The autistic brain: thinking across the spectrum

From Dr. Mercola

More than 30 years ago, when I was a medical student, the incidence of autism was one in 10 000. Today, according to statistics from the CDC, it has grown to 1 in 50.

This is a remarkable increase compared to 2008 when the disease was observed in one child out of 88. According to some experts, if considering the whole range of neurological disorders that fall under the broader term "autism spectrum Disorder", the incidence may reach 1 in 10!

Eighty three million five hundred eighty seven thousand two hundred eleven

Dr. temple Grandin, author of "the Autistic brain: thinking across the spectrum" reflects on the transformations which occurred after autism was first recognized.

Initially, the study of autism was limited mainly to psychology, and then genetics. To date, the bulk of research shifted to neurology and Dr. Grandin talks about some of the most exciting discoveries, including usage and neuroimaging

This echoes the comments of Dr. Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist, who I interviewed. He specializiruetsya on the use of single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), whose value in the diagnosis of a wide variety of neurological disorders cannot be overemphasized.

For example, the work of Dr. Amen shows that in most cases depression and anxiety are symptoms of underlying dysfunction of the brain, which usually associated with exposure to toxic substances and/or poor lifestyle, for example, poor nutrition and immobility.

One major advantage of SPECT is its ability to identify damage caused by toxic exposure, which can be crucial for the correct treatment, whether it be depression, autism, ADHD or other neurological disorder. Below I will tell you that toxicity can indeed be an important factor in the development of autism.

Autism – thinking on the other side of the spectrum

Thanks to neuroimaging, we now know that the brain of autistic people differently processes the information, and those in which part of the autistic spectrum the person is, determines his or her strengths and weaknesses. The same can certainly be said about those who are not autistic. For example:

  • People with imaginative, realistic thinking is good render objects, but the mathematics of them unimportant

  • People, based on thinking which lie schemes and structures, succeed in music and mathematics, but they are usually difficult to read

  • Those who succeed in translation and verbal expression, as a rule, badly

  • People with hearing, thinking, visual information perceived sketchy

One of the key decisions that will allow children with symptoms of autism spectrum disorders to live a full life is to understand how they process information in order to adapt their training and operations.

The causes of autism spectrum disorders, apparently, are diverse

The reasons for such a wide range of manifestations of autistic behavior may be countless possible combinations of these and other factors:

  • Intestinal dysbiosis in combination with vaccine and their contained additives such as mercury (thimerosal), aluminum and others, which are known to damage the mitochondria, which are responsible for energy production in the cells of your body

  • Microbial toxins, such as mold

  • Dietary factors (including genetically modified food, agricultural chemicals, food additives and food processing methods that destroy gut flora – all this is crucial for the normal development and functioning of the brain and also contributes to nutritional deficiencies)

  • A deficiency of vitamin D. a Link between vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and the proportionate jump in autism was emphasized by Dr. John Cannell. The vitamin D receptor appears in a variety of brain tissues in the early stages of fetal development, and activated vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in the brain.

  • I believe that vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is a MAJOR factor contributing to the development of autism, especially when you consider that vitamin D also helps to cleanse the body from mercury. Without sufficient vitamin D influence any subsequent attacks toxins regardless of their source, will only increase

  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones, cell towers and Wi-Fi devices, which keeps heavy metals inside of nerve cells, increases the toxicity of heavy metals and also inhibits the natural detoxification processes.

The Association between autism and intestinal flora

Dr. Grandin does not mention in his presentation one factor that, in my opinion, of critical importance is the link between the intestinal flora of the child and the development of symptoms of autism spectrum disorders. The gastrointestinal tract is often called the "second brain" because it contains about 100 million neurons — more than in the spinal cord or in the peripheral nervous system.

And research of such pioneers as Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, testify to a profound dynamic interaction between the gut, brain and immune system.

She has developed probably one of the deep important strategies for the prevention and treatment of autism, as well as a wide range of other neurological, psychological and autoimmune disorders, which are almost all heavily dependent on the health of your intestines.

Received the results suggest that children born with serious disorders of the intestinal flora, increased risk of damage from vaccines, which explains why after one or more vaccinations, some children develop symptoms of autism and others do not. (Another group of children with increased reactions to vaccinations are siblings of children with autism, children with severe hyperactivity, obsessive compulsive disorder, mental illness and diabetes of the 1st type.)

Children use all their senses to gather information from their environment and transmit it to the brain for processing. This is a fundamental part of the learning process. However, in children with gut and psychological syndrome (GAPS) – this term was introduced by Dr. Campbell-McBride – the toxins emanating from the intestines, clog the brain, that gives it the ability to fulfill its normal function and process sensory information.

Note that this toxic burden is not necessarily limited to thimerosal (preservative based on mercury) or adjuvants on the basis of aluminium, which are present in some vaccines. The MMR vaccine, such as thimerosal or aluminum. But the measles virus may contribute to the development of chronic inflammation of the intestines and thus cause a cascade of harmful consequences for the brain.

Autism is not the only potential outcome in this case. GAPS can manifest in the form of a set of symptoms that fit the diagnosis of "Autism", "attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity" (ADHD), "attention deficit disorder (add)", "Dyslexia", "There" or "Obsessive compulsive disorder" — and this is just one of many options. Digestive problems, asthma, allergies, skin problems and autoimmune diseases are also common manifestations of GAPS, because this condition can be manifested both psychologically and physiologically.

It is important to understand that the microflora, which your child receives during a vaginal delivery depends on the intestinal flora of the mother. If you have a microflora is broken, and the child it will be the same. Consequently, it is very important to pay attention to gut health before and during pregnancy.

How to identify GAPS

The good news is that GAPS can be identified in the first weeks of a child's life that can help you make a more informed decision about vaccination, and what to do to guide your child on the path to a healthy lifestyle. This takes the stool of the child, to determine the state of intestinal flora, and then the urine test to check the levels of metabolites that will give you an idea about the status of the immune system of your child.

If you find that the child has abnormal intestinal flora, Dr. Campbell-McBride strongly encourages you to refuse vaccinations according to the standard Protocol for as long as stabiliziruemost metabolic characteristics of GAPS, to prevent damage from the vaccine. Non-invasive tests described in her книгеGutandPsychologySyndrome("Gut and psychological syndrome") are now conducted in most laboratories worldwide, and are usually 80-100 dollars. A paltry sum compared to the incredible costs of treating an autistic child once the damage will be done.

Recovery strategy the health of the child with GAPS and autism

We are getting more evidence that food causes many diseases associated with the imbalance of bacteria in the gut. This problem is easily corrected by going to a diet consisting of high quality, minimally processed and preferably organic foods.

There is also much evidence of harm from the assignment of excessive amounts of antibiotics as they are indiscriminate killers, which eradicate both beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut. Healthy microbes are also harmful agricultural chemicals such as glyphosate, and processed foods in General, so it is better to avoid, especially if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Dr. Campbell has developed a very effective treatment, GAPS in children – Protocol for power in the GAPS. He is very detailed in her book, which is designed to be a practical guide.

Briefly, the Protocol consists of three elements:

It also contributes to insulin resistance and ultimately, type 2 diabetes, so obviously the diet component affects all of the problems discussed here: type 2 diabetes, impaired balance of the intestinal flora as well as disorders of the brain/learning/development.

  • Diet – the diet of GAPS consists of easily digestible foods that are rich in nutrients, including fermented products. Overall, one of the most important components for a healthy intestinal power is the rejection of processed foods and products high in sugar/fructose because sugar feeds bad bacteria and destroys the microflora.

  • Dietary supplements – the inclusion in the diet of probiotics and vitamins D and A in cod liver oil, although patients with GAPS it is also important to be in the sun for adequate production of vitamin D.

  • Detoxification Protocol of nutrition in the GAPS naturally purifies the body from toxins. To remove toxins Dr. Campbell does not use any drugs or chemicals, because for some they can be too potent and cause harmful side effects. Instead, she recommends fresh juice is a gentle yet effective way to remove accumulated toxins, as well as bath with Epsom and sea salt, powdered seaweed, Apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

The importance of vitamin D and cholesterol during pregnancy

I also want to mention the importance of vitamin D and cholesterol during pregnancy, because it helps to protect your child from autism. Gestational vitamin D and cholesterol the most important in the development of the brain and Central nervous system. Cholesterol is the main building material for the brain, while vitamin D plays an important, although as yet not well understood role in brain development. Deficit of cholesterol and/or vitamin D may affect the risk of autism in your child.

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Helpful strategies for autistic children

1. Optimizing vitamin D levels through appropriate sun exposure. If this is not possible, use a safe tanning bed or, in extreme cases, take vitamin D orally. It is VITAL that a pregnant mother's vitamin D level was above 50 ng/ml throughout pregnancy. This is the simple but profound advice for implementation.

2. The rejection of processed foods, sugars (particularly fructose) and grains in your child's diet: sugar is a toxin for your body, able to cause deep harm to your health. This includes ALL types of sugar, whether it is regular table sugar or corn sweeteners such as corn syrup with high fructose (HFCS), honey, or agave juice, soda, French fries or products of grain (such as pasta, bagels, cereals, cookies, etc.).

3. The rejection of pasteurized milk. It is absolutely necessary if you are treating the autism. This includes ALL dairy products, including ice cream, yogurt and even whey. Even natural flavors of foods should be avoided, if the manufacturer (which you have confidence) does not guarantee that there do not include Caseinate.

4. Reduction of microbial load: any type of chronic infection, whether as a result of Lyme disease or any other microbe, such as mold, can spread throughout the body's system and lead to chronic disease. One of the main problems is that the biotoxins produced by the infection compete for the same detoxification path that other toxins, such as mercury and pesticides, and so on

5. Reducing the toxic load as possible avoid exposure to environmental toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, and sources of mercury, aluminum and fluoride. In addition, do everything you can to create in your home environment free of mold, dust and odors, and then carry out a comprehensive detox program. Don't forget about the hidden toxins like fluoride and thoroughly test all cleaning products in the house.

6. Reducing exposure to EMFs: exposure to electromagnetic fields from cell phones, electrical wiring and Wi-Fi can seriously aggravate the problem, because in response to exposure to electromagnetic fields, toxic germs in the body react as if they are attacked, and start producing even more biotoxins, trying to prolong their survival.



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7. Try immediately to respond effectively to any emotional stress - avoid destructive thoughts and do not hassle yourself emotionally. For this purpose the perfect powerful tools of energy psychology, for example, emotional freedom technique.

8. Pay attention to the issue of vaccination in particular, according to the traditional scheme. Be aware that in most States you have the right to refuse vaccinations. Remember that due to the imbalance of intestinal flora your child can become an easy target for complications after vaccination. If you decide to vaccinate a child, it is extremely important before doing this to ensure that children have good intestinal flora, and it will not be at risk of developing side effects from the vaccine. published 



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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