Animaloterapiya - treatment of animals

In recent years, often held various scientific studies that prove the ability of animals to heal. People who have Pets live longer and get sick less – it is a scientific fact.

There is a hypothesis that electromagnetic radiation is inherent in any living matter that allows humans and animals to affect other biological objects. In this case the main role is played not by the power of the radiation, and the information contained in it, i.e. its range of frequencies. This resonance frequency can stimulate the vital functions of the body within a very wide range. This, apparently, explains the fact that cats, dogs and other animals have a positive therapeutic effect on people.

That the animals are treated, was known even 10 thousand years ago BC. In the V century BC, Hippocrates noticed the influence of surrounding nature on man and talked about the benefits of therapeutic riding. The ancient Greeks about 3000 years ago discovered the ability of dogs to help people cope with various ailments. C the same purpose the Egyptians used cats. In Ancient India, the “prescribed” as medicine listening to birdsong.

Animaloterapiya (from Latin animal – an animal) is a type of therapy that uses animals and their images to provide psychological assistance. This is a civilized scientific method of treatment and prevention of serious diseases. The world health organization has recognized that living beings a number of us bring huge benefits. In animal-assisted therapy use animal symbols: images, figures, fairytale characters, toys and real animals, with whom communication is secure.

To achieve the desired effect not only in the presence of a furry pet at home, but communicating with dolphins at the aquarium, watching the lizard in the terrarium or just listening to the birds singing in nature. But the main role is still played by Pets. First of all, the presence with us of the living being is small and defenseless as a cat or a parrot, or big and strong, like a dog or a horse, – awakens a sense of responsibility. Nursing and care give people the opportunity to feel needed, important and to understand its significance. In the family they contribute to the harmonization of relations: joint custody, and playing with them help to unite the family. There are many types of animal therapy, depending on the species of animal that treats. Canistherapy – use of dogs – is the perfect "medicine" against the inactivity caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Walking the dog reduces the chance of cardiovascular diseases. The dog meets the deficit in communication, increases self-esteem of the owner, improves communication, resolves conflicts in the family.

Felinoterapiya – therapeutic effects of cats. Cats brighten up the loneliness, to soothe, lower blood pressure. Their aura stabilizes the heart, relieves joint and headaches, stimulates rapid healing of injuries, cures internal inflammatory diseases. Cat – a great informational tool, guessing the sore spots of his master. A long-term friendship with a cat strengthens the immune system and promotes health and longevity. A purring cat is a certain sound vibrations (frequency 20 to 50 Hz), stimulating the healing process. Purring promotes increase of protective forces of an organism, accelerates the healing of wounds, as a result of sound vibrations, this frequency increases bone density, which contributes to the recovery of fractures. Thanks to the famous cat's habit of massaging nails the human body, annoying reflex zones — the cat's claws work the same way as the tools of the reflexologist during a session of acupuncture.

Animals can have an impact both on the emotional and physical health of the person. For example, the observation of aquarium fish can cure some skin diseases. Goldfish cause people to have feelings of joy and well-being, contribute to raising the intellectual level. For a long time watching the fish, the man begins to make less serious mistakes in life, tends to spend more time with family.

Canaries and budgerigars help people who have a long time to lie in bed or suffer from depression. Tweeting Pets awaken a person's creative abilities. Birds change a person: he becomes a Swinger, it increases efficiency and creativity, he learns to live, consistent with the elaborated regime of the day.

If you treat animals, then they tell you the same, and give you a warm, caring and treat you. Animals love us, accept people for who they are, with all defects. In addition, they awaken in people a sense of responsibility and possess a unique ability to remove the person from the enclosed internal space and thus awaken the desire to communicate with people, to cognize the surrounding world, to enjoy life.

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