The influence of artificially created electromagnetic fields on biological systems

Modern science is at a high level of development and answers many questions about the structure and properties of various objects in the Universe. Despite this, there is a large class of phenomena, the exact explanation of which in the framework of modern concepts of natural Sciences is still difficult.

Over the past 50-60 years emerged and formed a new important environment factor electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of anthropogenic origin. The power of radiation man-made sources exceed the capacity of natural sources.

Indeed, with every year increase the power levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generated by the various artificial sources, such as television and radio transmitting centres, civilian and military radar installations, various telecommunication systems, including cellular and satellite communication, various electrical appliances (TVs, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), technological systems in the industry.

While living organisms have been surrounded by electromagnetic fields natural sources millions of years and in the process of evolution had to adapt to these artificially created EMFs are a new factor in the environment and it is not known what effect (positive or negative) they have on the metabolic processes occurring in biological systems.

One of the most interesting and at the same time the least studied problems of modern science is the problem of exposure to non-ionizing AMY of the radio band of low intensity on biological systems. Science does not yet give a definite answer to the question about the physical mechanisms of this phenomenon.

All sources of electromagnetic radiation are divided into two large groups: natural and artificial.

Natural sources of EMI include electric and magnetic field of the Earth, cosmic sources of radio waves (galaxies, the Sun and other stars), the processes occurring in the Earth's atmosphere (the lightning, fluctuations in the ionosphere). All biological objects of the Earth are also natural sources of weak electromagnetic radiation. An understanding of the physical mechanisms of occurrence of EM waves in living organisms opens the possibility to study the processes of reception, electrogenesis, the propagation of nerve pulses in active media and a number of other vital functions.

Millions of years life on Earth evolved in the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) natural sources, that, apparently, is a necessary condition of origin and existence of life on our planet. As a permanent environmental factor, natural EMFs are of some importance in the life of all organisms, including humans. It should be noted that from the hygienic point of view, AMY natural sources is not alien to the organism factor of environment.

The rapid development of civilization in the last hundred years has led to the emergence and formation of a new significant factor of the environment — electromagnetic fields of anthropogenic (man-made) origin and rapid increase in the number of its sources.

All artificial sources of EMI are divided into two large groups:

productswhich are specifically created to radiated electromagnetic energy (radio and television broadcast stations, radar equipment, physiotherapy devices, various radio communication systems, technological installations in industry);

the deviceis not intended for radiation of electromagnetic energy in space, and to perform some other tasks, but in which an electric current flows, creating a spurious emission of EMI. This system of transmission and distribution of electricity (power lines, transformer substations) and the devices that consume it (as electric stoves, heaters, refrigerators, televisions, lighting, computers, etc.).

These devices emitted electromagnetic fields with the natural fields of Earth and Space create a complex and changeable electromagnetic environment. As a result, total tension EMFs in different points of the earth's surface has increased compared to the natural background in the 102 — 104 times. Especially sharply it increased near power lines, radio and television stations, radar and wireless communications, various energy and energy-intensive installations, urban electric transport. In the scale of evolutionary progress, this huge increase of tension

Scientists have found that electricity plays a huge role in the life of bees. In Palanga amber Museum is an interesting exhibit — frozen in prehistoric resin that later became amber, the honey bee. Her age — more than 50 million years. In the long history of the existence of the species of honey bees on Earth were just the natural disasters, including the process of cyclic shift of the magnetic poles, causing the increase in background radiation dozens of times. Stand bees and radiation increased doses of solar radiation during periods of solar activity.

Found that bees use the Earth's magnetic field in the system information transmission. A. L. Chizhevsky was observed in 1926, the impact on bees of the electrostatic field, and later G. A. Kozhevnikov (1932) showed that the strong ionization of the air has a definite effect on the sexual organs of drones and Queens.

A. stark, E., Berg (1988) identified that the variables of the electromagnetic field of different frequencies and tensions can have a detrimental effect on bees, causing them to worry and abrupt changes of behavioral reactions. Therefore, it is not recommended to place beehives in close proximity to high-voltage power lines.

Marked the death of the Queens in these hives (E. Eskov, N. Bragin, 1986). Bees become aggressive and attack people (atmospheric electromagnetic radiation in the low frequency range around 10 kHz.). Other studies show a decrease in flight activity and increase the propensity for swarming and propolis activity.

It is established that bees have their own charge (properties of a dipole), their mechanisms of perception of the electromagnetic field (EP) are diverse and not fully understood. The effect of EP causes changes of the microclimate in the hive — temperature, gas composition and other parameters. Irradiated outside the family brood waves UHF, voltage 4 V, 70 W power supply dies. Less stable the larvae.

One of the important results of the study of the action of EP is to identify the effect of the group. The strongest reaction of the insect observed in the frequency range 100 — 1000 Hz, with a threshold tension 200 V/cm. a Separate bee responds to tension 1 500 V/cm, and a group of 100 insects at 250 V/cm, six times less (A. Sapozhnikov, 1975, 1977). Departing in the morning from the hive, the bee has a weak negative charge (Erikson, 1976).

Bees liberally sprinkled with pollen in the process of collection. This is due to the interaction of the body of the insect and pollen grains.

Baskets of forager bees is also filled depending on the amount of charge. Along with the accumulation of charge, and it is runoff, and the amount of leakage depends on the conductivity of air (humid or dry air).

Individuals departing from the hive when the humidity is high, do not accumulate charge on the body and are unable to collect a sufficient amount of pollen (L. Pastushenkov, 1985).

It is assumed that the electric field bees use to detect enemies and the most sensitive to poison places on their body. So, head, human hand creates a strong permanent field, bees tend to hit them. They are aggressive to the hair. Once in the head, bees entangled in her hair, trying to get to the skin to sting.

Learning the basics of exposure on the bee colony electric and magnetic fields is of practical importance. When you receive bee venom, which is widely used in medicine today, using the method of electrostimulation.

When pchelovodnyj important to know the features of the response of bees to different types of waves in order, creating optimal conditions for vital activity of insects, and to obtain from them high quality products.

The debate about the effect of mobile phone radiation on organisms apparently will never end. You can definitely say only one thing, the positive effects of mobile communication on human health are not exactly having. Scientists continue to research, but since the human body is more complicated since the primary data source for them is the insects and rodents.

Recently the scientific staff of the Federal University of Technology of Switzerland was published a disappointing report on the impact of electromagnetic waves on the life and development of bee families. As a result of long observations revealed that the color spectra of the magnetic fields impede bee communication in space. The fact that the vision of the bees meet the special cells – crypto-chromes, their range includes blue and purple, and the magnetic field are reflected in this concept, the study involved several bee colonies in one season. Each day the hives were exposed to 15 minutes irradiation, resulting in three months the bees stopped the med, and the uterus reduced the reproduction rate in half.

To protect the bee colony from destruction, scientists suggest the Telecom companies to stop using frequencies that desorientiert insects, or at least to build a bee farm away from mobile stations.

Currently living on the Earth about 40 million families home bees, each year gives 30-40 kilos of honey per year. Since ancient times honey is known not only as delicious but also a useful tool. It is composed of enzymes and amino acids, improve the digestive system, and vitamins, improve immunity. Electromagnetic waves emitted by cell towers by mobile phones pose a real threat to bees honey plants. To such conclusion scientists of the Indian.

The experiment conducted in southern Kerala, has shown that a sudden fall in the bee population caused by towers installed across the state by the mobile phone companies who are expanding their network. Electromagnetic waves emitted by these towers negatively affect the "navigational skills" of worker bees, which collect nectar for the viability of bee colonies, says Dr. Sainuddin Pattazhy, who conducted the study.

Last fall in the United States and the European Union have started for some inexplicable reason... to die EN masse bees. The reason for this phenomenon became clear on the day — blame mobile phones.

Researchers from the German University of Landau found that electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices and antennas, transmitting and receiving signals in bee destroys the body's natural mechanism of orientation. As a result, the bee out of the hive, can't find my way home.

As a result of mass death of bees today on the West coast of the USA has killed 60% of the populations of these useful insects, at East 70%.

The mass death of bees happens in Europe. Most affected by this phenomenon, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

And if our excessive craving to mobile phones (about a billion phones sold globally in 2006) will lead us straight to a food disaster?

This hypothesis is discussed by some scientists suspect that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones (and peripheral equipment), may be the cause of CCD – so, a lot of fun for tech-savvy people, scientists called the phenomenon "sudden colony collapse" (Colony Collapse Disorder). This phenomenon leads to the disappearance of the worker bees when in the hive only the Queen, eggs and immature young individuals. It is possible that adult bees can't find my way back and die far from their hives.

The problem affects not only the United States, where, according to the latest reports, the West coast has lost about 60%, and the East – about 70% of the bee population, but also in Europe.

Bees pollinate the bulk of plants grown by man. No bees, no crop... the causes of CCD are still unknown.

German researchers from the University of Landau expressed a new hypothesis: the effect of mobile phone radiation.

Already noticing that the high-voltage power lines disrupt the normal life of the Hymenoptera, scientists noticed that the presence of mobile phone near the hive also prevents its inhabitants to return home.

Haven't made a final conclusion, and in order to avoid possible errors, only and remains that to continue to develop this version. First mobile increased the risk of cancer, then became a cause of male infertility. And now are responsible for the cycles of pollination.

Indian scientists reported that the electromagnetic field generated by the masts for cellular communications, represent a serious threat to some species of insects, particularly to honeybees.

According to the study, the installation of a large number of new relay stations on the territory of the Indian state of Kerala (Kerala) led to a sharp decline in the number of bees. According to Dr. Zainuddin Patti (Sainuddin Pattazhy), one of the members of the research team, electromagnetic radiation from the towers has a devastating effect on the navigational abilities of bees-workers. Disoriented bees that collect nectar in the fields, simply forget the way to your ship.

"If the development of cellular networks in the country will continue at the present rate, the population of bees will be completely destroyed within 10 years" — such a disappointing result, scientists fail to report results of the study.


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Even if not to take into account the environmental aspect of the problem, its economic component must be taken into account by mobile operators. More than 100,000 state residents earn a living beekeeping, and further development of modern communication networks will cause significant impact on their welfare.published


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