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When drug treatment fails, many people begin to trust traditional medicine. In the West, traditional medicine is mostly limited to acupuncture, whereas in the east of alternative medicine is very common, such as the treatment of bee stings or bites turtle face. But often such treatment can lead to adverse consequences.

1. Patients of one of the resorts in Anshan, northeast China enjoy mud baths, 21 August 2006. It is believed that the mineral mud helps ease the pain of rheumatism, residual pain after injury and cure of diseases of the peripheral nervous system. (REUTERS / China Daily) 11,241,137

2. In China, rhinitis, inflammation of nasal mucosa, treated using bee stings. The venom secreted by a bee sting, can cure diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and rhinitis. The photo was taken April 4, 2006 in one of China's hospitals. (REUTERS / China Daily) 19,246,345

3. «Garra rufa obtusas», also known as Doctor fish swims around the feet of the patient one of the resorts on the west of Tokyo, April 17, 2006. It is believed that this fish eats the dead skin from the feet of the patient, thereby, healing some skin diseases. (REUTERS / Toshiyuki Aizawa) 91,282,383

4. The healer holds the face of the patient's water turtle before start treatment on her face May 24, 2006. It is believed that in this way you can cure rheumatism and other ailments. In Cambodia, many people believe in supernatural healing abilities of living creatures, such as turtles, snakes and cows. (REUTERS / Chor Sokutnhea)


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