago) 19,484,121

27. Residents of Cambodia collect urine cows, which they believe has healing powers, September 26, 2002. (REUTERS / Chor Sokunthea) 82,379,277

28. Treatment with leeches, Moscow, February 1, 2001. Treatment with leeches began to practice in ancient Egypt. They make it possible to cure a variety of diseases, including diseases of the blood and immune system. (AS / FMS) 43,106,497

29. Patient swallows a live fish to cure asthma, Mumbai, June 8. In the small mouth of river fish laid some herbs that the patient also swallowed. The combination of herbs knows only one Indian family, this recipe is passed down from generation to generation for 150 years. (SK / DL / CLH /) 70,068,980

30. Kazuhiro Aoki puts the person in an aquarium with fish-doctor, Tokyo, May 20, 2008. (REUTERS / Yuriko Nakao) 66,208,140

31. Man swallows a live fish, Hyderabad, June 8, 2008. (REUTERS / Krishnendu Halder) 92,762,509

32. The patient puts the banks of the horns, July 13, 2008. Banks is an alternative method of treatment in Chinese traditional medicine, which has been used for over 2, 500 years. (REUTERS / Stringer) 80,310,117

33. The 9-year-old Mohammed Ponar (left), a boy with supernatural powers, it is considered how the locals down the sacred stone in a glass of water during a mass treatment session, o.Yava eastern province, February 11, 2009. This stone boy caught after a flash of lightning. It is believed that this stone has healing properties. Thousands of people asking for help and give the boy the power of the water, dropping a stone at her. (REUTERS / Sigit Pamungkas) 84,454,486

34. Schoolgirls perform one of the most ancient techniques of yoga «Rubber Neti», May 21, 2009. Most Indians believe that thanks to this technique can cure the common cold, cough, asthma and nasal passages clear. (REUTERS / Ajay Verma)



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